Citizens of Ukraine and Moldova bought EU passport for bitcoins. The scheme disclosed

Law enforcement authorities of Bulgaria have uncovered a shadow scheme for the sale of Bulgarian passports in the country. The criminals were selling the documents for Bitcoin the citizens of Eastern Europe. According to the investigation, in the Commission of a criminal act were involved the official representatives of DABCH (sovereign Agency for bylgaria in a foreign land).

Note that DABCH deals with all matters related to the acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship by foreigners. After several suspicious transactions three members of the authority has come to the attention of the police. Later the Prosecutor-General Ivan geshev revealed the names of suspects.

Peter Haralampiev, green Toms and mark Stogov was arrested for the illegal issue Bulgarian passports to citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and Macedonia.

And although all three of them completely deny his involvement in the fraud scheme, the Prosecutor’s office has solid proof of illegal transactions. In Bulgaria this scandal has gained serious momentum, he became involved even Prime Minister Valery Simeonov. Recently, he publicly stated that he is not going to relinquish power because of the high level of corruption in one state Agency.

Recall that Bulgaria is in the EU and provides a passport issued by the European Union. Possession of such a document gives the right to free movement and residence throughout the EU. Because of this, selling fake passports has become very common in shady business. Recently the Bulgarian police managed to uncover another group of 20 criminals who were selling fake documents for 5600 dollars.

A similar scheme was also uncovered in Greece in 2016. Then Europol has covered even a branch of the offenders in the Czech Republic. Five persons from the “managers” were Ukrainians, the rest had the nationality of the Sudan and Bangladesh.

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Nobuaki Kobayashi told when and how many bitcoins were sold

Managing the Affairs of the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox Nobuaki Kobayashi said, in line with a court order, when and how many bitcoins were sold to generate funds for compensation.

In particular, the lawyer said that between 18 March and 22 June, it sold 24,658.00762 BTC and 25,331.00761 BCH in the amount approximately equal to 25,975,702,352 yen or 230 million dollars.

June 22, the Tokyo district court issued a ruling that Kobayashi should start to pay compensation to the affected users of the former stock exchange. However, Kobayashi managed to arrange a massive sale up to this point.

As a result of this sales account Manager remained about 70 059 million yen (621 million USD). Of these funds, Kobayashi created a trust in the amount of 15 894 530 915 yen (140 745 199 USD) for payments to the victims of the bankrupt exchange.

Many believe that the sale of the former assets of the bankrupt exchange has led to a sharp fall in the price of bitcoin at the beginning of the year.

While Kobayashi known as the “Tokyo China”, repeatedly claimed that all sales will be done without any negative impact on the market, according to some, in the beginning of the year the Manager sold the BCH and BCT amounting to approximately $ 400 million, which certainly had a positive impact on a bearish market.

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Famous comedian buys bitcoins to hide their capital from the government and wife

Famous U.S. comedian bill Cosby, desperate to save what was left of his $ 500 million, converts cash money into “virtual currency” to hide wealth from their creditors, governments and long-suffering wife Camille.

Cosby transferred to bitcoins 5 million after the expert explained the principle of operation of cryptocurrencies, the transactions in which it is almost impossible to track.

Such a strong need to hide all that is acquired back-breaking labor, have arisen in the life of a comedian is not just. The fact that 81-year-old Cosby was previously found guilty on three counts in the rape case.

According to the publication, Radar Online, convicted rapist needs $ 25 million for unpaid legal bills. Bill also gave all the credit accounts for their homes in new York and California.

A source close to Cosby reported that the comedian “does not intend” to pay court costs. Moreover, his humiliated wife, 74-year-old Camille, will fight for every penny in court during a divorce.

According to the same source, bitcoin is designed to Fund the potential withdrawal from justice.

“For me, this thing is a huge red flag,” says Frank Ahearn, author of “How to disappear”. — Cryptocurrency dropped in price and you have turned inside-out, but to buy Bitcoin right now. He is an irreplaceable tool if you are planning an escape.”

