Bitcoin 10 years: Exchange BitMEX celebrated the anniversary of the first cryptocurrency Satoshi congratulations to The Times

In the room The Times of January 3, 2019 appeared advertising exchange BitMEX, timed to the tenth anniversary of the Genesis block of Bitcoin. Thus the user of the trading platform I wanted to thank the Creator of the cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto. The cover of The Times was not chosen arbitrarily, because the title of this newspaper was in the first block of Bitcoin.

Grand anniversary

Message Bitmex also has “Easter eggs” — a little below is the hash of the transaction encrypted.

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Today at 18:15 UTC, the Bitcoin blockchain will officially be 10 years old. Address with the first reward of the Genesis block has already received over 16 bitcoins as a gift. It is noteworthy that he is Satoshi can’t spend the first 50 bitcoins mined. Based on the rules of cryptocurrency mining, these coins will always remain in his wallet.

A short time later, after a hasty mining of the Genesis block, Satoshi explained some of the main principles of Bitcoin.

“You could say that coins are issued by the majority. They are available in a limited and predetermined quantity.Indeed, there is no one who could play the role of the Central Bank to regulate money supply with the increasing number of users. In this case we need a trusted party, as long as the software cannot know the real value of things.In this sense, bitcoin is more similar to precious metal. Instead of changing the proposal, we leave it fixed, therefore, the value of the asset is starting to grow. With the growth of the user base, that process will accelerate and lead to a vicious circle. Each new user alone increases the value of the coins, which, in turn, attracts even more users.”

Over the past few years Bitcoin has repeatedly been criticized, many analysts constantly predict “impending death” of bitcoin. However, all this negativity did not prevent the first investors in Bitcoin to make huge profits.

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Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX rents the most expensive offices in the world

Cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX, founded by a former trader at Citigroup Inc. Arthur Hayes, rented the most expensive offices in the world, which are on the 45th floor of the business centre, Cheung Kong, said the publication of Hong Kong Economic Times, citing anonymous sources.

The skyscraper has become a haven for Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Barclays Plc., Bank of America Corp., regulator securities, Bloomberg LP, and the Empire of billionaire Li Ka-Shing.

Cryptocurrency companies are trying to get out from the periphery of Finance into the mainstream, despite 65 percent decline in the prices of Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. Moving into expensive offices may be a sign that the trading platform, such as BitMEX, thrive even when the market volatility cause investors pain.

Sam Hayes has not yet responded to email requests to comment on the move.

Back in January, when Bloomberg interviewed Hayes, headquarters BitMEX was located in the warehouse district on the opposite side of Victoria harbour. According to information provided by the nearest real estate Agency, rents in the building amounted to HK $ 25 ($ 3.18 USD) per square foot. Square feet in Cheung Kong worth ten times — a record HK$ 225.

Dismissing from Citigroup in 2014, Hayes found that can earn “easy money” using price differences of Bitcoin in different countries. Today BitMEX offers loan contracts in the cryptocurrency.

According to the Hong Kong Economic Times, the company rented the whole floor of Cheung Kong center, which is about 20,000 square feet, costing $ 600,000 in a month, although it was originally planned to rent only half of it.

Unlike Bitcoin, property prices in Hong Kong only to increase. According to CBRE Group Inc., in the Central district has the world’s highest costs for office space. London’s West End is in second place.

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New manipulation? 18 000 bitcoins transferred to the address associated with BitMEX

Approximately 18,000 bitcoins (BTC) has recently been transferred to the purse, which, presumably, is associated with BitMEX, a major cryptocurrency trading platform. According CryptoCompare, the total value of these coins now exceeds 114 million dollars.

Seventeen different cryptocurrency wallets have been involved in this major transfer BTC: the first transaction took place at 4:50 am new York time, the transfer was made 10 BTC on cryptocurrency wallet that is associated with BitMEX. Less than half an hour 16 media gave the same address a total of 17,990 BTC.

A number of Twitter users suggested that cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX may be involved in the market manipulation. It is noteworthy that the massive consolidation of bitcoins to the wallet BitMEX happened just a few hours before the price of the flagship cryptocurrency has recovered from a drop below $ 6,000.

Although many cryptocurrency exchanges nor been accused of attempts to manipulate market prices, in this case that seems unlikely since 18 000 BTC to the wallet BitMEX only 0.1% of all bitcoins in circulation currently. Often crypto “whales” such as a Trustee of Mt Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi, appeal larger amounts.

In the case of BitMEX it seems that the platform is trying to bring a large number of coins on a cold wallet for security reasons. Bithumb, lost because of a burglary of $ 30 million in June, has already done something similar.

Another possible reason BitMEX moves a huge amount of coins, may be to attempt to increase liquidity on the exchange.

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BitMEX has registered the largest candle in the entire history of crypto-currencies — $ 2 billion

Bitcoin exchange BitMEX recorded the largest candle in the history of cryptocurrency. 2 billion in Bitcoin was traded in for four hours on 17 July 2018.

Occurring first publicly noted in a tweet, the user Broccolex, a self-proclaimed analyst of the blockchain:

From 16:00 to 20:00 GMT, BitMEX has observed a giant outburst, which amounted to more than 80% of all day trades of Bitcoin ($ BTC to 5.84 billion). Such a fierce bullish run to push the price of Bitcoin more than 8%, and the leading cryptocurrency has broken the mark of $ 7,000.

Some users doubt the veracity of this volume. In comments to the tweet Broccolex, one of the traders wrote about the need for “the termination by the exchange to the swelling volume.”

The fact that trading volume is one of the most important indicators for exchange, testifying to its relevance and financial success.

When it comes to pay-exchangers (charge a Commission), the incentive to manipulate the volumes obvious. For example, the Commission Huobi 0.2%, more than double Binance, but the daily income is about 30% lower.

However, the blame BitMEX in interest-free manipulation of the trading volumes is a bit more complicated. Daily trading volume on this exchange is two times higher than in Binance. Technically, it is the world’s largest cryptocurrency platform, but, most importantly, BitMEX does not charge a fee for the transaction.

In a study published in March 2018, trader and investor Sylvain Ribs accused of manipulation in excess of $ 3 billion in exchanges such as OKEx, Huobi, HitBTC and even many of your favorite Binance. BitMEX in the report of the missing Ribs.

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