The old song about the main thing: Craig Wright once said that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto

Principal investigator nChain Craig Wright again made a public statement that he is the Creator of Bitcoin. Recall that Wright included in the small circle of “suspects” who actually could be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Another “trick” Craig this time has caused confusion and even anger, cryptocommunist. Last time he said about his attitude to the creation of major cryptocurrency in November 2018. Then Craig Wright in the heat of debate on the eve of the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash in the e-mail correspondence with Roger Ver spoke again about his alleged direct relation to the development of Bitcoin.

Satoshi Nakamoto among us

At this time, Wright has published in a Medium post with the eloquent title “Be careful what you wish for”. The researcher nChain spoke about his “journey” on the way to the idea of Bitcoin, comparing yourself with Steve jobs.

“When Steve jobs was starting out, he was an outsider. He was many times rejected, but he fought for the right to build something every day. My attempts to create an alternative version of his first creations are contrary to my beliefs. And yet I allow myself to be in this situation.”

According to him, he did not expect to create a “anonymous system of money transfer”. He even despised people like the Creator of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht.

“They are not freedom fighters, they are not libertarians. They are simply predators, which represent the antithesis of what Bitcoin was created.”

Moreover, Bitcoin “needs” to function fully within the law with maximum transparency. Any user in the network of cryptocurrency (ostensibly on the idea of Wright) must be easy to find without “paperwork”. Finally, the last words the treatment of Wright was still a statement.:

“I Am Satoshi Nakamoto”

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Radio: a hacker hacked a satellite to transmit messages about Bitcoin

The hacker, who supposedly lives in Eastern Europe, managed to hack into a satellite in orbit. Now he sends it via an encrypted message in a post-apocalyptic style. One of the first noticed something was wrong the user under the name grubles. He stumbled upon a strange log when I looked through the logs of the satellite.

Message from space


The file must be greater than 1 kilobyte, so it’s time for stories. I discovered Bitcoin during the era of the Silk Road, but did not follow cryptocurrency closely, as it considered it too complicated. I again drew attention to Bitcoin in 2016, a year later I have actively invested in the industry. Last year was amazing — I sent your first payment to Lightning Network and was fascinated by the speed and potential of microtransactions in bitcoin.

And here I am, quit my job, make the first node on raspberry pi and relaying messages via satellite. Strange feeling. If you want to support an anonymous developer from the former Soviet Union, thank you. My dream is to generate 1 bitcoin. I think that’s enough for the future.


Still can’t imagine that I convey their message to a large portion of Land on their own, instantly. Interestingly, someone reads my messages? Maybe part of the photons will go into space for billions of years.


I wonder how long I will be able to convey your message to Earth?


Love you.


Can’t decide what’s cooler is to use a satellite to transmit these silly messages to Land or to make instant payments to Lightning Network? Both options are cool. I think someday I will tell this story to your grandchildren. Perhaps in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but still. Without Bitcoin I wouldn’t have so much faith in the future.


I want to create a website that is impossible to ban, censor or delete. On it everyone can talk about what you want and nobody will be able to delete anything, even your own posts. I hate it when people post something on Facebook or Twitter, and then delete the post. Everyone must answer for his words.

I think Bitcoin, Lightning, IPFS and other technologies needed to achieve my goal. Perhaps now is the computing capacity of a network is not enough, but he’ll definitely grow in the future.


Two days ago I ran in the Park puppy. I stroked him, and he didn’t want it to return to its owner. Good day.


I still can’t get used to it. I use the satellite it’s even better than the plot for sci-fi. I have to install a plate to determine the forwarding of their messages. On Twitter say that everything is working.

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In the United States will release a series about cryptocurrency startup

During the conference the North American Bitcoin Conference actor of the HBO series “Handsome” Kevin Connolly (Kevin Connolly) announced the creation of a new television show called Cryptos. Connolly hopes that the new show will help the public better understand the innovation ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

The plot is the story of a startup trying to launch cryptocurrency entertainment platform. The founders Academy School of Blockchain Jason king (Jason King) and Eric Swords (Erik Sords) will also be co-producers of the series along with Connolly.

