Traders massively close their short positions on Bitcoin: the Decline has stopped?

Over the past two months several traders who opened short positions on Bitcoin during its historic high, recently started to get out of their shorts in the range from 3000 to 4000 dollars. For example, today trader under the name Cryptofungus stated that it had closed its short position after a little over a year after its opening.

Cryptofungus tore quite a good sum of shorts were opened at a market price of Bitcoin at 19 665 dollars. Right now, cryptocurrency is valued at only $ 3638.

A reversal soon

Earlier, former economist at the International monetary Fund, mark Dow also closed one of the most lucrative deals in his life. DOE successfully managed to short Bitcoin when the bitcoin was at the peak of its value.

The longest bear trend in history the market often surprises traders. In February 2018, the Bitcoin price rebounded from the support zone of 5920 dollars and increased almost two times to the level of 11 $ 780. Note that February is traditionally considered the most “green” month in the auction of the crypt.

Despite the positive indications from technical indicators, traders like Dow and Cryptofungus do not hurry to play on the rise. Now they have recorded their profit and continue to monitor the market. Being careful, because Bitcoin still has a chance to fall below a key support level.

This Civic also sure CEO Vinny Lingham. We will remind, earlier he declared that if the Bitcoin will fall below $ 3,000, the current “Kriptonika” can turn into nuclear.

However, even in this case, the current market price of cryptocurrencies is quite a good area for taking profits, after which we have a long period of accumulation.

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5 restaurants for couples to accept bitcoin

February 14 or Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world, in this festival it is customary to give a gentle and memorable gifts. For a long time, these Souvenirs give pleasant memories of relationships, care and love, writes Thecryptoupdates.

For citizens it is especially important to spend the day alone with each other, moving away from the rhythm of the city, giving yourself the opportunity to concentrate on feelings. We decided to help you in choosing the institution that will allow you to relax from the urban bustle.

Here are 5 of the best restaurants around the world, where lovers can spend an unforgettable evening to pay with the cryptocurrency.

1) Le pas sage

This beautiful restaurant is located in one of the largest indoor arcades in Paris. Le Pas Sage, offers traditional French cuisine with an original twist. If you want to enjoy authentic French food with excellent wine and great service, this place will not disappoint you.

Address – Passage du Grand-Cerf 1, 75002 Paris

2) Kitsune Dining & Bar

Address – B1 Chatelet Shibuya 2-20-13 Higashi Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0011 JAPAN

Start your day with shopping in Shibuya and Harajuku, especially in the stores focused on the national culture of Japan “kawaii”, and finish the evening at Kitsune Dining & Bar. If your girl is a big fan of sushi, Kitsune Dining & Bar is the ideal institution to obtain the fun dining experience. In addition to Japanese food, Kitsune Dining & Bar serves French and Italian cuisine.

3) Pink cow (The Pink Cow)

The address is Minato-ku Akasaka, 2-7-5 bright, Japan

Every month this restaurant hosts a number of live music concerts featuring the best musicians in Tokyo. This stylish place serves the best Mexican food, this is truly a little oasis of great food, drinks and a lively atmosphere.

4) Hackers Bar

Address – Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 7-12-3-4F

This bar is located in a skyscraper called Power House with a motley team of tenants. It has karaoke rooms, a lounge and a bar in the style of Star wars called the Force of Roppongi. In addition to a stunning collection of cocktails, the bar offers a delicious assortment of dishes. You can also consult hacker on the system design, development and management of the business.

5) L apollinaire

Address – rue 2 de la convention, 75015 Paris

In this fun and friendly place for a quick bite, tasting French cuisine and other European countries.

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Bitcoin will appear in performance at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Imperatriz Leopoldinense, the famous Brazilian Samba school that chose money as the theme of his speech at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 2019, which will be held from 2 to 9 March. The dancers will tell the story of money, beginning with the first metal coins and paper currency to cryptocurrency.

The representatives of the Samba school I think that the topic of Bitcoin will make an impression on the audience of the carnival and help the school to win the competition this year. According to the information on the website, the performance will be called “Give Me Some Money”, said the Brazilian cryptocurrency portal Portal do Bitcoin. It will focus on the relationship between money and humanity since the invention of the first currency in ancient times to the present, when they exist in digital form.

