Brother Pablo Escobar launched the ICO for the overthrow of the trump

The elder brother of the late drug Lord Pablo Escobar launches a new cryptocurrency in an attempt to deprive the President of the United States Donald trump of his place of honor in the white house, apparently due to the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

In less than a day after the crowdfunding campaign to create a Fund Impeach Trump Fund, organized through the platform GoFundMe, Escobar Inc. holds the ICO to issue their own stablon tied to the U.S. dollar, aptly named ESCOBAR, reports TNW.

This decision was made primarily in order to ensure integrity of the funds from any centralized platforms able to censor funds Escobar, because they will almost entirely be focused on the overthrow of the trump.

Escobar Inc. also intends to compete with the world’s most popular stable coin, Tether (USDT), which, in the opinion of the company, is not credible.

“The original goal was to raise 50 million dollars just on the GoFundMe platform. After receiving $ 10 million in just 10 hours, we were closed GoFundMe and within 24 hours launched a stable cryptocurrency ESCOBAR, lest we subjected to censorship. We believe that the administration of President trump or trump shut us down,” said Gustafsson, CEO Escobar Inc.

A screenshot provided to TNW, really shows the achievement level of $ 10 million.

In the official document describes in detail how to work the cryptocurrency. Released on the Ethereum blockchain token standard ERC-20 will have the issue of 1 billion coins, which will be tied to the US dollar thanks to an agreement with the firm in Belize.

“Yes, we had plans to release this cryptocurrency in 2019 as an alternative stable coin Tether. We don’t trust USDT. We believe that people need to use our coin, because we have a much broader business application than most other companies, and Roberto Escobar earned hundreds of billions of dollars during his career,” said Daniel Radberg, chief operating officer Escobar Inc.

This is not the first cryptocurrency project from Roberto Escobar and Escobar Inc. In the beginning of last year they launched a fork of bitcoin called Bitcoin Diet, which was supposed to be much cheaper and faster than Bitcoin.

In support of this hard forks was also released a book where Roberto wrote about the fact that Satoshi is the CIA and ultimately Managing sell all your coins that will inevitably destroy Bitcoin.

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Licenzirovanie shares of Apple and Tesla could be the next cryptocurrency hit

On Monday the Estonian cryptocurrency organization DX.Exchange launched trading platform that allows investors to buy security-tokens placed on Nasdaq stocks, for example, companies like Apple, Tesla, Facebook and Netflix.

Each token is backed by a share of the company and entitles to receive dividends. COO DX Amedeo Moscato noted that “cryptologist tells about security tokens for over a year” and now the company has managed to “achieve progress”:

“Tokenizer shares of some major companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook, we open untapped market of millions of experienced and new traders worldwide, without intermediaries”

Investors can trade tokens 24 hours a day, even after the close of markets. Co-founder and head of the FINTECH company Securrency Given Dhoni said that the day trades “provide investor as a convenience, and liquidity”, but questioned the business model of the DX:

“We are uncertain and even sceptical DX models.Exchange… but we believe that the model can meet regulatory standards”

Company DX stresses that digital shares are classified as derivatives, and that the platform is developed in accordance with EU legislation. Licensed in Cyprus the company MPS MarketPlace Securities is holding the shares on account and the DX platform built on the technology of Matching Engine from Nasdaq, which is used by more than 70 international markets.

Some experts note that the STO offer security-tokens may replace the ICO as security tokens supported by assets and fall under the regulation. Don Doni believes that “security-tokens use the blockchain to allow efficient transactions, as cryptocurrency, but differ on the remaining options, providing a stable value, unlike volatile cryptocurrency”.

So, last year on the website Indiegogo was hosted platform offering investors the security tokens of the shares of the prestigious ski resort that brought $ 18 million, according VentureBoat.

Senior analyst at eToro also spoke optimistically about the tokenization of financial markets:

“In the next decade we can observe the tokenization of the entire financial market… Everything has value and addresses may be represented by the digital token to be traded on the blockchain”

Recall that at the end of the year, the Central Bank of China has invalidated the process of conducting STO. Meanwhile, the scope of security tokens continues to gain momentum: the stock exchange of Malta and the largest in the world in terms of trading the crypto currency exchange Binance signed an agreement on the joint launch of the new digital exchanges to trade tokens in securities.

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In Norway, the kidnapped wife of a millionaire: Criminals need 9 million euros in Monero

In Norway amiss. According to local police, 68-year-old millionaire’s wife Anna Elizabeth Falkevik had been missing since October 31. Her husband, Tom Hagen takes 172 place in the list of the richest people in the country. On the part of the kidnappers Hagen has already received several threats and letters demanding to pay 9 million euros in coins with Monero.