“The show is produced by American Cinema International, and currently we are in the preparation stage,” said king. “I joined the project about six months ago after reading the script of the pilot episode and helped develop the storyline for the first season. We hope to start shooting in may”.

In a recent interview with actor and Director show Connolly said that, in his opinion, people are afraid to comprehend cryptocurrencies because of the “lack of understanding”. “People like me, still learning, but I’m very curious,” added Connolly. He also said:

“Swords and king want to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream for a better understanding of the industry. I’m just a filmmaker interested in telling cool stories and uncover cool characters”.

The event TNABC team first showed the audience a trailer of the TV show, and the audience welcomed the idea with applause. Creators strive to produce a total of 10 episodes for the first season. Additionally, producers hope the show will be shown on big platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Recall that the first documentary series about Bitcoin and the blockchain called “a Revolution in trust: Bitcoin and the blockchain” (the”Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain”) was released in 2016. Subsequently, the cryptocurrency that started to appear in pop culture.

In 2017, the American TV series “grey’s Anatomy” showed the episode in which the hospital where the main events of the series, was attacked by hackers, causing the blue screen of death on all computers in the clinic with a ransom demand in bitcoins. In mid-2018 cryptocurrency also appeared in a Marvel comic book and the game based on “the Simpsons”.

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TDO hackers threaten to uncover the truth about the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001, if not get a finder’s fee in bitcoins

The hacker group Dark Overlord threatens to spread in open access of thousands of classified documents that contain shocking information about the attack on 9 September, 2011 — one of the worst events in modern history. Dark Overlord say that they managed to hack the servers of a number of insurance companies and government agencies, and archives to steal classified documents. The silence of the attackers demand that the government compensation in bitcoin.

Hacker group The Dark Overlord (TDO) is known not only in the narrow underground circles, previously TDO already announced himself to the world when I hacked the database of medical organizations of different countries in 2015, leaked to the network data medstrahovok 9 278 352 of Americans in 2016, also attacked Netflix in 2017.

January 1, hackers have posted online a link to encrypted files, total space of 10 GB that contains information about the judicial process in the case of 9/11. If hackers do not get a finder’s fee in bitcoins until January 7, the group will disclose the encryption keys of files.

According to the hackers, encrypted documents will tell the world the story of what really happened on 9 September 2011:

“We will reveal the truth about the events of September 11. We have 18 000 secret documents”.

Hackers have already managed to spread in open access, several documents proving their statements and intentions. In the network appeared official letters, e-mails and documents that mention law firms, the transportation security Administration and Federal aviation administration.

The criminals claimed to have hacked not only the base of major insurers such as Lloyds of London and Hiscox, but the server company Silverstein Properties, which owned the world trade center buildings. According to the hackers, they got archives of different government agencies.

Criminals are willing to accept compensation to remove any information or names appearing in the documents. Otherwise, the hackers threatened to sell secret information to terrorist organizations and “forever bury” an insurance company.

Public calls for hackers to publish the encryption keys for the archive, so that people could know the truth.

At the moment, TDO has revealed one of the keys that open access archive called “Preview”. Some documents are already available to the public at: Google Drive & Solidfiles.

Recall that recently the hackers of the Digital Revolution announced the successful hacking of the servers controlled by the FSB of the organization — research Institute “Kvant”. Published by the hackers, the documents describe a system of monitoring of Russian social networks, whose main aim is the analysis of protest moods in the society.

It should be noted that “white hackers” in 2018 has received remuneration in the amount of $ 878 000 for finding vulnerabilities in bounty programs.

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Kryptonim: Experts expect a new wave of the financial crisis, and the media write about the bursting of the Bitcoin bubble

Experts expect a new wave of the financial crisis, and the media write about the bursting of the Bitcoin bubble. The paradox lies in the fact that the stock and cryptocurrency markets alike are subject to cycles. Bitcoin correction is commonplace, and not a horseman of the Apocalypse.

One of the largest in the history of world financial crises happened in 2008. It was caused by the collapse of the mortgage obligations in the United States. What could cause the next recession? The head of the Federal reserve Janet Yellen (Janet Yellen) believe that the new culprit is corporate debt — again in the United States. Over the past eleven years, the debt increased 4.9 to 9.1 trillion dollars.

