Hodor from “Game of thrones” appeared in advertising cryptocurrency platform eToro (video)

eToro has released a great promotional video where British actor Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor in the popular television series “Game of thrones”, says the word “HODL”.

In the cryptocurrency community there is the term “hodl” (often you can hear the definition of “hoglet”), which means to hold, to cherish cryptocurrency assets, waiting for when they will really rise in price. Early investors in Bitcoin, due to the fact that they haglili their digital coins BTC, could seriously rich.

eToro have shown a little creativity and convinced to star in his movie the actor who played Hodor in the famous TV series “Game of thrones”. In the story Christian Norm, talking with his producer about filming in advertising. Producer one after the other pushing him scenarios in which Norm needs to speak a line with the word “Hold” — as well as in the final for the Hodor scene:

The actor flatly refuses one more time to repeat this word on the screen and asks the producer to find him a different role.

Look what happened in the end:

In General, in our opinion, turned out great. It is noteworthy that in the video there is a definite promise to the cryptocurrency community. Around the public says that the “Bitcoin bubble”, “Bitcoin pyramid”, what he needed to get rid of, and only the courageous Hodor stands, holding the hamsters panicked and says such iconic word… HODL.

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Swiss financial regulator: a risk Factor for the cryptocurrency investment is 800%

Management to oversee the operations of the financial market Switzerland (FINMA) informally signaled that the risk ratio for cryptocurrency investments should amount to 800%. The Agency announced this figure in a letter dated 15 October in response to the Association request EXPERTsuisse, consisting of experts in the field of tax and audit activities.

In his letter to FINMA also said that the relevant legal provisions are not yet valid, therefore, banks and other stakeholders are often required to clarify this issue.

“FINMA recently received many inquiries from banks and securities dealers, which owns positions in cryptocurrency assets, and subject to requirements on capital adequacy, risk allocation and legal regulations on the calculation of ratios short-term liquidity” —quoted by Swissinfo representatives of FINMA.

In Switzerland, for several years there has been a formal integration of cryptocurrency products and banking sector, this European country is trying to create a legal environment that can support the development and operation of new financial instruments. At the same time, until the international Basel Committee on banking supervision develops all acts and laws necessary to regulate this area, FINMA can only give approximate figures.

However, the final decision may be announced at the end of November, when is the next meeting of the Basel Committee. Therefore:

“All scriptactive must assign an overall risk ratio of 800% to cover market and credit risks, regardless of where hold positions in the banking or trading assets,” — said in a letter to FINMA.

According to several sources, comment on the situation, 800% is a big figure, but it is within the allowable range. For example, the startup SEBA, which in September drew 103 million dollars to create cryptocurrency Bank of Switzerland, said:

“This recommendation will have limited impact on its business model. Nice to see that the banks no longer look away from the increased number of clients requiring services associated with cryptocurrencies, and ask for advice and do your own contribution,” said a spokesman for lobby group Bitcoin Association Switzerland.

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A College student lost cryptocurrency $ 755 000 (119,28 BTC): Blame the bears?

A bear market has hit many cryptocurrency traders. But while many investors have had to withdraw their funds left, and those who now literally crying from damages.

For example, a College student who bought the Bitcoin at a price of $ 5,000 in 2017, have expressed their disappointment with the loss of $ 755,000 (119,28 BTC), asking like-minded people, not if he destroyed his life. The fact that the guy was left alone with taxes on cryptocurrency trading in the $ 400 000, which he is unable to pay.

A user under the name Throwaway283921 explained on Reddit that started trading cryptocurrency in may 2017, after he learned that his friend traded Ethereum. He signed up for Coinbase and invested $ 5 000, which was half of his savings.

He’s started to sell Bitcoin in a pair of Ethereum, driving means back and forth, making the end of 2017 more than ten-fold increase in initial investment and in December of 2017 earned a whopping $ 880 000 (139,03 BTC).

