Hardware wallets at risk: the Alarming results of a new study

At the conference 35C3 Refreshing Memories, a group of researchers demonstrated the procedure of hacking One best wallet, the Ledger Nano’s and Ledger’s Blue, and on 27 December a video posted on the web.

Team hacking project Wallet.fail consists of designer hardware and security specialist Dmitry Nedospasov, developer Thomas Roth and a former officer of the submarine’s Josh Datko.

During the conference, researchers announced that they managed to extract a private key from a hardware wallet best wallet you One after the reset and overwrite existing data or custom firmware. However, it is noted that this hacking is only possible if the user didn’t set a passphrase.

Moreover, the hacker group was able to install custom firmware and a leading product on the market of hardware wallets, Ledger Nano S. And although the team only played friendly snake on the purse, one of the team members said.

“We can send a malicious transaction ST31 [security chip], and even self-confirming them [through]. This method also allows you to display totally different data transactions are not valid transaction.”

In addition, the team spoke about the vulnerability in the Ledger of Blue — the most expensive hardware wallet with a color touch screen. According to the representative of the hacker group, the signals are transmitted to the device screen for an unusually long cable on the motherboard that allows you to capture these signals in the form of radio waves. When you connect your device via USB cable the signal becomes so strong that it can catch at a distance of several meters. Cloud-based artificial intelligence allowed the team to capture of the leaked signal input PIN.

On Cointelegraph also recalled how in August the young hacker managed to hack BitFi hardware wallet that John McAfee touts as “the most secure and uncrackable wallet”. In this case the manufacturer does not recognize the hacking device, since coins in fact were not reported.

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The results of the test IOTA in real life

Inspired by the fact that open access is not enough quantitative results about the IOTA, a researcher of Internet of things (University of Bristol), doctor of computer science and software developer, Atis Elsts, decided to conduct a few experiments with IOTA using two different IoT devices and modern desktop and server computer.

During the study, it was discovered that, despite the theoretical scalability of the Tangle, the real Protocol IOTA has a relatively high power consumption and the operation Proof-of-Work and transaction signing computationally complex compared to the limited capacity of many IoT devices and may be impractical for devices with limited power consumption.


You probably know that IOTA is a cryptocurrency designed for use in IoT applications. However, “whether this works on IoT devices?” — this is a critical question.

IOTA is protected widespread form of Proof-of-Work. It is expected that IoT devices will function as a light node; it is expected that they will connect to full nodes, create and sign transactions. IOTA security is based on the idea that a huge number of IoT devices can outperform any computing resources that can really get the attacker.

The current status of the IOTA does not correspond to this vision transactions are also checked centrally by the coordinator node. If IOTA want to move to fully decentralized operation, it is necessary to remove the component Coordinator. The key question here is: “Can the network be protected only through Proof-of-Work?”. In particular, “can IoT devices to provide sufficient distributed Proof-of-Work to protect from centralized attacks?”

The nominal and available computing power

Many IoT devices run on battery power or have limited power sources. These devices can not use the nominal computational resources constantly. Simplifying the description of the problem it turns out that one server that has 1000 times more power than the average IoT device, can efficiently produce as much computing Proof-of-Work, how many million of these IoT devices. It’s not a million operations per second, and the energy required for these operations.

It is extremely unlikely that billions of connected devices will provide all your processing power IOTA to verify.


Given the results of the study the full version of which is published on Hackernoon, the use of IoT for POW and transaction signing is impractical without hardware accelerators. And more powerful devices that are able to perform both operations, are not able to carry out instant transactions because it is beyond their resources and start any kind of PoW for IoT devices is questionable in droves.

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Exchange Bithumb won a court user

Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb won a lawsuit from his former user, which is required to compensate for more than $ 300 thousand, unknown stolen from his account. According to the court, the crypto currency exchange is not a financial institution, therefore, must not indemnify, besides, the hacking could occur due to the negligence of the user.

Cryptocurrency exchange from South Korea Bithumb won a lawsuit against its former user, who demanded compensation for the hacking of her profile, in which money was stolen, valued at approximately $ 355 thousand. This was reported by the portal CoinDesk Korea.

According to court documents, the user Bithumb with the surname Pak at the end of November transferred to your account a total of 478 million won, and within hours, an unidentified intruder entered his account, and he exchanged Fiat currency for air.