The crisis of 2008 inspired a film Studio Paramount the creation of the film “shorting” (The Big Short, 2015). Trading is so arranged that in the fall too, can make money. At a time when the public believes in perpetual growth, when the real estate market recoilless flying to the moon, there are traders who risk all their funds in order to bet on a market collapse.

Compared to traders of the stock market of the middle of the two thousandth, we are in a more advantageous situation, because the correction of Bitcoin — it is far not a unique event. History of Bitcoin knows four market cycle:

1. 2011-12: a 48-week upward trend.

2012: a 22-week downtrend (-93%).

2. 2012-13: 72 weeks uptrend.

2013: 12 weeks downtrend (-80%).

3. 2013: 20 weeks uptrend.

2013-14: 58 weeks downtrend (-86%).

4. 2015-17: 152 weeks uptrend.

2018: 52-week downtrend (-84%).

It is easy to calculate that the average correction of these cycles was about 86%. Thus, the current Bitcoin market cycle shows price reduction that can not be called extreme. It is quite common for major cryptocurrencies.

The study of history is useful because it allows you to predict how deep can drop Bitcoin. In the case that the correction will amount to 86% in 2014, price will fall to $ 2800. Finally, in the limiting case (correction 93%) we have a chance to see Bitcoin at $ 1400, however, it is clear that this is the least likely scenario.

The current century has examples of much more severe drops in local markets. Imagine that in 2013 you impressed by the fact that the power in Venezuela came President Nicolas Maduro. You decided to make an investment and put, say, one million dollars in Venezuelan bolivars. If you are standing, it is best to get: today a million dollars you would still be 37 cents (correction 99,999963%).

The stronger cooling of the cryptocurrency market, the more you hear talk about the fact that the current correction in Bitcoin plays an important role trade outside exchanges. In English-language publications off-exchange trading is commonly referred to by the acronym OTC (Over-The-Counter).

In November 2018, the head of the exchange Binance, Chanpen Zhao (Changpeng Zhao) said that the OTC-market, at least not less than the stock market. If we compare this statement of the head of the largest data website Coinmarketcap about capitalization and daily volume of trade Bitcoins, we can conclude that every day, about the eighth part of all the in circulation bitcoin change for their owners outside the stock exchange.

The OTC gives the opportunity to conduct significant transactions in bitcoin without a significant impact on the exchange rate, however, that exchange rate is a guide for anyone interested in the current state of Affairs. It turns out that this course is not a market, and it may be artificial, due to the collusion behind the scenes, OTC. Shady deals allow you to buy Bitcoin from miners, not obvalivaya its price on the exchange, and at the same time accumulating on the cold wallets huge amounts of cryptocurrency, we need to manipulate the exchange rate. To coordinate these steps allows the mechanism cryptopedia: before every major price movement of the owners of big purses get small transfers of Bitcoin, encoded commands on the sale or purchase

Year ago started trading futures bitcoin. On since then, full correction you could very well earn. It was enough at the peak of prices to bet on a fall and close the deal at the end of 2018. In contrast to the situation in the middle of the two thousandth’s, when the mortgage crisis still seemed unimaginable event, this short would not require a trader impartial thinking and courage. It was enough to wield the levers of OTC trading in Bitcoin.

Experts in the field of trading have the same opinion on how the market will react cryptocurrency to a new financial crisis. They say that many of the investments in the crypt are venture in nature, that is, use the means of external investors. So as soon as there are problems of a global nature, the first sector, where capital will flee, will the cryptocurrency market.

“Future generations will remember the year 2019 as the beginning of an era of new possibilities.” (C) John McAfee

But there is another point of view. The recession of 2008 was the strongest since the great depression, and it led to the creation of Bitcoin in 2009. The coming world crisis will strike first of all on Vietnam currencies — the dollar, Euro, pound, yen — all the money that is not backed by precious metals. All known in the history of mankind Fiat currencies have turned to zero, and they were provided only with confidence in their governments.

Venezuela seeks recovery from hyperinflation in bitcoin El Petro. Many countries will follow the example of Venezuela and will launch its own national currency, minted in the blockchain. Bitcoin will claim the role of a quiet harbour in the world.