“Our story is about money and the relationship of people with them from their invention until the present time. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important tools of the economic life of Nations and peoples”, — reads the statement of the Samba school.

The plot of the speech covers the different periods of human history and important events, such as the minting of the first coins in the ancient Kingdom of Lydia in the 7th century BC and the first paper money in China in the 10th century. He then describes the market relationship between the indigenous people of South America, Indians and the European explorers and also the first Brazilian mint, which minted coins that were used in the slave trade.

The choreographers will draw attention to saving and investing of money through Bank deposits, financial instruments, and other tools. Dancers of Imperatriz conclude at the carnival in Rio topic of Bitcoin. Dancers noted that a growing number of companies globally are beginning to use cryptocurrency.

“We will finish the parade, speaking about the future, using existing cryptocurrencies are digital resources that are designed to function as a medium of exchange”, — stated in the message of a Samba school.

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Argentina: Public transport with bitcoin

Now passengers of public transport in 37 towns across Argentina can replenish credit score on their transport SUBE cards with bitcoin. This was made possible thanks to the cooperation of Alto Viaje, which is a framework for transit card, and FINTECH companies Bitex.

It is a small step for Bitcoin, a giant leap for kriptonyte. Integration payments in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for goods and services is not something new. But such large-scale coverage of the population as commuters and buses. This is a serious promotion of digital assets.

“We believe that this project is important because it brings people such important technologies as Bitcoin and demonstrates the true value and its application in everyday life,” said Director of marketing Bitex Manuel Bodra.

The main task of the Alto Viaje – to make the process of recharge cards as affordable as possible. Prior to the adoption of bitcoin payments platform accept only PayPal, soon it will also handle payments through the local payment RapiPago operator.

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Venture capital investors have invested in Bitcoin $50 million and lost a pair of socks

In 2014, the Studio Planet Money venture capitalist Ben Horowitz argued about the fate of Bitcoin with financial columnist Felix Salmona.

Ben Horowitz, invested his time in Facebook and Twitter invested $ 50 million in startups related to Bitcoin. He believed that Bitcoin will change the world and will fully conquer the market of online shopping.

Felix salmon, financial blogger and cryptomathic, held the opposite view. He published an essay called “the Bitcoin bubble that will surely burst.” Horowitz wrote a commentary to the essay in which the author proposed to make a bet on the future of Bitcoin.

The two forces met in the Studio of Planet Money (NPR) and made a bet of five years. The confidence of Ben Horowitz was based on the understanding that Bitcoin is a major technological achievement, due to which people will be cheaper and easier to buy and sell things through the Internet.

According to Ben, how do I shop on the Internet — basically, using credit and debit cards — is a problem for many enterprises whose business is based on such sales. First, enterprises have to pay the companies making the credit card a Commission of about 2.5% of everything they sell. For some companies it very much. In addition, according to Ben, the company issuing credit cards deny some law-abiding customers because they are considered potential fraud.

Felix was skeptical about the success of Bitcoin. In particular, he was troubled by the fact that the number of bitcoins is limited. And it should mean that over time Bitcoin will become more valuable. In other words, deflation is inevitable. The rising price of Bitcoin will make it inconvenient for shopping on the Internet.

Ben and Felix agreed to meet after the survey, which will give Planet Money an independent company to find out whether the Americans Bitcoin for online purchases. If more than 10% of respondents answered in the affirmative — Ben will win, otherwise the winner will be Felix. The stakes in this dispute have become socks from Alpaca wool, which in 2014 could be bought for bitcoins.

Planet Money recently announced the winner. According to the results of an independent survey among 900 Americans, only 3% of respondents have used the cryptocurrency for payment of online purchases in the last month. Felix salmon won the dispute and a pair of lovely socks.