On the same day, as claimed by Pak, Bithumb 4 times to have authorized the withdrawal from his account of the ether. In the end, his score remained the cryptocurrency equivalent of 11 cents and less than a dollar to Fiat money.

Through the court of Pak has requested the exchange to offset any lost funds. According to his statement of claim, Bithumb was to provide “a high level of security required of financial institutions.” He also suggested that criminals could take advantage of a weak point in the security system of the exchange, resulting from a large-scale hacking trading platform in April 2017.

In court, the defense said:

“According to the law on electronic financial transactions, Bithumb not responsible for compensation because it is not a financial company and electronic financial officer or financial assistant… as we have strengthened security policy since the leak of personal data that have fulfilled their commitment to be a reliable administrator.”

In the end, the judge sided Bithumb, agreeing that the act does not apply to the exchange and adding that cryptocurrencies are used “primarily as a means of speculation, and therefore cannot be considered as electronic means of payment”. The judge also added that to determine if the break-in 2017, it is impossible — it is possible that Pak has compromised the access credentials of the account after entering a phishing site or as a result of hacking his phone.

Finally, the court pointed to the fact that the exchange fulfilled the duties of a customer because Puck sent 10 SMS messages with a warning about the withdrawals from his account before approving the operation.

Earlier research organisation CER issued a report in which he accused the Bithumb crypto currency exchange in large-scale fraud in trading volume. According to analysts, the volume of trading on the exchange grew too fast during the fall. In addition, the trade volume is not correlated with price fluctuations on the stock exchange.

In early November it became known that Bithumb planning soon to open in the U.S. exchange for trading security tokens.

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Cryptocurrency or death: ready to go criminals for bitcoin

The cryptocurrency has attracted many representatives of the criminal world. And in the race for easy money these people are ready for anything. Blackmail, kidnapping, murder — is just a small list of what to avoid to owners of bitcoins.

After you have left

Last week, the number of Internet users received e-mails sent on behalf of the owner of the website on the darknet. Cryptoendoliths warned that someone ordered their killer and they left to live 36 hours. But murder can still be prevented. For this it is sufficient to send $ 4,000 in bitcoins to the specified address and the order will be cancelled.

It would seem that this is a simple blackmail, designed for gullible people. But someone in the end, Yes will send the requested amount. It is because of these users and a growing number of “digital” scams around the world.

In particular, in USA the situation with cryptocurrency extortion became widespread.

For example, the States of Massachusetts and Oregon, several companies and institutions have been threatened with the requirement to transfer $ 20,000 into a bitcoin address. Otherwise, malicious promise to arrange a series of terrorist attacks.

The goal of the ransomware are mainly representatives of business, universities and schools. Cases of blackmail were reported in California, Iowa, new Jersey, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and even Canada. According to militiamen, what is happening is part of a nationwide “campaign.” The police recommends not to trust the criminals, and not to forget the threat of attention.

Criminal Eurotrip

About cryptocurrency blackmail I know firsthand and in Europe. Then suffer intimidation from Amsterdam businessmen.

Back in November e-letter with threats received by several local businesses, a nightclub and several cafés. For all the only requirement is to send the bitcoins to the amount of 50 000 Euro, or expect explosions and gunfire.

Such promises have to be taken seriously, because in the Dutch capital in the event of an armed attack, businesses need to be closed for quite a long time. However, none of the company, the ransom was never paid.

In Ukraine, the Blackmailers went even further — they demanded $ 350,000 in BTC, threatening to kill children. However a letter sent to the criminals for some reason in the anti-terrorist center of the SBU. But anyway, the “budget” bitcoins they do not Shine. Militiamen found out that the names of children who are “facing death” published on the official website in the section “lost children”. The terrorists failed and forgot about the human factor — the site is updated rarely and the majority of children have been found.

Where’s the money, Lebowski?

Extortion is not only virtual. At least this convinced the new Yorker allowed himself friends home after a party. A group of young people decided to take a moment and find out a drunk friend data in his cryptocurrency accounts. However, the latter was not so drunk and to get information they had through torture: they put his head in the bath water, beaten in the stomach with a foot and splashed him with hot wax. Two hours later, the criminals left the apartment, taking a laptop, a mobile phone and a flash drive. Now in March 2019 they will be tried.