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Down with ignorance hamsters: Coinbase will allow you to capitalize on their knowledge about cryptocurrencies

The announcement of the training platform Coinbase Earn took place the day before. According to information from the official site, anyone will be able to receive a token 0x for the successful completion of individual assignments, tests, and even watch video tutorials. While the platform is operating in closed mode, but to access all its functions can only be by individual invitation.

Participation in the program is absolutely free, a student can be anyone with Internet access. Plans to create a platform emerged from the leadership of Coinbase after an extensive survey of its customers. As it turned out, “one of the biggest barriers to the study of digital assets has always been the lack of a proper level of knowledge among the people.”

Many respondents expressed a strong desire to study other digital assets other than Bitcoin. They just don’t know where to start.

Coinbase Earn is positioned as a free alternative to investing and mining:

“Mining involves large costs and a certain level of technical literacy, and to buy cryptocurrency needs its own capital.”

The learning platform will run on both personal computers and mobile gadgets. Initially, users will receive remuneration only token 0x, but in the future the authors plan to expand the list of supported coins. How much profit will get the company itself is unknown. However, in 2018 her case without it going bad.

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The Commission on urgent exchange trade of the USA has requested public comments about the technology of Ethereum

The Commission on urgent exchange trade of the USA (CFTC) have expressed a desire to learn more about Ethereum and its underlying technologies, and markets that have been created around it.

Published on Tuesday, December 11, a request to retrieve relevant information, the regulator explains that it wants to receive public comments on various issues regarding Ethereum — from technology to its application. For replies CFTC took 60 days, answers can be submitted via electronic or regular mail, or transfer physically.

“The CFTC expects that the comments received and the information will be of benefit LabCFTC, FINTECH-the initiative of the CFTC and will help the Commission better understand these promising technologies,” — said in a press release.

In the request for information noted that these answers also help the Department to get a better idea about how it should be regulated Ethereum-market, and the associated cryptocurrency markets derivatives.

“Information received at this inquiry, the CFTC will help to ensure the integrity of the derivatives markets, and will also facilitate monitoring and reduce systemic risk by enhancing legal certainty. The purpose of the request is the understanding of the similarities and differences of various virtual currencies including bitcoin and Ethereum, Ethereum and the inherent opportunities, challenges and risks,” it says.

The document contains 25 different questions about Ethereum and its network are divided into categories such as its purpose, underlying technology, markets, supervision, as well as cyber security and custody decisions.

The questions touch on themes such as, for example, the forthcoming launch of Ethereum for algorithm proof-of-stake, the problems of scalability, network usage at the moment, the possibility of audit of deposits in ETH, etc.

One of the questions, for example, as follows:

“How the introduction of derivative contracts on Ether capacity to change or modify the structure of the [financial] incentives underlying the model proof-of-stake?”

Subsequent questions in more detail affect the potential impact of the market on Ethereum built on top of it, the derivatives market and Vice versa.

Recall that in late November LabCFTC, a research unit of the CFTC, issued an official guide to smart contracts, pointing out their advantages and risks.

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History about how the maker of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, found out about Bitcoin

The Creator of the seventh volume of capitalization of the cryptocurrencies in the world of Litecoin Charlie Lee talked to Laura Shin in the broadcast of her popular podcast. They discussed Bitcoin and how he met cryptosphere. For starters, Lee said on the tenth anniversary of the publication of whitpaper Bitcoin and said that was very involved in activities in Cryptoprotected. He didn’t even notice that flew these years.

“I’m really surprised that so many years have passed. I have the feeling that I only yesterday learned about Bitcoin, although I first read about him back in 2011. Yes… just an amazing ten years.”

He further confessed to how really acquainted with Bitcoin. He read about the coin in the article about Silk Road, the most famous online market where in payment accepted bitcoins. This aroused his interest in the new form of digital currency that is resistant to censorship and is a much more sound form of money than the existing.

What will happen to Bitcoin next?

According to Ambcrypto, he also wished for Bitcoin to achieve its ultimate goal — to become the money we use for everyday payments. According to the Creator of Litecoin, cryptocurrency will soon replace Fiat money.

