Trast Grayscale bought 1% of all bitcoins

Investors are Grayscale and some Ethereum-whales benefit from falling prices of cryptocurrencies, buying bitcoins and ether.

According to analyst firm Diar, Grayscale trust the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) now owns more than 200,000 BTC of its customers, which means that the owner of the company 1% of all pay at the moment, bitcoins, more than any other company in this field.

Despite the ongoing, almost a year bear market, trust GBTC, outdoor Digital Currency Group in 2013-th year, continues to buy BTC on a regular basis. The company earns 2% on placed investors ‘ assets, therefore, helps clients to double their.

While the Grayscale increases the portfolio in BTC, the value of assets has fallen to 826 million dollars, the lowest level in the current year.

Other institutional investors are also actively buying the primary cryptocurrency. In mid-November, when the first wave of price reduction, Mati Greenspan said that clients eToro taking advantage of the falling prices and increased the number of bitcoins in their portfolios.

According to Diar, the Ethereum whales also acquired this year, more of the ether than in all previous years combined. Large investors have bought about 20 million ETH, which is about 20% of all Ethereum in circulation and 300% more than the beginning of 2017.

Also this week, the Litecoin network in a single day was registered transactions worth more than $ 1 billion, which may indicate the output of the crypto-whales in LTC.

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“The case of WEX” continues: “Sailor” still bought exchange

Russian service of BBC reported that Dmitry Hevchenko who fought in the Donbass under the Callsign “Sailor”, through his daughter acquired the Singapore company World Exchange Services, which is the operator of the cryptocurrency exchange WEX. According to the BBC, “Sailor” intends to recover the missing assets WEX, to start a “fight against the dominance of the dollar”, as well as to participate in the search for disappeared funds of the stock exchange BTC-e, the volume of which is estimated to be worth from $ 150 to $ 500 million.

The family of former entrepreneur from Kiev Dmitry Hevchenko who fought in the Donbas under the Callsign “Sailor” purchased the infamous cryptocurrency exchange WEX, formerly known as BTC-e. About it told the Agency the BBC.

According to the publication, became the new owner of Muscovite Daria, Chevchenko — 29-year-old daughter “sailor”. As told Dmitry Hevchenko to register a company on his name is not allowed by the Singapore business registry — probably due to involvement in armed conflict in the Donbass.

WEX is the successor of the exchange BTC-e, which stopped working shortly after the arrest of Alexander winnik in Greece in July 2017. He was arrested in the United States, where he is accused of laundering several billions of dollars stolen from the exchange Mt. Gox through BTC-e. Winnick denies the charges, calling himself an ordinary consultant. To date, extradition winnik require four countries, including Russia. The trial in Greece is still ongoing.

In the launch of Wex involved a “Alexey from Khabarovsk”, which is listed under the name admin. Care was provided by Dmitry Vasilyev, who was a major client of BTC-e before the crash, buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the interests of the wealthy Chinese. On it was written the official legal entity of the new exchange — Singapore World Exchange Services.

Wex returned the leading position and the end of 2017 entered the top twenty of the most popular kryptomere the world, the daily trading volume reached $ 80 million (data from Coinmarketcap).

This summer, according to media reports, Chevchenko already tried to purchase the stock exchange, but the deal fell through. According to two interlocutors BBC close to “Sailor”, he could be a corporate conflict with the administrator Alexey from Khabarovsk, which controls access to the wallets of the exchange. The latter was supposedly ready, and Vasiliev, to cede its share in the stock exchange, but then changed his mind.

In fact, the exchange is closed for several months, the app has actually frozen. Moreover, users have reported the illegal withdrawal of their funds by unidentified persons.

Despite the catastrophic situation of the stock exchanges, Chevchenko declares that he intends to restart Wex:

“The main task now is to recover the missing scriptactive. This will work a team of lawyers and collectors,” said he of the BBC, not excluding the possibility of recourse to law enforcement.

The specific timing of when to resume trading, Avchenko not called.

However, he said that the headquarters of the WEX will be placed in the Crimea, and the exchange will become a platform for financial support of the DNI, LC, Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia:

“Our goal is the struggle against the dominance of the dollar”, — he explained.

Another goal is to try and find the money missing after the closure of BTC-e, the so-called “treasures of winnik”. As pointed out by the BBC, one source of savings was a Commission from transactions — by estimates of the edition, creators of a platform at the peak could earn up to a quarter of a million dollars a day. Another source of steel custom tools that have not been withdrawn after the collapse of the exchange.

Evaluation means BTC-e are different. A source close to winnick, told the BBC that the speech can go about $ 500 million. BBC interlocutors close to the beneficiaries of the exchange, cited the figure at $ 150-200 million.

For cash transactions BTC-e at various times used at least 15 offshore companies in different jurisdictions, from Cyprus to the Seychelles to Belize and the British virgin Islands. The world was scattered and Bank accounts: part of the money was credited to the national investment Bank of Mongolia, it follows from the payment documents of one of the users.

Winnick’s lawyer Timothy Musatov told the BBC that after his arrest to his client was treated “different personalities”, which promised protection in exchange for “close cooperation on all issues,” including money.

