History about how the maker of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, found out about Bitcoin

The Creator of the seventh volume of capitalization of the cryptocurrencies in the world of Litecoin Charlie Lee talked to Laura Shin in the broadcast of her popular podcast. They discussed Bitcoin and how he met cryptosphere. For starters, Lee said on the tenth anniversary of the publication of whitpaper Bitcoin and said that was very involved in activities in Cryptoprotected. He didn’t even notice that flew these years.

“I’m really surprised that so many years have passed. I have the feeling that I only yesterday learned about Bitcoin, although I first read about him back in 2011. Yes… just an amazing ten years.”

He further confessed to how really acquainted with Bitcoin. He read about the coin in the article about Silk Road, the most famous online market where in payment accepted bitcoins. This aroused his interest in the new form of digital currency that is resistant to censorship and is a much more sound form of money than the existing.

What will happen to Bitcoin next?

According to Ambcrypto, he also wished for Bitcoin to achieve its ultimate goal — to become the money we use for everyday payments. According to the Creator of Litecoin, cryptocurrency will soon replace Fiat money.

“Ten years have passed. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies still act as a speculative asset. And we, as you know, so far only tickled the tip of the iceberg and very little progress in that direction to make them real money.”

Remembering the past, Li told how became interested in bitcoin during the Bitcoin price below $ 30. Then he had a strong feeling that the coin is “undervalued” and it had the potential to revolutionize. That was the trigger, why Do closely was fascinated by cryptosphere.

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Three top Aldona according to Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin

At the summit of 2018 Litecoin Charlie Lee told us about the three most promising alduino, in his opinion.

First, Charlie does of course put the Litecoin. We will remind that itself is a fork of Litecoin, bitcoin, and the idea of the Creator to be used for daily shopping.

In the second place, the Creator of Litecoin put Monero – one of the most successful private cryptocurrency.

And finally in third place was – Decred that Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin, but has some innovations and some features that need to solve management problems in the bitcoin network.

Recall that Decred (DCR) and Litecoin (LTC), starting from September 2017, the system works atomically swaps.

Charlie Lee also asked what investments in the cryptocurrency space, should refrain, in which he stated that we should not invest in ICO projects. According to him, “many of them are fraudulent projects, and even more will fail due to poor structure of remuneration”.

If not the only one who fears ICO. Popular YouTube blogger Britvr says that now should be avoided ICO until the market improves.

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