“Ten years have passed. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies still act as a speculative asset. And we, as you know, so far only tickled the tip of the iceberg and very little progress in that direction to make them real money.”

Remembering the past, Li told how became interested in bitcoin during the Bitcoin price below $ 30. Then he had a strong feeling that the coin is “undervalued” and it had the potential to revolutionize. That was the trigger, why Do closely was fascinated by cryptosphere.

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7 facts that you probably didn’t know about Vitalice Uterine

Acne Buterin – the man who invented Ethereum is one of the most significant figures in the world of cryptocurrency. He started to get the blockchain technology in 2011. In this article we will tell you seven facts about Uterine, which you probably didn’t know.

Vitalik wrote withpaper Ethereum at the age of 19 years.

Vitalik was only 19 years old when he invented his version of the cryptocurrency. One of the most important differences between bitcoin and Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies existed at that time was the introduction of the concept of smart contracts. Smart contracts can be implemented using Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). It was a huge breakthrough, which allowed will appear decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

He learned about bitcoin from his father at the age of 17 years

It was his father, Dmitry Buterin, a serial entrepreneur, spoke about bitcoin Vitalik when he was 17 years old.

He was a Prodigy

When his parents moved from Russia to Canada, he was enrolled in primary school. After he switched in third grade, the school administration decided to transfer him to a class for gifted children. It was there that he began to deal with the economy, programming and mathematics. It soon became clear that he could easily produce arithmetic operations with three-digit numbers in mind.

State Buterin is estimated in 400-500 million dollars

According to some estimates, as Vitalik estimated to be about 400-500 million dollars. Approximately the same amount of its assets in Ethereum and BTC.

Acne Buterin also a good writer

He began to write for various forums related to cryptocurrency until I started writing on a blog devoted to the cryptocurrency. The blog owner agreed to pay him in bitcoins in the amount of 5BTC for each approved post. He later became a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine is one of the most famous cryptocurrency publications.

He left the University

In 2014, in order to grant the Thiel Fellowship, which is nearly $ 100,000, he left the University of Waterloo. While the Ethereum project has already started.

Rumors of the death of

25 Jun 2017 edition of 4Chan announced that he had died in a car accident. Because of this news Ethereum capitalization decreased by $ 4 billion.

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Acne Buterin about EOS, Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum and zcash for

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin shared his thoughts about which blockchain systems are the most promising in his view.

In a new video on YouTube channel zcash for, Buterin explained why he is against the block chain with edinom the decision-making body, such as EOS, where users choose their representatives, who keep the network running.

A couple of years ago I probably would speak out in support Tezos-EOS, who believe that the blockchain needs to be managed. But now? I’m totally against that, I think it’s a crazy idea.

EOS has 21 representative, who shall be selected by vote. To become a representative, you need to have sufficient stock of EOS or to holders of a sufficient number of EOS voted for you.

Also read – acne Buterin: cryptocurrencies will never grow up “1000 times”

In the last election was attended by 17% of owners EOS. Candidate who received the greatest number of votes is Bitfinex. And Bitfinex has only about 3.5% of all votes. Of these 3,5% 1,8% belong directly to Bitfinex. And the other 1.7 percent – just random people. Thus, the positioning of 1.8%, Bitfinex could single-handedly become one of the 21 delegates.

And that gives them this privilege? Basically, it gives them the option of receiving 1% per annum of funds allocated for delegates EOS. Thus, the voting mechanism makes this converges Pro-plutocratic effect, where if you’re big enough and have more than 1.8% of all the coins you can actually buy a place of the delegate and it will give you the opportunity to earn even more money.

Buterin also explained why he advocates the control outside the network.

Ultimately, from the point of view of the quality of decision-making, I believe that the management of Bitcoin was pretty bad because it is excessively conservative and appreciates very specific things in a much more large scale than most real users of this technology.

But besides this, I think Ethereum is quite capable of improving functions, which, I think, interested ordinary users. Guide zcash for great progress in its road map, which I think zcash for investors very happy. Bitcoin Cash begins to implement changes. There are many new blockchain projects. Monero makes the forks every six months.

And I don’t see all these blockchains that are not managed centralizovana had some problems with the decision-making.

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