However, the most popular in recent years the abduction. One of the last episodes happened in Kiev, where criminals for ransom stole cryptocurrency miner.

Catch him under the house and throwing a bag over his head, the man was bundled into a car and taken out of town. Under threat of death, he had to give the keys to the apartment and tell you where to find savings. In the end, became their production of 50 000 dollars, however briefly. Soon militiamen detained criminals, whom were brothers. They are charged with robbery.

But it is not always the cryptocurrency crimes end with a happy end. In Norway, the sale of tokens ended for 24-year-old resident wealthy area of Oslo fatal. Police found the dead body in his apartment. It turned out that shortly before his death, the man had just bought bitcoins. That it trades the cryptocurrency knew many of his friends, which complicates the search for the perpetrator. As suspected the police yet.


As you can see, money has always attracted criminals and cryptocurrency is no exception. Let them and you can’t touch, but you can lure, steal or take away. And to be safe, it is best not to put your finances on display.

“As for me, money loves silence and have less to flaunt their wealth in the network”, — said COO 10Guards Vitaly Yakushev.

The expert advises not to show off their wealth on social networks and use different emails for business and personal data.

“But the universal Council,” — he concluded, advising them to rely simply on common sense.

But if you are the victim of Blackmailers – don’t rush to give them all your bitcoins. Maybe you just cheat and let them better understand law enforcement.

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Acne Buterin arranged in a Twitter mess

Co-founder of the third largest cryptocurrency Ethereum Vitalik Buterin said one tweet, writing that doesn’t believe in Proof-of-Work of Bitcoin.

Needless to say that resulted in many disputes and ridicule from other cryptoendoliths.

And it was so: Giacomo Zucco, Director of BHB.Network and respected cryptomnesia tweeted:

“Nominare believe in nothing (nihilism). Multicountry believe in (trust). Bitminer believe in certain things.”

Acne Buterin said he did not believe in the technology mine Bitcoins based on the concept of Proof-of-Work. That is why Ethereum with PoW will go to algorithm Proof-of-Stake.

Twitter user GhostNour added a comment:

“Trust, Yes. And this is reflected in my earnings. And you continue to live with their blind maximalist ideas with their biased tweets. Bitcoin: the equivalent of an original all steel internal combustion engine. Hard, burns tons of fuel… but is extremely inefficient. Aldon is a Tesla”.

What Cucco said:

“I agree, a very good analogy. Alternative to the current Bitcoin technology will be applied in my life after about 1.5 century. When this happens, the replacement will undergo only technical infrastructure and not a financial asset. In the end, Tesla also does not change the road.”

Jimmy’s song, known to the cryptanalyst and the investor, also participated in the discussion, saying that he “does not believe in acne”.

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Arthur Hayes: the air will return to the $200 level, but it is unlikely before 2020

CEO BitMEX sure that the air is able “very quickly” to test the level of $ 200. For it is only the revival of the market is ICO, which, however, can be expected not earlier than in a year and a half.

Arthur Hayes never really loved Live and had spared him for derogatory epithets, and now believes that the fall of the third volume of capitalization of crypto currency is quite natural.

“The use of the ether — it’s in the first place ICO. Now that market is dead, says the CEO of BitMEX. When you go back ICO, ether very quickly test the $ 200 level, but ICO will revive not earlier than in 12-18 months.”

Not particularly bright prospects Hayes draws and Bitcoin — in his opinion, in 2019 Bitcoin will be traded in the corridor of $ 1000-$ 10000. And if the upper limit seen as of today, a sparkling top, $ 1000 per Bitcoin — it is rather the Mariana trench, even for the market in its current state.

That will benefit investors demand in 2019, so it is a token of securities and is relatively safe stabilini, says Hayes. So it will be up until the horizon reappears ICO. However, due to what they can resurface the head BitMEX does not specify.

By mid-day Wednesday, 26 December, and Bitcoin, and the air has stabilized after a decline the day before. Bitcoin is trading at around $ 3800, ether — just below $ 130. The market seems to be trying to find a sideways trend after another decline, but the situation is still far from stable.

Meanwhile, an interesting observation was shared by the expert of the analytical edition of the Block — trading volume in Bitcoin and Ether in December increased significantly. For the week from 17 to 23 December, the transaction volume of Bitcoin reached $ 46 billion, with Broadcast — $ 18.5 billion the Last time this indicator weekly trading volume recorded in may 2018, when the market was absolutely other prices and sounded completely different forecasts.

