Inspired by the Ether: the network has just released a new song “Vitalik Buterin”

The blockchain and cryptocurrency directly impact innovation and change in different industries. The music industry has largely felt the benefits of decentralized digital ledgers data, especially when it comes to copyright protection. But the Slovenian electronic music composer, under the pseudonym Gramatik, have used bloccano to create a new track called “acne Buterin”.

In cooperation with Kotek, a new track can be streamed via Soundcloud from Gramatik . In an interview with Billboard revealed that this song is a tribute to Buterin Vitalik, founder of Ethereum, and is a continuation of the previous track, created in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto .

Denis Jasarevic, known by his stage name Gramatik, is a Slovenian producer of electronic music who currently lives in new York.

Kotek told Billboard that he met with Gramatik in 2016 during the recording of the previous track. As a longtime fan of Gramatik, Kotek supported the idea of creating a “Vitalik Buterin”, which began as an e-mail conversation between the two artists and moved into an important stage in their lives.

According to the new Gramatik track is the instrumental “the journey”, which during the whole period of its evolution changed five times and aims to represent the different stages of development of the Ethereum ecosystem .

The last few years, the composer remains a zealous fan of the blockchain, “tokenizer” their work on the platform SingularDTV November 2017.

“Symbolic” Gramatik project was a success, collecting 7500 Ethereum, whose market capitalization at that time amounted to 2.48 million dollars. The use of Blockchain technology in the music industry, says Gramatik, is not only the development of art, but also of mind and spirit.

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Information portal for investors launches service for job search in cryptosphere

Information portal for cryptocurrency investors, ICO Bazaar, will soon launch a platform to search for potential talents in the cryptocurrency sphere. The official release is scheduled for the end of August, and, reportedly, over 300 companies are ready to provide the applicants with about a thousand jobs.

The platform will be free for candidates and employers get a month free trial, available before the official launch. Future payment for using the platform is not yet known, but it will be comparable to current market rates:

“We expect from our customers reviews about trial period to help us determine the future value of services”

Some of the ICO team has already used the platform to find new talents, among them Orca Alliance, and Oxygen Trade Token Modern Agency.

Explaining his decision to launch a new service, the team ICO Bazaar told about the sharply worthwhile for talent needs:

“Every ICO project has 2-3 open positions, and, as we see, they are all listed on ICO Bazaar, also there is a huge demand for talent in the field of blockchain. We investigated and found that the demand for blockchain-specialists in 2017 have increased by 115%, and the market there is a shortage of professionals, both technical and content experts.”

Earlier this year we reported that, although interest in cryptocurrency work peaked in December 2017, and then began to decline, requests for blockchain position remained high. The top ten necessary skills included: developer, recruiter, programmer, Senior IT Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation, Java developer, C # developer, senior QA engineer, architect solutions and proposals, senior designer and finally project Manager.

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Race decentralised applications

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as well as technological visionaries, such as acne Buterin, I believe that the future belongs to decentralized applications. At the moment, there are only a few networks on the basis of which the possible development and operation of decentralized applications. The oldest and most active of them is Ethereum.

But it comes on the heels of the EOS network. One of the Twitter users Kevin Rooke wondered what these networks more decentralized applications. As a criterion, what app someone is using Kevin Rooke took the figure the number of active users (daily) equal to or greater than 300. It turned out that in Ethereum such applications 5, and EOS are currently only three.

The most popular app in Ethereum is IDEX, and the web EOS this – EOS Bet. We are at the beginning of the era of decentralized application, when most of the networks haven’t even joined the race. So the main struggle is still ahead.

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Instagram, Telegram and Venmo on TRX

TronChat is a new decentralized application based on network Tron, which will operate on the TRX and which will combine the functions of such popular apps like Instagram, Venmo and Telegram.

As the developers say, they intend to offer an alternative to centralized technology giants and create a platform that provides users the opportunity to earn TRX, through simple social interactions.

As the developers, with the expertise in the field of social networking, we don’t want to wait until someone creates a killer first first blockchain app. TronChat allows everyone to earn TRX on social networks, doing what we love to do.

Some of the features include the following:

  • Publish photos, videos and stories – as in Instagram
  • Chat in Telegram
  • Create chat rooms and to pay the creators of the chat
  • Send messages and a certain amount of TRX – like Venmo
  • Create premium content that can be unlocked only after payment in TRX (as an option)
  • Create content subscription (payable in TRX), thus there is a possibility to pay only for the portion of the content
  • Send tips to other users in the TRX

The project team located in Los Angeles and says that versions for iPhone, Android and the web are 60%.

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The correlation between the price of BTC and emerging markets is a sign of uptrend

Tom Lee of Fundstrat States that the number one cryptocurrency can finish the year explosive growth. The main reason for this is the correlation between the price of bitcoin and emerging markets.

This statement was made in an interview during the show CNBC “Trading Nation”.

Tom Lee continues to believe that the price of bitcoin could increase to $ 25,000 this year. Lee bases this assumption on the ratio of the prices of BTC and exchange-traded Fund iShares MSCI Emerging Markets from BlackRock (ETF) that tracks large-and medium-sized companies in emerging markets.