The purpose of “Throwaway” was to withdraw money after he crossed the 1 000 000 dollars. It is a peculiar tradition followed by most cryptocurrency investors, but the hero of our story foolishly invested in a fraudulent ICO, which has led to irreparable loss of his condition. On arrival of bears on the market the guy managed to lose about 755 000 dollars, saving all of $ 125,000.

He explained:

“I didn’t know anything about taxes, so I didn’t bother putting nothing on hold. Me that nobody taught. I invested in several failed ICO, tokens which fell without any chance of recovery. Today my portfolio is $ 125 000 and not $ 880 000. The amount of taxes I have to pay for 2017, is approximately $ 400 000 (lives in California)”.

Now the student, following the advice of the cryptocurrency community to consult with a tax lawyer specializing in crypto-currencies and alternative investments.

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In Google Store and App Store was an app for cryptocurrency Kin

Recently the developers of Kik messenger has released a number of apps for cryptocurrency Kin, which is already available in Google Store and App Store.

Currently available in Google Play the following app:

  • Reveald (Dating),
  • Kinguist (language learning)
  • Nearby (Internet),
  • GoChallenge.me (the social network),
  • AddMe (business),
  • Find (),
  • Vent (health),
  • Kinny (surveys).

For iOS is only available 2 applications: Blastchat (the messenger), and Pause For (utilities).

Last year, the canadian messenger raised $ 98 million, which allowed developers to begin work on the applications and their distribution.

Many of the apps included in the category of a classic, with which mobile users are already familiar. The advantages that they are known to have a drawback, as you have to compete in a market filled with large operators.

Fortunately, these applications do not have to compete solely on the basis of user experience, as does the majority, as the new apps that support kin, pay users for their participation directly. If you look at it another way, think of the kin as a way by which users get an incentive to start applications and to participate in their work.

Kin continues to create more and more cryptographic applications, and an additional 30 are expected in the coming days, of course, after the approval of Google and Apple.

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How bots manipulated the cryptocurrency market

According to the Wall Street Journal, the real owners of the cryptocurrency market are automated trading programs or bots that manipulate the price of the cryptocurrency.

Automated trading software is a program that allows traders to establish certain rules for the work at the exchange, and then automatically execute a sequence of trading actions at a speed greater than the speed of any person.

Commercial programs are available for traditional and cryptocurrency markets and can be used for legitimate and manipulative strategies.

The author of the article on the Wall Street Journal believes that bots almost conquered the cryptocurrency market, as the market is regulated is very bad and this opens up opportunities for manipulation. Andy Bromberg, co-founder and President of a startup CoinList, told WSJ that “this kind of activity is now flourishing in the market. It harms the reputation of the market, and it harms individual investors.”

According to the WSJ, 80 million the hedge Fund Digital Capital Virgil uses its own bots on several cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Stefan Qin, managing partner at Virgil Capital, told the WSJ that he actually plays cat-and-mouse game with bots competitors.Stephen also spoke about the tactics of one of the competitive bots because of the actions of which the company has lost a considerable amount of your Deposit:

Strategy bot was similar to the “spoofing” tactics, when traders create fake orders just to cancel them in the future. The purpose of this tactic is cheating other investors and create a false hype. In regulated markets such tactics are prohibited.

Kjetil Alerted cryptocurrency trader, which started operations in 2011, is the Creator of one of these bots. But he did not believe that the cryptocurrency market needs to be regulated

If you are all manipulated, it means that no one manipulates. If people decided to do something, they will do it regardless of any bans.

It is noteworthy that such programs are prohibited on traditional stock exchanges. The new York stock exchange regularly monitors all operations and punish the perpetrators.

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The official Chinese rating cryptocurrency again presented a surprise

China released its monthly ranking of cryptocurrencies.

Project EOS still holds the first place. Ethereum goes behind him and in third place again a surprise.

In the past, ranking in third place, suddenly all appeared the Komodo project. But just a month later, the project dropped to 8th place. Now, the third place is the project of BitShares, who was overcome by just 9 points.