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How to use Bitcoin without the Internet? The story of a key developer of the kernel

The once rare phenomenon of disconnection of the country from the Internet in our days is gaining popularity. One of the last countries where such a practice became Zimbabwe. However, we must not forget that off the Internet can the government of any state. Previously, this problem is not dealt with Bitcoin, but its dependence on the Internet may be the Achilles heel. Maybe now with the new Bitcoin satellite service from the employee of the crypto startup Blockstream it won’t be a problem.

Now the Internet connection is almost everywhere. But if the user happens to be on a pirate ship far from land and civilization, even in this situation he will be able to take advantage of Bitcoin payments.

Former technical Director of Blockstream and once the Bitcoin Protocol developer Gregory Maxwell said that many times faced with the open Internet connection. But satellite signal is successfully supported by its node.

You do not need to independently connect to the satellite. Enough to in your country worked at least one node connected to the Internet.

As Maxwell says, the equipment needed is not so much money. The whole system took about $ 200, and all the parts can be found on the radio or in construction hypermarkets.

It is important to consider one feature: if the Internet is turned off in the whole country, the nodes can be separated from the real Bitcoin network. Such a scenario will lead to a serious problem, especially if it’s a country like China, where the same are mined more bitcoins. By the way, rumors about a complete disconnect China from the Internet went.

To eliminate the possibility of complete disconnection need to have at least one node inside the country were connected to the Internet. Then the satellite will be able to update this node, and it in turn will update all the other nodes in the network.

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China has updated its ranking of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin jumped up

Information center and development of the industry (CCID) has published an updated rating, consisting of 34 cryptoprocta. This is the first rating of 2019, but already the ninth issued by the Agency. At this time, Bitcoin was able to move two places higher in the list, but the first two positions still occupy the same coin.

New top cryptocurrencies from the Chinese

EOS now once again appears in first place among Asian investors. Most of the rankings remained unchanged, experts believe that over the past couple of months the stock market has been no serious shifts. But Bitcoin is a little older in the eyes of the Chinese with 18 positions, the cryptocurrency has risen to 15. BCH is also moved two places up from 30 in 28th place.

The results indicate that EOS and Ethereum is still firmly held on the top of the rankings.

Analysts also mentioned hardwork Constantinople, which will be taken into account when compiling the following rankings. At the same time Ethereum Classic fell 15 positions to 19th place. According to experts, this contributed to a 51 attack, which seriously undermined investor confidence in the cryptocurrency.

All 34 coins were also separately evaluated in three categories: basic technology, application and creativity. Unfortunately, “the total value of the indexes of the categories has slightly decreased since the previous rating.” However, the applicability of the projects remained at the same level.

Among the three evaluations, the most “suffer” the creativity this criterion, the experts identified the activity of developers in Github. The fall of creativity related to the Christmas holiday. Most developers are not involved in the process of applying new innovations in the code that strongly affected the index value.

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Radio: a hacker hacked a satellite to transmit messages about Bitcoin

The hacker, who supposedly lives in Eastern Europe, managed to hack into a satellite in orbit. Now he sends it via an encrypted message in a post-apocalyptic style. One of the first noticed something was wrong the user under the name grubles. He stumbled upon a strange log when I looked through the logs of the satellite.

Message from space


The file must be greater than 1 kilobyte, so it’s time for stories. I discovered Bitcoin during the era of the Silk Road, but did not follow cryptocurrency closely, as it considered it too complicated. I again drew attention to Bitcoin in 2016, a year later I have actively invested in the industry. Last year was amazing — I sent your first payment to Lightning Network and was fascinated by the speed and potential of microtransactions in bitcoin.

And here I am, quit my job, make the first node on raspberry pi and relaying messages via satellite. Strange feeling. If you want to support an anonymous developer from the former Soviet Union, thank you. My dream is to generate 1 bitcoin. I think that’s enough for the future.


Still can’t imagine that I convey their message to a large portion of Land on their own, instantly. Interestingly, someone reads my messages? Maybe part of the photons will go into space for billions of years.


I wonder how long I will be able to convey your message to Earth?


Love you.


Can’t decide what’s cooler is to use a satellite to transmit these silly messages to Land or to make instant payments to Lightning Network? Both options are cool. I think someday I will tell this story to your grandchildren. Perhaps in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but still. Without Bitcoin I wouldn’t have so much faith in the future.