The main contenders for the part of “treasures winnik” — the U.S. government. At the end of July 2017, the Bureau for combating financial crimes at the U.S. Treasury took a decision to fine the exchange for $ 110 million, and winnik for another $ 12 million for the systematic violation of the laws on combating money laundering. The justification shows that although the exchange has worked all over the world, it used both American citizens.

According to the BBC, in the government group on the search of money BTC-e for payment of the penalty included Tigran Gambaryan — special agent of the Department of criminal investigations the internal revenue Service, also subordinated to the Ministry of Finance of the United States. The special agent did not deny that investigates the activities of the exchange, but declined to comment.

The struggle for “treasures of winnik” is living in the Czech Republic, the Russian Sergey Mayzus — owner of a financial company Mayzus Financial Services (MFS).

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Anonymous bought a million litecoin. Now he owns the biggest LTC wallet

Last week, the Litecoin system has processed one of the largest transactions in its history. Someone bought 1.15 million coins LTC totaling $ 61 million. It is noteworthy, that the fee for the group transaction was only 50 cents

Looks like the funds have been reallocated from several outdated addresses to a new address with multipoles Segwit. Now it is the largest number of litecoin. The most money in the previous address reset, indicating the same owner.

As they say on AMBCrypto, transfer of legacy addresses were made in multiple transactions 20 thousand LTC. At least four of them had the remains of more than 150 thousand coins. Data about the owner of the wallets are missing. It is also unknown whether address one person or group of persons.

What are the advantages SegWit?

A deprecated address different from SegWit addresses of the transaction speed and security. Operations inside SegWit have lower Commission. The innovation allows for a “group” of transactions, which saves time.

Also worth noting is a new opportunity to change the unique identifier of the transaction in advance of confirmation. This allows users to mask the transaction, even if all prerequisites are met.

Recently appeared information about the upcoming update Litecoin Core 0.17, after which a Commission within the network of Litecoin was to fall ten times.

Today Litecoin is trading at $ 51. The capitalization of the coins exceeds $ 3 billion and a daily turnover of 375 million.

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Citizens of Ukraine and Moldova bought EU passport for bitcoins. The scheme disclosed

Law enforcement authorities of Bulgaria have uncovered a shadow scheme for the sale of Bulgarian passports in the country. The criminals were selling the documents for Bitcoin the citizens of Eastern Europe. According to the investigation, in the Commission of a criminal act were involved the official representatives of DABCH (sovereign Agency for bylgaria in a foreign land).

Note that DABCH deals with all matters related to the acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship by foreigners. After several suspicious transactions three members of the authority has come to the attention of the police. Later the Prosecutor-General Ivan geshev revealed the names of suspects.

Peter Haralampiev, green Toms and mark Stogov was arrested for the illegal issue Bulgarian passports to citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and Macedonia.

And although all three of them completely deny his involvement in the fraud scheme, the Prosecutor’s office has solid proof of illegal transactions. In Bulgaria this scandal has gained serious momentum, he became involved even Prime Minister Valery Simeonov. Recently, he publicly stated that he is not going to relinquish power because of the high level of corruption in one state Agency.

Recall that Bulgaria is in the EU and provides a passport issued by the European Union. Possession of such a document gives the right to free movement and residence throughout the EU. Because of this, selling fake passports has become very common in shady business. Recently the Bulgarian police managed to uncover another group of 20 criminals who were selling fake documents for 5600 dollars.

A similar scheme was also uncovered in Greece in 2016. Then Europol has covered even a branch of the offenders in the Czech Republic. Five persons from the “managers” were Ukrainians, the rest had the nationality of the Sudan and Bangladesh.

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An abandoned complex Intel bought for bitcoin mining

After Quebec and new York state, the only remaining place in North America for large-scale, and most importantly, profitable bitcoin mining with the use of cheap electricity is Colorado springs.

A California startup has spent $ 13 million to turn an abandoned manufacturing facility of Intel in a huge mining farm.

The California-based company 3G Venture II, owned by John Chen from Los Angeles, purchased 30 acres and over 700,000 square feet in several buildings, of which for mining cryptocurrency will be used by three premises with a total area of 85 thousand square meters.

Michael Palmer, agent of Quantum Commercial Group, who signed the deal said that the buyer was particularly attracted by the mains, once set for the needs of Intel. The complex includes a substation directly in production, as well as two separate power source. The new owner also asked the electricity supplier company Colorado Springs Utilities, to increase the capacity for the complex.

It should be noted that cheap energy prices for a long time been attracted to this area of the company, including giants such as Progressive Insurance, FedEx and Walmart, who have created there own data centers.

Earlier this month we reported that the U.S. mining company Coinmint confirmed the opening of the world’s largest mining centre, with production capacity of 435 MW, which will be located in the state of new York.

For politicians in Massena, the city nearest to the Alcoa plant, the project Coinmint was a blessing, because it promised to create an additional 150 jobs.

However, it seems that in Colorado springs the news about the emergence of a new industry has caused less enthusiasm, as local residents and authorities do not expect the creation of a large number of jobs.

Dirk Draper (Dirk Draper), President and chief Executive officer of the chamber of Commerce of the state of Colorado said that local authorities plan to attract more such companies.

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