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Kryptonim: Experts expect a new wave of the financial crisis, and the media write about the bursting of the Bitcoin bubble

Experts expect a new wave of the financial crisis, and the media write about the bursting of the Bitcoin bubble. The paradox lies in the fact that the stock and cryptocurrency markets alike are subject to cycles. Bitcoin correction is commonplace, and not a horseman of the Apocalypse.

One of the largest in the history of world financial crises happened in 2008. It was caused by the collapse of the mortgage obligations in the United States. What could cause the next recession? The head of the Federal reserve Janet Yellen (Janet Yellen) believe that the new culprit is corporate debt — again in the United States. Over the past eleven years, the debt increased 4.9 to 9.1 trillion dollars.

The crisis of 2008 inspired a film Studio Paramount the creation of the film “shorting” (The Big Short, 2015). Trading is so arranged that in the fall too, can make money. At a time when the public believes in perpetual growth, when the real estate market recoilless flying to the moon, there are traders who risk all their funds in order to bet on a market collapse.

Compared to traders of the stock market of the middle of the two thousandth, we are in a more advantageous situation, because the correction of Bitcoin — it is far not a unique event. History of Bitcoin knows four market cycle:

1. 2011-12: a 48-week upward trend.

2012: a 22-week downtrend (-93%).

2. 2012-13: 72 weeks uptrend.

2013: 12 weeks downtrend (-80%).

3. 2013: 20 weeks uptrend.

2013-14: 58 weeks downtrend (-86%).

4. 2015-17: 152 weeks uptrend.

2018: 52-week downtrend (-84%).

It is easy to calculate that the average correction of these cycles was about 86%. Thus, the current Bitcoin market cycle shows price reduction that can not be called extreme. It is quite common for major cryptocurrencies.

The study of history is useful because it allows you to predict how deep can drop Bitcoin. In the case that the correction will amount to 86% in 2014, price will fall to $ 2800. Finally, in the limiting case (correction 93%) we have a chance to see Bitcoin at $ 1400, however, it is clear that this is the least likely scenario.

The current century has examples of much more severe drops in local markets. Imagine that in 2013 you impressed by the fact that the power in Venezuela came President Nicolas Maduro. You decided to make an investment and put, say, one million dollars in Venezuelan bolivars. If you are standing, it is best to get: today a million dollars you would still be 37 cents (correction 99,999963%).

The stronger cooling of the cryptocurrency market, the more you hear talk about the fact that the current correction in Bitcoin plays an important role trade outside exchanges. In English-language publications off-exchange trading is commonly referred to by the acronym OTC (Over-The-Counter).

In November 2018, the head of the exchange Binance, Chanpen Zhao (Changpeng Zhao) said that the OTC-market, at least not less than the stock market. If we compare this statement of the head of the largest data website Coinmarketcap about capitalization and daily volume of trade Bitcoins, we can conclude that every day, about the eighth part of all the in circulation bitcoin change for their owners outside the stock exchange.

The OTC gives the opportunity to conduct significant transactions in bitcoin without a significant impact on the exchange rate, however, that exchange rate is a guide for anyone interested in the current state of Affairs. It turns out that this course is not a market, and it may be artificial, due to the collusion behind the scenes, OTC. Shady deals allow you to buy Bitcoin from miners, not obvalivaya its price on the exchange, and at the same time accumulating on the cold wallets huge amounts of cryptocurrency, we need to manipulate the exchange rate. To coordinate these steps allows the mechanism cryptopedia: before every major price movement of the owners of big purses get small transfers of Bitcoin, encoded commands on the sale or purchase

Year ago started trading futures bitcoin. On since then, full correction you could very well earn. It was enough at the peak of prices to bet on a fall and close the deal at the end of 2018. In contrast to the situation in the middle of the two thousandth’s, when the mortgage crisis still seemed unimaginable event, this short would not require a trader impartial thinking and courage. It was enough to wield the levers of OTC trading in Bitcoin.

Experts in the field of trading have the same opinion on how the market will react cryptocurrency to a new financial crisis. They say that many of the investments in the crypt are venture in nature, that is, use the means of external investors. So as soon as there are problems of a global nature, the first sector, where capital will flee, will the cryptocurrency market.