“Important correlation”, according to Lee, is that both markets are developing parallel to each other and they are both “peaked” at the beginning of 2018, and also “both are in a downward trend” since that time.

According to Lee, recent trading activity shows that hedge funds have ceased to invest in assets tied to emerging markets due to market risks, which in turn leads to lower investment in bitcoin.

How does the change in the trend in emerging economies will signal about a similar change in the trend of bitcoin:

While emerging markets will not begin the turn, I think, in a sense, this correlation will continue and it says that there are certain risks that discourage investment in bitcoin.

In an interview, Lee noted that “the trend is changing” how for bitcoin and emerging markets, especially if the Federal reserve slows the growth of interest rates (which is happening now).

In early July, Li said that the price of bitcoin could reach 22-25 thousand dollars by the end of 2018.

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Ripple: our clients prefer XRP to Fiat when making international transfers

Head of product lines in Ripple in a recent interview with Crypto Trader CNBC talked about applications XRP, including products and xCurrent xRapid.

On the question of why financial institutions might want to make transfers using XRP, Ashish Birla said that the total costs and volatility in this case will be much less compared to Fiat currencies.

We directly asked our customers what they think about volatility of XRP with transfers?

And overwhelmingly the answer was something like: “I prefer a few seconds of the volatility of XRP, the volatility of the Mexican peso pair for a period of several weeks or months. Because the volatility of XRP for a few seconds, compared to the volatility in local currency is very important. In any case, the transfer XRP takes seconds”.

In Ripple I believe that small financial institutions and startups will be able to make substantial savings through the use of xRapid for international transactions.

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People lose faith in Fiat currencies and are moving to bitcoin

In a recent interview with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is optimistic towards bitcoin.

Despite the tremendous level of volatility, which demonstrates the cryptocurrency’s number one, he believes that it is more stable than a Fiat currency.

The most common example is Venezuela, where most of the population has long been the preferred cryptocurrency of the national currency. However, Alexis cites the example of Turkey and said that this is only the first step.

Right now, it’s more like store of value. There is a certain attraction. And in fact, we observe on the example of countries such as Turkey that people are losing faith in the local Fiat currency. We see money moving into bitcoin. Despite the fact that it is unstable, it is actually much more stable for many people than their own national currency. But now we are still in the early, very early.

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Banks consume three times more electricity than the bitcoin network

The power consumption of the bitcoin network has become quite a hot topic lately, especially among the opponents of cryptocurrencies.

According to the researcher’s energy problems at the University of Pittsburgh Katrina Kelly-Pete, a discussion about the energy consumption of the bitcoin network is moving in the wrong direction.

Kelly-Pete says that all who talk about this issue do not understand the foundations of systems of renewable energy sources:

Electricity production can increase in scale, while maintaining minimal impact on the environment. Instead of focusing on how much energy is used in the bitcoin network, the discussion should focus around what is the source of this energy.

Kelly Pete did not contest a huge amount of electricity needed for the bitcoin network, but also notes that the entire banking system consumes “about 100 terawatts”, and it is three times more than the bitcoin network.

Even if the size of the cryptocurrency market will grow to 100 times, the total power consumption does not grow more than 2 percent of total energy consumption.

According to Kelly-Pete, the focus should be aimed at reduction of environmental damage in the production of electricity for the bitcoin network.

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Waiting for the growth rates: the SEC will reconsider decision to cancel several BTC-ETF

Surely this news surprised all of the cryptocurrency community: Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) has decided to reconsider a decision to cancel a Bitcoin ETF, adopted on Wednesday.

Initially, the SEC rejected requests for creation of three cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds, justifying its decision with the risk of price manipulation in Bitcoin, and the lack of regulation in many exchanges.

SEC Commissioner Esther pierce explained what is happening in his Twitter account, writing that the SEC will often delegate the same decision to the employees and reserves the right to review and change decisions even after made official statements:

“Orders to the staff of the regulator remain on the Commission under the rules of the SRO. In other words, the Chairman and the commissioners delegate some tasks to the rest of the staff. Therefore, all actions of the employees fall under the direct responsibility of the Commission. The SEC may revise their work, that is happening now”

In the past the Commissioner Pearce expressed his disagreement with the decision of the SEC to reject the application on the Winklevoss twins create Bitcoin ETF:

“If we approve of the Bitcoin ETF, investors could decide to buy or not to buy. Actions of the Commission deprived them of choice. I do not recognize the position of “Butler, who slams the door on innovation” — a role that is very different (and, one might even say incompatible) with our mission to protect investors, foster capital formation and promote fair, orderly and efficient markets,” Pearce said in conclusion: “Consequently, I do not agree”.

Commissioner pierce also provided a copy of the letter to the NYSE, explaining that the Chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton and his associated commissioners will carefully examine each application for the establishment of BTC-ETF to make a fair decision. Although in the letter and not the date of consideration of demands, it nevertheless gives hope to all who follow cryptocurrencies.

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