BitShares is open-source, public-based blockchain, financing platform, real-time. It provides a decentralized asset exchange, like the NYSE but for cryptocurrency without having to trust a centralized Fund. BitShares is provided by the cryptocurrency “BTS”, which is used to pay for online activity and or collateral.

This platform was designed by American computer programmer and entrepreneur Dan Larimer, who also participated in the creation of project Steem, and launched in July 2014.

Among other significant changes worth noting Bitcoin, which fell as much as 16 position at the 10th place which he held in the previous ranking.

Recall that the rating is a government Agency under the Ministry of information technology of China and it evaluates first and foremost the technological component of the project.

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The Prime Minister of Malta: “Cryptocurrency is the inevitable future of money”

The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, said during his speech at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly that the blockchain and cryptocurrency is the inevitable future.

The Prime Minister also said that Malta was the first jurisdiction in the world, which began to actively promote new technologies and to introduce it in the legal field. Earlier, according to the Minister, she “existed in a legal vacuum”.

Recall that in June, the Maltese Parliament approved three draft laws concerning cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies of distributed registries.

Since then, a number of companies focused on cryptocurrencies, including the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, started to open offices on the island, and Binance even entered into a partnership agreement with the stock exchange of Malta.

In particular, Joseph Muscat said

The blockchain is the inevitable future of money, a more transparent mechanism would help to filter the “bad” and “good” businesses.

And the technology of distributed registries, according to the Prime Minister, can provide and secure for the patients the data about themselves, it can “confirm that humanitarian assistance reaches the target”, and it will help to improve the accountability of corporations and government.

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Start decentralized cryptocurrency exchange StellarX

StellarX, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with zero Commission, on the basis of Stellar, it came out of beta and fully operational on Friday, September 28.

Stellar is a Protocol and open source. According to CoinMarketCap, XLM is currently on 6th place by market capitalization, which is equal to 4.8 billion US dollars.

StellarX has positioned itself as an exchange to the “Fiat on Board” because it allows users to make deposits in US dollars directly from your Bank account. In addition, the company has digital tokens for a number of Fiat currencies such as the Euro, Chinese yuan, British pound and others.

StellarX also plan to add digitized versions of other types of assets such as bonds, stocks, real estate.

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Ripple the cryptocurrency will lead a coalition to lobby for the interests of the market in US government circles

According to Bloomberg, Ripple will take the lead participants of the cryptocurrency market lobbying in Washington on issues related to the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

A coalition of cryptocurrency companies based in San Francisco, plans to bring the lobbying group the Klein/Johnson to work with regulators and legislators.

The new group, called Securing America’s Internet of Value Coalition, aims to mitigate the government’s position to encourage innovation and support competition in the ecosystem of the global cryptocurrency market.

The coalition, together with the lobbying group intends to raise the issues in Congress and at the securities and exchange Commission (SEC), Tax service (IRS) and other government agencies relevant to the cryptocurrency market.

According to the preliminary agreement, the lobbying group Fintech Klein/Johnson, will receive for his services for about 25,000 dollars per month and 10,000 per Ripple.

Along with the Ripple, as well as an independent company RippleWorks, the coalition includes the company specializes in digital payments Coil, crypto investment company Yaka and PolySign, a startup which operates in the market of custodial services for the cryptocurrency assets.

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Google cancels the ban on advertising cryptocurrency projects

Google intends to amend the rules for advertisers in October. In particular, the company intends to allow some cryptocurrency companies to advertise on its platform.

According to an official statement since October, Google will allow registered cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers to advertise on its platform, however, advertisers have to be limited to audiences in the USA and Japan.

Advertisers must be certified in Google, to run ads in a specific country. In order to obtain the certificate, companies have to apply, after the entering into force new rules for advertisers in October.

Recall that in March, the company has banned the advertisement of cryptocurrency projects on its platform, Google Adwords.

Earlier in June, Facebook made a similar move by lifting the ban on ads for pre-approved cryptocurrency companies, while maintaining the ban on advertising of ICO projects.

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