“Future generations will remember the year 2019 as the beginning of an era of new possibilities.” (C) John McAfee

But there is another point of view. The recession of 2008 was the strongest since the great depression, and it led to the creation of Bitcoin in 2009. The coming world crisis will strike first of all on Vietnam currencies — the dollar, Euro, pound, yen — all the money that is not backed by precious metals. All known in the history of mankind Fiat currencies have turned to zero, and they were provided only with confidence in their governments.

Venezuela seeks recovery from hyperinflation in bitcoin El Petro. Many countries will follow the example of Venezuela and will launch its own national currency, minted in the blockchain. Bitcoin will claim the role of a quiet harbour in the world.

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Who was the “father” of the idea of cryptocurrency Timothy may and that will remain after his death

White paper of Bitcoin many believe the starting point in the history of cryptocurrency. But the idea of it started before that — in the mind of the writer Timothy may. Last week at the age of 67 years, he died.

Facebook is developing cryptocurrency market is recovering, Tether confirmed reserves are only a short list of news that have been spread around the media last week. Among them, almost unnoticed there was one — the death of the author of the book “Manifesto of cryptoanalyst” Timothy James may, who is known as the “father” of the idea of cryptocurrency.

Fans may call it as a harbinger of what can happen with the technology of the blockchain, if it gets into the “wrong hands”.

“I can’t talk about what Satoshi wanted to do. But I am sure that his idea did not contain the bitcoin exchange with draconian rules KYC, AML, passport control, freezing the accounts and reports of “suspicious activity” to the local secret police. There is a real possibility that all this noise about “administration”, “management” and “blockchain” will create a state which will follow every dossier society,” said Mae shortly before his death.

According to fellow writer Lucky green, the author was able to build idea, which will determine the position of hundreds of thousands of fans not only cryptocurrencies but also technology in General.


Tim may was born in 1951 in the United States. During his life he built a brilliant career, the top of which was a job in Intel. Then Mei was listed as an engineer and senior researcher. He helped the current tech giant to solve “the problem of alpha particles”, which hindered the development of integrated circuits. For this he was awarded the IEEE award name Baker in 1981.

After five years he left Intel and started to work on the idea of cryptocurrency. In this he was helped by the huge technical experience.

“Timothy may was one of the first apologists and researchers of science, which began to develop the theme of cryptoservice. Moreover, he raised the aspects of economical activity of people, and indeed of society after life would be fulfilled, the capabilities of the cryptographic communication. That is, despite the fact that he was a scientist, a techie, he raised strong enough and important humanitarian issues. In fact, he was the first who managed to structure all this data,” explains co-founder of the Future Times Alex Pospehov.

However, according to experts, the “father” of cryptocurrency may be called is not entirely correct. Because he described the very nature of the economic relations of people, without delving into the purely “cryptocurrency issues”.

On the other hand, has yet to assess the contribution of Mai to the development of technology.

“I think it’s premature to make any claims. People have a habit of immediately after the death to crown those who had not previously noticed. Did you notice the discussion on Timothy may at balintore before his death? No,” says the co — founder of the project Fatcats.market and ValueHunters.com Nikolai Mokhov.

He believes that philosophy is a continuous process that began long before may and will last long.

“There is a development of human thought. To the human thought was influenced by Aristotle, and Hobbes, and Voltaire. Today, some views of Hobbes or Voltaire you seem wild. However, they have strongly influenced the modern world, modern politics and Economics. And I think Timothy may have made the same contribution to human thought. And the impact of his ideas will be evident a century later. Now this statement might seem ridiculous, and a name-don’t know him. Who is Timothy may, ask the guy who just bought 1000 BTC. He do not answer. But this man of Hobbes and Voltaire did not read”

Moreover, the same Creator of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto – didn’t want to reveal his identity to the world. And this is also part of the idea.

“The Creator of Bitcoin chose to remain anonymous. And it’s very cool. He by example showed that the person who conceived a huge industry, can maintain your right to anonymity. And the government is helpless in trying to understand who it was. The state remains in the cold. So it seems to me contrary to the very ideas cryptopenct to appoint even a spiritual father or if you prefer, ideological father of the cryptocurrency”

But if you know about “fatherhood” is still debatable, the one sure there is agreement – Mei, the founder of the idea of cryptoanalysis as such. In 1988, he published “the Manifesto of cryptoanalyst” – the work of just 500 words. But it was he who determined the exact vision of the future development of the technology. Mei wrote that computer technology will transform the nature of government regulation, taxation, economic cooperation, security of data, as the very nature of trust and reputation. And, of course, ordinary citizens should be given full power over their own data, as complete anonymity.