Cryptocurrency in exchange for life

Anna Elizabeth Valkevich was abducted ten weeks ago from a private bath. In her house the police found no signs of forced entry, but the theft proof was. Tom Hagen came home on 31 October and found a letter with a ransom demand — Monero in the equivalent of 9 million euros. The text was written in Norwegian with errors. The attackers threatened to kill the victim if Hagen draws on the case the police.

Since the abduction of Anna-Elisabeth Falkevik could not hear anything. Detectives tend to the version that the criminals had attracted quite a large as Hagen in the amount of $ 200 million. The businessman is engaged in property investment and owns 70% of shares in major energy companies in Norway Elkraft.

Local police recruited by the Interpol and Europol. News of Norway notified about the incident and asked the citizens to provide any information which though somehow will help law enforcement agencies in search of the kidnapped.

“Our goal is to find the woman alive and reunite her with her family. Serious crimes time is a critical factor. We depend on clues that may lead us to Anna Elizabeth Falkevik.”

According to news edition, the Hagen family may be involved in high-profile cases and conflicts that are associated with the loss of Falkevik. Last fall, Tom Hagen was involved in a trial of the firm’s Financial Funds as its co-founder. However, the police never found between these cases there is no connection.

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Google demanded Samourai Wallet to abandon the corporate functions of the purse

In view of the threat of exclusion from Google Playmarket team Samourai Wallet reported that forced to abandon some of the functions of his wallet, sushestvovala 2015. We are talking about protection from SIM-based swap, “stealth mode” and remote SMS commands.

Version update Samourai Wallet 0.99.04 appeared in the app store Google Playmarket in abbreviated form. As reported by the project team, the new app is not the function of Stealth Mode, SIM Switch Defense and SMS Remote Commands, and it is due primarily to requirements Google.

The project was forced to abandon the features that existed since the creation of the wallet in 2015, under the threat of removal of his app from the store.

“All three functions… defined our product as a unique offering in the background a typical approach copy+paste, and ensure the protection and safety of the users. No other purse still did not have these features, and most likely, they will not have due to Google and its policies,” said the company in a blog post.

Samourai Wallet claims that he had asked Google to leave these functions in exception a few months ago, but just recently got rejected.

“We have provided evidence that the function of SIM Switch Defence repeatedly warned users about trying the SIM swap, it said. — We are very proud that our little technology many times enabled to protect users from the attacks of the SIM Saperov, due to the fact that the system of protection of mobile phone providers, are rife with holes”.

“Stealth mode” allows (or allowed) users to carry out transactions in Bitcoins using smartphone imperceptibly thanks to a specially developed interface. Function remote SMS commands allows to remove the bitcoin wallet if the user for some reason lost control of the smartphone with the installed application, for example, as a result of theft or loss of your device.

Users are advised to disable the “stealth mode” before installing the updated version of the application. However, the company promises that in the coming months will be able to provide customers with the ability to download the full version updates from your site, as well as in the app store F-Droid.

Samourai Wallet also hopes that he will manage to convince Google in the future, and encourages the community to support this initiative.

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The yellow jackets plan to bring down the Euro

“Yellow vests” I call on French people to withdraw their money from banks, in disagreement with the monetary policy of the government, which could lead to the collapse of the European Fiat, according to local media.

In addition to the planned demonstration today in front of the Rothschild Bank in Lyon, activists of the movement “yellow jackets” are called to make a “run on the banks”, that is to massively withdraw deposits from their Bank accounts, which in reality contains, according to various estimates, up to a quarter of the funds of French citizens.

Calls to bring the Euro sound on social networks, including opinion leaders: for example, boxer, Nicole already posted Maxim is dedicated to the promotion video.

With a significant number of members, such action may paralyze the country and even to bring down the Euro, which is celebrated in prominent news publications. Daily Crusader writes:

“It’s possible some exciting news for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community, as a dearth of cash could hit the market”

Max Keiser said that “if every citizen of France transferred 20% of their funds from Bank deposits in bitcoins”, it would have collapsed and the French banks and the French government.

The November protests began after the unpopular decision of the French government on raising fuel prices. Many disagree with the policy of the state wore yellow vests and took to the streets. Despite the fact that the President of the macron in December went to economic concessions, the movement only grew, forming one of the largest anti-government movements since 1968.

Yellow vests, some protesters contain the inscription “Buy Bitcoin”. Perhaps thousands of users, and do not understand the intricacies of crypto-currencies, but such labels have undoubtedly raised awareness among ordinary citizens about alternative financial possibilities, and now cryptocurrencies are mentioned more often.

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Mexican wall and cryptocurrency payments

While conservative policies are creating barriers to cryptocurrency, citing national security, the digital currency successfully perform its task of overcoming national borders.