26 APR Cosby was convicted of the rape. According to the testimony of the victim named Andrea Constand, in 2004, he was drugged, then raped. Legal team of the actor does not deny the existence of sexual relations, but argues that that happened by mutual consent.

CNN noted that over the past few years, dozens of women made accusations of sexual harassment and rape at Cosby. However, only accusations from Constant led to litigation in the criminal case.

81-year-old monster who will be sentenced September 24 and which faces up to 30 years behind bars, is now preparing for the worst, hiring a prison consultant in order to save their lives.

“The label rapist is not something worth to cross the threshold of the prison,” said prison expert Cosby. — Sex offenders — instant target inside.”

Sources confirmed that Cosby was locked in a makeshift cell in the attic of the third floor of his mansion, eats meals in the prison style and demands that his staff scolded him, if he retreats from the schedule.

Bill Cosby has gained wide popularity in the USA in the 1960-ies with the release of the television series “I spy”. For the main role in this series, he received the American television award “Emmy”, becoming the first black actor to be awarded this award.

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The Korean investor has exchanged their bitcoins, worth 2.3 million euros on a pile of counterfeit bills

The hapless investor from South Korea turned out to be a victim of fraud. Reportedly, the victim during the transaction exchanged their bitcoins, worth 2.3 million euros in counterfeit cash. The deception was discovered immediately, but only after the victim was found in a pile of fake banknotes new banknotes of 500 euros.

The fact that the 500 Euro banknote is quite difficult to find in our time on-site Ersouza. From 2016, the bill was gradually withdrawn from circulation by decree of the European Central Bank and replaced videosevennine €100 and €20. The abolition of the biggest Euro banknotes explained by the fight against the financing of terrorist activities and illegal employment.

As shown by the described case, such action was not taken in vain. The South Korean investor, whose name has been kept secret, met with the citizen of Serbia in July this year to sell their bitcoins. The meeting was held at the hotel in nice, France. As soon as the man found a fresh print on the printer 500-Ki, he immediately informed the police about the incident. Soon the Serbian scammer has been arrested in Cannes, where he lived in a luxury hotel. At the time of arrest on the man’s hand flashed a new watch, worth € 100,000.

Apparently, these two meetings discussed a potential investment in a company, so the crook and managed to get the deal done with fake money. Serb accused of fraud and involvement in organized criminal networks, said attorney Gerard pod.

The moral of the story is the fraud of Fiat money has reached colossal proportions. Blame the ongoing issue of new banknotes. In developing countries this problem is even more acute, because counterfeit operations are controlled by hostile governments to destabilize the economy.

This is another reason for the popularity of cryptocurrency. You cannot copy a Bitcoin. A network of thousands of nodes checks for each transaction, so fake tokens no chance to exist.

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New manipulation? 18 000 bitcoins transferred to the address associated with BitMEX

Approximately 18,000 bitcoins (BTC) has recently been transferred to the purse, which, presumably, is associated with BitMEX, a major cryptocurrency trading platform. According CryptoCompare, the total value of these coins now exceeds 114 million dollars.

Seventeen different cryptocurrency wallets have been involved in this major transfer BTC: the first transaction took place at 4:50 am new York time, the transfer was made 10 BTC on cryptocurrency wallet that is associated with BitMEX. Less than half an hour 16 media gave the same address a total of 17,990 BTC.

A number of Twitter users suggested that cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX may be involved in the market manipulation. It is noteworthy that the massive consolidation of bitcoins to the wallet BitMEX happened just a few hours before the price of the flagship cryptocurrency has recovered from a drop below $ 6,000.

Although many cryptocurrency exchanges nor been accused of attempts to manipulate market prices, in this case that seems unlikely since 18 000 BTC to the wallet BitMEX only 0.1% of all bitcoins in circulation currently. Often crypto “whales” such as a Trustee of Mt Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi, appeal larger amounts.

In the case of BitMEX it seems that the platform is trying to bring a large number of coins on a cold wallet for security reasons. Bithumb, lost because of a burglary of $ 30 million in June, has already done something similar.

Another possible reason BitMEX moves a huge amount of coins, may be to attempt to increase liquidity on the exchange.