Moreover, Timothy may is a great example of how using word can create a milestone in the history of mankind. But do not forget that cryptoanalyst is primarily a right to privacy. In the Constitution of any country can be found right on anything but privacy.

What’s next

May gone, but his ideas remained. However, cryptomnesia are forced every day to fight for them. Especially considering the “nose” of the state, which it puts in all spheres of human life. But because increasingly the question arises about the reality of the implementation of ideas may in the present circumstances.

“Objectively difficult. The offline world is under the control of the state, and online we have small Islands of privacy. Private correspondence we learned how to defend, but with an anonymous trade is worse. Even though I do the latter and maybe that’s why you see mainly the difficulties and complexities. Pavel Durov is engaged in the protection of private correspondence, and he will probably say that everything is much more complicated than with anonymous trading,” says Nikolai Mokhov.

Another problem is that people are drawn to simple and clear things. The same Internet gained mass popularity only due to the simplicity. But he was once just ideas of a small group of people.

Every simple technology will be to join more and more people. It is quite possible that in the future the ultimate dream of cryptoanalysts will come true, and the government will no longer be able to specify whom and what to do. All were said to Timothy may.

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The following halving in the network of Bitcoin will happen in 500 days: Preparing for growth?

Following the reduction in the remuneration of miners in the Bitcoin network can happen in a year and a half. May 25, 2020, the reward miners will be reduced from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC BTC per found block. Some experts, citing the scenarios of the previous cycles, I believe that each “halving” is preceded by a systematic increase in the price of cryptocurrency.

The reward for generating a block is halved every 210 thousand units. This event is known as the halving (halving). Such emission policy makes Bitcoin a deflationary currency, and in the end, in 2140, the emission of new coins to fall to zero. Just a LAN will be generated only 21 million bitcoins. However, the miners will continue to find stimulus blocks and after the year 2140, the reward for their search would disappear altogether, because they will continue to receive a fee from the user for confirming the transaction.

According to analysts, a decline in the rewards for mining in half leads to an increase in the price of cryptocurrency. Analytical framework indicating the repetition of this scenario were posted on Twitter @100trillionUSD, the same opinion is shared by the brother of the head of Digital Currency Group is Barry Silbert, Alan Silbert. In his Twitter account, he reminded that the event is near:

“To reduce an award double for the Bitcoin mining remained 500 days”

According to the schedule published @100trillionUSD, the lowest values of Bitcoin demonstrated for 12-17 months to Polovinnaya, after which came the phase of gradual growth. The chart also demonstrates what can be movement of prices in six years.

Head of research of the Blockchain Garrick, Hillman said earlier:

“In previous alvingham the last two months, we have seen a steady increase in the price of Bitcoin, followed by a rise after the reduction of remuneration”

It should be noted that the market situation may change until may 2020, when with the arrival on the market players on wall Street. The launch of the platform Bakkt, though with delay, but is scheduled for the 24th of January.

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Down with ignorance hamsters: Coinbase will allow you to capitalize on their knowledge about cryptocurrencies

The announcement of the training platform Coinbase Earn took place the day before. According to information from the official site, anyone will be able to receive a token 0x for the successful completion of individual assignments, tests, and even watch video tutorials. While the platform is operating in closed mode, but to access all its functions can only be by individual invitation.

Participation in the program is absolutely free, a student can be anyone with Internet access. Plans to create a platform emerged from the leadership of Coinbase after an extensive survey of its customers. As it turned out, “one of the biggest barriers to the study of digital assets has always been the lack of a proper level of knowledge among the people.”

Many respondents expressed a strong desire to study other digital assets other than Bitcoin. They just don’t know where to start.

Coinbase Earn is positioned as a free alternative to investing and mining:

“Mining involves large costs and a certain level of technical literacy, and to buy cryptocurrency needs its own capital.”

The learning platform will run on both personal computers and mobile gadgets. Initially, users will receive remuneration only token 0x, but in the future the authors plan to expand the list of supported coins. How much profit will get the company itself is unknown. However, in 2018 her case without it going bad.

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