The passport Telegram is vulnerable to brute force attacks

Newly released Telegram messenger Passport, as it turned out vulnerable to brute force attacks. So says the company Virgil Security, Inc., which operates in the field of cryptographic software and services.

July 26 Telegram announced the launch of the Passport Telegram intended for the encryption of personal information of users. The service allows you to share your credentials with third parties such as ICO projects cryptocurrency wallets and other organizations who have to adhere to KYC rules.

User data are stored in the Telegram cloud using end-to-end encryption, and then enter the decentralized cloud. Further, if the user needs to grant access to this data to any third companies, they just need to enter your password. However, in their recent study, Virgil Security expressed concern over such protection.

According to Virgil Security, Telegram uses SHA-512 hashing algorithm that is not designed for password hashing. This algorithm makes the passwords vulnerable to brute force attacks, even if they are mixed with random data.

In cryptography, such additional data is added for additional protection.

The security of the data you upload to the cloud, Telegram, greatly depends on the complexity of your password as attacks a brute-force search is quite effective for crack this hash algorithm. And the lack of a digital signature allows, provided that there is a password, change your information without your participation.

In Virgil Security claim that the “cost” of such an attack would be $ 5 to $ 135 for the password. However, the company also acknowledge that such an attack can only be performed with access to the internal structure of the Telegram, and this can be done through phishing attacks or using social engineering techniques.

In March, the founders of Telegram, Pavel and Nikolai Durov said that in the second round of its ICO they managed to collect $ 850 million, which will be used to develop your own blockchain platform Telegraph Open Network (TON).

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Stellar is the best cryptocurrency of July. Analysis and price forecast

Stellar was a notable exception among the largest 25 cryptocurrencies in July.

This cryptocurrency was able to demonstrate significant growth, despite the fact that most of the altcoins that failed to do so. Only thanks to the news about a possible listing on Coinbase, the price of XLM increased by 13 percent.

But this event became the catalyst and the key role played by a chain of events that happened before.

In recent months more and more startups working on the model of funding the ICO, including Kik messenger, began to use the technology is Stellar. Also not to mention the contribution of developers who intend to implement support for lightning network before the end of this year.

Not surprisingly, amid all these Stellar events even managed to displace Litecoin with sixth place in the cryptocurrency ranking.

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  • Monthly increase: +40%
  • Record price: 0.90 USD
  • Closing price 30 June: 0.19 US dollar
  • Current market price: 0.28 dollar
  • Place in ranking: 6

The price of XLM began to grow on July 13 (following the news about Coinbase), reaching a monthly maximum at about 0.36 USD. Thus, the price of this cryptocurrency in just 12 days increased by more than 90%.

However, during the last week of July the price of XLM gone down, the drop was 11%. But even given this decline, the monthly growth of about 40%.

Daily chart

The price has closed above a two-month downward trend line (yellow) on 14 July. This was a clear bullish signal. Then the price continued to rise and crossed the level of 200-day exponential moving average to the Fibonacci level of 0.618 (relative to the may high around 0.47 U.S. dollar). The maximum price reached after 25 July at the level of 0,36 USD.

The combination of resistance proved too strong, as the price failed to consolidate above this level. Bearish divergence evident in the daily RSI. The price has fallen 24 percent, where it is still.

Only a close (on the daily chart) below long-term trend line (blue) would indicate a resumption of the bearish trend (to the level of Fibonacci 0.236, in the area 0.23 US dollar). On the other hand, a rebound from this trendline can serve as a starting test level of 0.36$ .

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Acne Buterin: We are at the end of the crypto bubble

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin believes that the cryptocurrency market is going through the final stages of a “bubble”.

Commenting on the tweet, which was about the catastrophic drop in traffic to a leading cryptocurrency platform USA – Coinbase, Buterin said that he sees nothing surprising in this, as in his opinion “we are at the end of the crypto bubble.”

This is not the first case when Buterin commented on the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Last month he, in particular, stated that:

Unfortunately there is no “cure” for bubbles, in addition to let them grow and burst.

CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong about a month ago said that the market downturn is a great time to refocus and work on the main task of which is the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency industry is not unlike any other area – too many UPS and downs (but everytime the price higher and higher). There were 3 or 4. It’s scary the first time but for those who work in this area, there is nothing surprising or frightening.

During the boom, people behave irrationally-optimistic, but during the recession – on the contrary. But the reality is always somewhere in the middle and correlates with how cryptocurrencies are used as means of payment.

Many years later I even learned how to get pleasure from these cycles. They are perfectly save the industry from “unnecessary” people.

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$100 000 for a liar: Jameson Lopp announced a reward for the capture of the individual who defamed him

Jameson Lopp, the enemy SegWit2x, the developer and Creator of BitGo offered a reward in the amount of $ 100,000 to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators in October last year an anonymous call to the police, which could have disastrous consequences.

Unknown reported to law enforcement that Jameson Lopp shot someone in his house and took hostages. The caller added that the entrepreneur requires 60 thousand dollars. And only after the receipt of this amount is ready to release their captives. To the house of Loppa came special forces began to storm the building. Fortunately, the Jameson, which at the time was not at home, managed to convince the police that the call was about.

Lopp announced the reward in his article on Medium, in which in detail described the incident on October 16. As he considers the developer fake call is a result of his public statements in the debate about the block size.

16 Oct Lopp posted a tweet in which he said he just woke up, and there is still a whole month SegWit2x-drama. The accuser probably thought of Lopp’s still in the house. Thank God it was not so, because the visit of the special forces could have unintended and extremely negative consequences.

It is noteworthy that both sides of the conflict around SegWit2x at the time condemned any violent ways to resolve the situation.

As soon as the incident became known to the media, Lopp received a message on my Voicemail from the phone code of the city of new York, in which the Blackmailers threatened to use harsher methods if they don’t get their $ 50,000 in Bitcoins. No address to send cryptocurrency if it wasn’t specified.

Lopp believes that he could even die in the day of the assault, if he were at home. He accuses law enforcement bodies of the vulnerability of their system.

Lopp cited the incident in Wichita, December 28, when an innocent man was shot by police, reacted to the message on capture of hostages. The officer who fired the fatal shot, did not even think that a 911 call was false. As it turned out, it was a “showdown” between the virtual gamers.

“The militarization of the police combined with a non-existent authentication creates a great environment for sottero,” said Lopp in his article.

According to him, the police have red flags such calls and to be suspicious if the monitored call does not match the declared location of the alleged crime. In addition, the police should require confirmation of identity if the phone number used when making such a call is not assigned to the caller’s name. Lopp said that in his case the caller hung up when asked to confirm his identity.

While Lopp considers himself a defender of privacy, he noted that the ability to store secret information will change the nature of the trust, as specified in the “Manifesto of cryptanalysis”.

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