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Fraudsters extorted from residents of the luxury district of bitcoins in exchange for the concealment of compromising on their wives

Residents of the elite neighborhood of Chevy Chase in Washington, DC, was attacked by bitcoin scammers claiming to possess a “dark secrets” of their wives and are ready to publish them.

Perhaps the inhabitants of affluent Chevy chase and be afraid of threats, if not for one fun fact — most of them were students and were not married.

The extortion attempt failed. Inhabitants Chevy chase was smart enough to recognize a Scam. But lucky not for everyone.

FBI agent Andrew Ames says that the attempt to blackmail the residents of rich areas — a fairly common practice. According to Jeffrey Strole, in the beginning of the month he received a letter from some “GreySquare15”. In a letter to the unknown required a “confidential” bitcoins costs 15 $ 750. Jeffrey soon realized that this is a fraud because published information on the forum to see who else of the residents of his district received a similar letter.

Among the elite mansions in Chevy chase there are several large buildings of the hostels where students live Washington University. Because of the desire to earn the scammers set up targeting the mailing of letters demanding to pay the ransom for all residents. However, they did not realize that most students are not married and will quickly reveal their purpose.

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Only 2% of American investors own bitcoins, but 26% “intrigued” with this asset

The results of the survey Wells Fargo/Gallup published July 27, indicate that only two percent of American investors invested in bitcoin, but 26 percent of them expressed extreme interest in the asset.

An online survey was conducted from 7 to 14 may 2018 among the American investors with assets of more than US $ 10,000 in stocks, bonds or mutual funds. The results show that the vast majority of investors who have heard about bitcoin in the near future will be to invest in the cryptocurrency, and 72 percent said that “they are not interested in buying bitcoins”.

According to the survey, despite the fact that 96% of investors have heard about bitcoin, “only about three out of 10 investors (29%) said that they have some knowledge about digital currencies,” 67% said that they had heard about them but do not understand the subject well enough.

Despite the fact that initially bitcoin was supposed to be used as money, its high volatility made it “more popular as an investment with a good risk reward ratio”. The results of the survey show that 75% of respondents believe that investing in bitcoin is a “very risky” and 23% believe it is “somewhat risky”.

A study conducted in February showed that 8 percent, or about 26 million Americans who have already purchased the cryptocurrency.

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Meet Honeyminer application that will mine bitcoins on a laptop

New software for mining cryptocurrency promises to almost everyone to earn small amount of bitcoins using a regular laptop running Windows. According to the developers, we will again be able to experience the romance of the time when the cryptocurrency was born, and no one thought about the special miners and farms.

Mining startup in new Jersey, Honeyminer, has released a free beta version of their program that has already been downloaded 10,000 users. The app allows you to create global pool when the graphics processor of a conventional computer (GPU) is not used for image processing or video.

Poole focuses on the mining of ethereum, ethereum classic, zcash for, monero and other GPU-friendly cryptocurrency. Then, at the end of the mining process, Honeyminer sends the income of the participant, converted into Bitcoin directly to the wallet of the user.

“The miner must perform mathematical calculations, manage all the configurations and settings or manually monitor prices,” said consultant Honeyminer Noah Jessop, a venture capitalist from Founder Collective in San Francisco.

This type of services offers new opportunities for people who want to own Batocina, but they have little money for investment or limited access to the cryptocurrency exchangers. App from Honeyminer slightly reduce the advantage of large mining centers with expensive specialized equipment.

The algorithm automatically switches between cryptocurrencies every 10 minutes or so, depending on the size of the unit, or in case of sudden changes in profitability of production of currency.

“We bring people together to quickly find the reward for the block. Together we generated more Hasrat — says one of the founders Honeyminer Larry Kom. “We connect you to the blockchain and retain your anonymity, but you are contributing to what is, in fact, minig-pool”.

Of course, this is not the most profitable way of mining, given the high volatility of the coin (from 2.5% to 8%, depending on the capabilities of the equipment of the miner). Even a powerful GPU can earn coins, worth one or two dollars, after a whole day of non-stop work program. But, of course, Honeyminer offers the easiest method of mining today.