I want to create a website that is impossible to ban, censor or delete. On it everyone can talk about what you want and nobody will be able to delete anything, even your own posts. I hate it when people post something on Facebook or Twitter, and then delete the post. Everyone must answer for his words.

I think Bitcoin, Lightning, IPFS and other technologies needed to achieve my goal. Perhaps now is the computing capacity of a network is not enough, but he’ll definitely grow in the future.


Two days ago I ran in the Park puppy. I stroked him, and he didn’t want it to return to its owner. Good day.


I still can’t get used to it. I use the satellite it’s even better than the plot for sci-fi. I have to install a plate to determine the forwarding of their messages. On Twitter say that everything is working.

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The self-proclaimed new President of Venezuela is an advocate of Bitcoin since 2014

Yesterday, January 23, in Venezuela, began mass protests against the second term of President Nicolas Maduro, during which the leader of the opposition and the speaker of Parliament Joan Guido declared himself acting President of the country. Guide not only opposes a national cryptocurrency El Petro, considering it as a political tool for “cheating the people” but is also a supporter of Bitcoin since 2014.

The speaker of the National Assembly and the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guido declared himself interim President of Venezuela during one of the large-scale demonstrations in Caracas. The policy was supported by the citizens, and the legitimacy of Guido recognized by the President of the United States Donald trump, the leaders of the countries of Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica and Guatemala) and Canada.

Guido, said that longstanding economic crisis Venezuela is a direct consequence of the actions of the “usurper” Maduro. According to Guido expressed in the Twitter, national cryptocurrency Petro is nothing but a tool of the Maduro regime so that they can continue to extort from the citizens the money.

Cryptocurrency Petro allegedly secured Venezuelan oil reserves, have not had a positive impact on the economy of the country, even after the denomination of sovereign Bolivar and bind it to the rate of Petro.

In October 2018, just after the legalization of Petro in Venezuela, the U.S. government has imposed against this cryptocurrency sanctions aimed at restricting the circulation of Petro and ban support the controversial cryptocurrency to bypass existing economic sanctions. In light of recent events and the possible overthrow of Maduro, Petro has all chances to join the list of hundreds of other dead triptocaine.

Meanwhile, the prospects to obtain official approval from the new government have Bitcoin. So, in 2014, a new self-proclaimed President of Venezuela urged citizens to use Bitcoin to protect from inflation of the Bolivar, and even alerted the countrymen about opening the country’s first cryptocurrency exchange.

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The cryptanalyst: trading with Bitcoin will turn into “turbulent waters”. What does it mean?

After 2018, more and more investors expect the beginning of growth phase of Bitcoin this year. However, some well-known cryptanalysts talking about the danger of unrealistic expectations regarding the niche. The cycles of market movements though again but it is not always possible to predict with sufficient accuracy.

Co-founder of Augur Joey Krug recently gave a very pessimistic interview with Bloomberg TV. Well-known investor said that in 2019 trading Bitcoin will be more similar to the “turbulent flow”. In other words, traders should prepare for sudden price spikes and falls of the main cryptocurrency.

How not to lose your money on Bitcoin

The coming months will not surprise, cryptocommunist “explosive growth”, but the price increase of Bitcoin you can still count on. However, the road to tutumunu will not be easy. Not excluded the new plum home cryptocurrency, which can knock out a huge number of long positions.

Statements Circle almost coincide with the point of view of the analyst Murad Makhmudov. Earlier, the expert also talked about the high probability of a new fall of Bitcoin down to $ 1,800. He also repeatedly announced excessive overvaluation altcoins like Ripple, Ethereum and EOS.

Joey the ring is still “optimistic” about the long-term future of the main cryptocurrency. He advised all investors to “move on” and focus on global goals growth coins. It is possible that the next trigger next bullrun will be halving Bitcoin in 2020.

In any case, 2019 will be rich in new developments and improvement of the fundamental background around Bitcoin. We are waiting for mass adoption of solutions like the Lightning Network, which will help to increase the popularity of digital assets in the world.

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