If you imagine that money talk, the cryptocurrency allows you to talk to each other instantly with lower costs and fewer middlemen. Victory will be those who will facilitate cross-border payments in the future.

President trump has repeatedly stated that the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, and he intends to fulfill that promise.

For this reason Western Union is seriously considering the possibility of using cryptocurrency as part of their business model. Today, Mexican immigrants and migrant workers send money to Mexico or anywhere else. According to BusinessWire and the world Bank, Mexico is the fourth largest recipient of international remittances in the world.

For transactions of Western Union, the Commission is charged to both parties. For example, the payees may pay up to 10% when receiving cash.

According to the mechanism of most cryptocurrencies, the recipient generally does not pay Commission, because it adds the transaction data in the blockchain, and the sender. In addition, the transaction fee is usually not associated with a transaction amount and the actual amount of data needed for its processing bloccano.

So does Bitcoin work. The establishment of Mexico’s own bitcoin exchanges to convert crypto currencies into pesos, the installation of bitcoin ATMs and an active OTC trade means that Bitcoin is going to become a cash alternative.

Any blockchain can simplify cross-border payments, but there is a question of liquidity, which is always a problem. In Venezuela, some projects have made significant efforts to help all who suffered from extreme inflation policy. Including Dash, Flash, and zcash for.

If immigration policy is trump to combat illegal immigration is successful, the remittance market between the U.S. and Mexico will grow, because people from both sides will provide each other with financial assistance. According to the world Bank report, published in December, last year, Mexico received remittances to the amount of $ 33 billion.

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Definitely not a Scam: more than 50 percent Hasrat Bitcoin Cash controls one pool

The centralization of Bitcoin Cash has reached a new level — now half Hasrat cryptocurrency controls only one pool. According to experts CoinDance, mining pool BTC.TOP today responsible for 50.2 per cent Hasrat BCH. Its total capacity is 679 peachesa per second. BTC.TOP shares money with BTC.COM (257 of peachesa), ViaBTC (215 peachesa), AntPool (125 peachesa) and (187 peachesa).

Centralization as it is

Today the main topic of discussion in the Bitcoin community Cash is a high probability of an attack 51. Earlier cryptocurrency Roger Faith have not once criticized for being too centralized. The project has not passed the “stress test” an anonymous developer under the name Bitpico. The programmer found out that 98 percent of all the BCH node connected to one server, which could lead to a potential break-in.

The Central aspect of any decentralized blockchain is the ability to withstand pressure on the system and to prevent the intervention of any centralized organization. Attack 51 itself carries a great danger for the cryptocurrency, as it can totally destroy any project.

Recall another fork of Bitcoin Bitcoin Gold has suffered from the attack. 51 in 2018. Hackers for several days to re-spend coins BTG and the total amount stolen $ 18 million.

In some cases crossing the 50 percent barrier may occur unintentionally. In 2014, the GHash has “captured” more than half Hasrat Bitcoin. After a wave of disturbances in cryptocommunist the pool management decided to reduce their capacity so as not to undermine a lucrative business.

BTC.TOP can go on the same way. If a large miner will agree to reallocate processing power within the network of cryptocurrency, it will increase investor confidence in Bitcoin Cash. Otherwise, the BCH may be endangered.

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Monero has become the exclusive cryptocurrency of the store with the trappings of the game Fortnite

You know, what is Fortnite? If not, suffice it to say that it is a game or series of games, the number of registered users which exceeded 200 million Now those who want to buy a t-shirt with the symbols or character Fortnite official store of the game, you can do it with Monero.

Monero — project is interesting and the adoption of cryptocurrency team is working long and deliberately, relying on cooperation with celebrities in the framework of the project Coral Reef. The coin accept online shopping stars from Mariah Carey to Marilyn Manson, but the case with Fortnite stands out.

There was an anonymous cryptocurrency managed somehow to get around the turn better known competitors. The website should theoretically accept other cryptocurrencies through the service GloBee, but direct payment in Monero appears along with understandable payment options like PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

Moreover, cryptomnesia with some bewilderment to report that despite the presence of GloBee among the payment options, the only cryptocurrency that is willing to accept the mediator for payment of goods from this website — again, Monero.

Reddit users discussing this phenomenon tend to explain this by the presence of the secret adherents of Monero in the management of the company-the publisher of the game. However, a leading developer of platform Ricardo’s Spanyi explained that this joint initiative, financed by the project team and GloBee 50: 50.

The community generally reacted positively to this innovation. As noted by one user, this is a very good example of adoption of crypto-currencies:

“Even if no one will take advantage of this option is a great chance to reach millions of people who may be wondering — what’s the letter M? And it’s better than ordinary payments?”.