“If you have heard about cryptography and you want to learn it, you can either go and pay a round sum, or to download the program for 30 seconds and start earning bitcoin for free”.

The developers Honeyminer inspired arguments about the dominance of Bitmain in the world of mining, while providing FOR a narrow circle of firms controlling almost all mining pools.

But, according to David Viorica, the CEO of the company is Nebulous, the management Siacoin and Obelisk, the new application will not be able to change such a large ecosystem, but is able to attract new ones, given that Honeyminer — closed source

Arguing on this topic, Vorik suggested that over the next two years, mining with GPUs will disappear altogether:

We will soon see the ASIC chips that will support a huge number of different algorithms. Once that happens — GPU icsnet forever from the world of mining.

For better or worse, the team Honeyminer recognizes that they will have to expand the package of services and features for different types of users. For newcomers Honeyminer will soon provide the ability to send their bitcoins in wallets on third party platforms such as Coinbase.

Regardless of whether it’s a cheap laptop, or professional equipment, “each computer will receive the task on the basis of their specific performance and capability”.

Also in development is a specialized version for professional miners called Honeyminer Pro. The program helps power consumption and also allows you to manually select the digital currency mining.

“I would say that we now have no competitors, so we built what is built,” concluded Larry Kom.

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A former employee of Qiwi nominal 500 thousand bitcoins on company equipment

General Director of the Russian electronic payment company Qiwi said on Wednesday that one of his former employees used payment terminals of the company for mining bitcoin and thus nominal 500,000 coins in 2011.

The company’s CEO, Sergei Solonin said about this during a conversation with students of the Moscow school of communications. Solonin, whose company is actively cooperating with the Russian government on the blockchain, which launched a subsidiary of the blockchain the company in March last year, stated that due to this incident he found out what bitcoin is.

Solonin said that they found that one of the staff illegally uses the company’s equipment before it was used for bitcoin mining. A few months resourceful developer was mined bitcoins worth about $ 5 million, and it is several times larger than the company’s profit, which it receives from the use of this equipment.

“We struggled trying to get at least 3 cents from these terminals, and then it turned out that this is a gold mine.

Solonin said that the developer has left the firm after he was asked to hand over the profits from the use of property of the company. The company for some time, continued mining, but soon the complexity of the network became too high for the equipment Qiwi and they stopped doing it.

Qiwi refused to disclose the name of the developer. Solonin on the website of The Bell, said that as far as he knows, this developer lost all his money during one of the incidents of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

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A bitcoin wallet, created on 1 July 2018, among the ten largest holders of bitcoins

According to Bitinfocharts, the address Bitcoin wallet, which was activated 1 July 2018, among the ten largest. The wallet address is at the sixth position, and stores a total of 594,77 8 BTC, worth 566 million US dollars.

The first five addresses that contains the largest number of tokens Bitcoin, cryptocurrency belong to exchanges, including Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, Bitstamp and Huobi.

Created purse, referred to in the material, received a total of 85 947,12 4 different BTC addresses.

The first transaction was 85 947,127 BTC amounting to approximately 568 million US dollars.

During the second transaction was transferred 0.000008 VTS in the amount of about 5.3 cents.

The third deal was 0,000005 BTC, i.e. 33 cents, the fourth transaction 0,00000547 BTC, 3.3 per cent.

Latest arrival observed BTC of July 3, 2018 at 4:50:53 UTC.

A huge amount of BTC came from address that was created on March 25, 2018, and the last major transaction was concluded on 1 July 2018. Just at this address was committed 152 of the transaction, and the activity shows that the amount of revenue is greater than the number of terminals.

The purse contained 93 947 BTC, of which slightly more than 85 947 BTC were transferred on 1 July 2018, which is the largest transaction at the specified address.

The transfer had no market impact. It is likely that the address belongs to either the person who transferred the BTC to one of your accounts to another bitcoin or purchased on the exchange platform, which was recently created, and its trading volumes are too small to influence the market.

Interesting is the fact that the account became active the day after the alleged Satoshi Nakamoto announced the release of two books. The books will detail talks about Bitcoin and its importance, and about Satoshi Nakamoto.

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