Spanyi also assured fans of privacy, the possibility of payment in Monero does not imply that the binding profile of the buyer to the account of the player Fortnite.

“We are talking about physical delivery of the goods, not on sales of equipment inside the game itself. The delivery may order a trafficker any person as a gift to a friend you can arrange delivery to the address of the company, simply to the postal address”, — he explained.

It is the focus on privacy and provided a choice in favor of Monero, the store wants to give the opportunity to those users who puts privacy first, added Spani.

“Provider of the shop is very interested in the Lightning Network, and we urge it to add this option of payment”, — he said.

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Bitcoin 10 years: Exchange BitMEX celebrated the anniversary of the first cryptocurrency Satoshi congratulations to The Times

In the room The Times of January 3, 2019 appeared advertising exchange BitMEX, timed to the tenth anniversary of the Genesis block of Bitcoin. Thus the user of the trading platform I wanted to thank the Creator of the cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto. The cover of The Times was not chosen arbitrarily, because the title of this newspaper was in the first block of Bitcoin.

Grand anniversary

Message Bitmex also has “Easter eggs” — a little below is the hash of the transaction encrypted.

w#/ ThanksSatoshi /BTC.COM/��mm,���CA4Z_IGQ�~YVM܈H����{�|�|###B#b)#�

Today at 18:15 UTC, the Bitcoin blockchain will officially be 10 years old. Address with the first reward of the Genesis block has already received over 16 bitcoins as a gift. It is noteworthy that he is Satoshi can’t spend the first 50 bitcoins mined. Based on the rules of cryptocurrency mining, these coins will always remain in his wallet.

A short time later, after a hasty mining of the Genesis block, Satoshi explained some of the main principles of Bitcoin.

“You could say that coins are issued by the majority. They are available in a limited and predetermined quantity.Indeed, there is no one who could play the role of the Central Bank to regulate money supply with the increasing number of users. In this case we need a trusted party, as long as the software cannot know the real value of things.In this sense, bitcoin is more similar to precious metal. Instead of changing the proposal, we leave it fixed, therefore, the value of the asset is starting to grow. With the growth of the user base, that process will accelerate and lead to a vicious circle. Each new user alone increases the value of the coins, which, in turn, attracts even more users.”

Over the past few years Bitcoin has repeatedly been criticized, many analysts constantly predict “impending death” of bitcoin. However, all this negativity did not prevent the first investors in Bitcoin to make huge profits.

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TDO hackers threaten to uncover the truth about the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001, if not get a finder’s fee in bitcoins

The hacker group Dark Overlord threatens to spread in open access of thousands of classified documents that contain shocking information about the attack on 9 September, 2011 — one of the worst events in modern history. Dark Overlord say that they managed to hack the servers of a number of insurance companies and government agencies, and archives to steal classified documents. The silence of the attackers demand that the government compensation in bitcoin.

Hacker group The Dark Overlord (TDO) is known not only in the narrow underground circles, previously TDO already announced himself to the world when I hacked the database of medical organizations of different countries in 2015, leaked to the network data medstrahovok 9 278 352 of Americans in 2016, also attacked Netflix in 2017.

January 1, hackers have posted online a link to encrypted files, total space of 10 GB that contains information about the judicial process in the case of 9/11. If hackers do not get a finder’s fee in bitcoins until January 7, the group will disclose the encryption keys of files.

According to the hackers, encrypted documents will tell the world the story of what really happened on 9 September 2011:

“We will reveal the truth about the events of September 11. We have 18 000 secret documents”.

Hackers have already managed to spread in open access, several documents proving their statements and intentions. In the network appeared official letters, e-mails and documents that mention law firms, the transportation security Administration and Federal aviation administration.

The criminals claimed to have hacked not only the base of major insurers such as Lloyds of London and Hiscox, but the server company Silverstein Properties, which owned the world trade center buildings. According to the hackers, they got archives of different government agencies.

Criminals are willing to accept compensation to remove any information or names appearing in the documents. Otherwise, the hackers threatened to sell secret information to terrorist organizations and “forever bury” an insurance company.

Public calls for hackers to publish the encryption keys for the archive, so that people could know the truth.

At the moment, TDO has revealed one of the keys that open access archive called “Preview”. Some documents are already available to the public at: Google Drive & Solidfiles.

Recall that recently the hackers of the Digital Revolution announced the successful hacking of the servers controlled by the FSB of the organization — research Institute “Kvant”. Published by the hackers, the documents describe a system of monitoring of Russian social networks, whose main aim is the analysis of protest moods in the society.

It should be noted that “white hackers” in 2018 has received remuneration in the amount of $ 878 000 for finding vulnerabilities in bounty programs.

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