Why quantum computer is an IBM not a game changer in the cryptocurrency market

The largest exhibition of technologies CES 2019 in Las Vegas featured many innovations. One of them is quantum computer from IBM called Q System One. Company representatives said the computer is designed for “commercial and scientific use” and it can be used for solving problems that are too complex for current computing systems. In media appeared reports that the quantum system IBM game changer to the stock market and will lead to imminent death of Bitcoin. Is it really so?

IBM introduced the quantum computing system

The IBM announcement of its new system of quantum computing have caused the cryptocurrency community concern that this technology could mean the death of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in General.

Fears based on the fact that the emergence of quantum computing can break modern encryption methods, undermining the security of the blockchain.

In the Q System One uses 20 Kubany chip IBM, and the company claims that the device is “intended for commercial use”.

Arvind Krishna, the Director of IBM Research, called the system “a transitional product, it is crucial for the extension of quantum computing beyond the research lab, as the company is developing a practical quantum applications for business and science”.

Although the IMB implies that the computer can be bought physically, until the device is available only through the cloud because of the need extremely delicate handling and climate that supports the work of the quantum chips. According to Gizmodo, IBM “already offers cloud-based access to the system with 20 Kubany chip”.

Experts doubt the practical use of 20-cubitas system IBM

Although some experts noted the importance of the Q IBM System One for commercial purposes, the majority is still skeptical about the capabilities of the system, considering that a 50-kubinyi chips are likely to have a wider range of practical applications.

Katzgraber Helmut (Helmut Katzgraber), chief scientist at Microsoft Quantum, also describe the new IBM as “a historic milestone that allows you to purchase a digital device for commercial purposes, even if the technology is in its infancy”, but believes that the system will be of little use after studies and PR.

IBM Q System One is not useful for calculations

Despite the increasing availability of quantum computing has been called “significant,” Andrew childs (Andrew Childs), co-Director of the joint center for quantum information and computing Sciences at the University of Maryland, expressed skepticism about the device IBM.

He said: “I think that if IBM wants to create something interesting, then you need to significantly improve the results, not just to place the qubits in a nice package”.

“This is not a quantum computer to practical use, and step to it,” said Winfried Hensinger (Winfried Hensinger), Professor of quantum technologies at the University of Sussex (the University of Sussex). — “Do not think of it as a quantum computer that can solve all the problems associated with quantum computing. Think of it as the prototype machine, allowing to test and develop some programs that may be useful in the future,” he added.

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Licenzirovanie shares of Apple and Tesla could be the next cryptocurrency hit

On Monday the Estonian cryptocurrency organization DX.Exchange launched trading platform that allows investors to buy security-tokens placed on Nasdaq stocks, for example, companies like Apple, Tesla, Facebook and Netflix.

Each token is backed by a share of the company and entitles to receive dividends. COO DX Amedeo Moscato noted that “cryptologist tells about security tokens for over a year” and now the company has managed to “achieve progress”:

“Tokenizer shares of some major companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook, we open untapped market of millions of experienced and new traders worldwide, without intermediaries”

Investors can trade tokens 24 hours a day, even after the close of markets. Co-founder and head of the FINTECH company Securrency Given Dhoni said that the day trades “provide investor as a convenience, and liquidity”, but questioned the business model of the DX:

“We are uncertain and even sceptical DX models.Exchange… but we believe that the model can meet regulatory standards”

Company DX stresses that digital shares are classified as derivatives, and that the platform is developed in accordance with EU legislation. Licensed in Cyprus the company MPS MarketPlace Securities is holding the shares on account and the DX platform built on the technology of Matching Engine from Nasdaq, which is used by more than 70 international markets.

Some experts note that the STO offer security-tokens may replace the ICO as security tokens supported by assets and fall under the regulation. Don Doni believes that “security-tokens use the blockchain to allow efficient transactions, as cryptocurrency, but differ on the remaining options, providing a stable value, unlike volatile cryptocurrency”.

So, last year on the website Indiegogo was hosted platform offering investors the security tokens of the shares of the prestigious ski resort that brought $ 18 million, according VentureBoat.

Senior analyst at eToro also spoke optimistically about the tokenization of financial markets:

“In the next decade we can observe the tokenization of the entire financial market… Everything has value and addresses may be represented by the digital token to be traded on the blockchain”

Recall that at the end of the year, the Central Bank of China has invalidated the process of conducting STO. Meanwhile, the scope of security tokens continues to gain momentum: the stock exchange of Malta and the largest in the world in terms of trading the crypto currency exchange Binance signed an agreement on the joint launch of the new digital exchanges to trade tokens in securities.

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Mexican wall and cryptocurrency payments

While conservative policies are creating barriers to cryptocurrency, citing national security, the digital currency successfully perform its task of overcoming national borders.

If you imagine that money talk, the cryptocurrency allows you to talk to each other instantly with lower costs and fewer middlemen. Victory will be those who will facilitate cross-border payments in the future.

President trump has repeatedly stated that the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, and he intends to fulfill that promise.

For this reason Western Union is seriously considering the possibility of using cryptocurrency as part of their business model. Today, Mexican immigrants and migrant workers send money to Mexico or anywhere else. According to BusinessWire and the world Bank, Mexico is the fourth largest recipient of international remittances in the world.

For transactions of Western Union, the Commission is charged to both parties. For example, the payees may pay up to 10% when receiving cash.

According to the mechanism of most cryptocurrencies, the recipient generally does not pay Commission, because it adds the transaction data in the blockchain, and the sender. In addition, the transaction fee is usually not associated with a transaction amount and the actual amount of data needed for its processing bloccano.

So does Bitcoin work. The establishment of Mexico’s own bitcoin exchanges to convert crypto currencies into pesos, the installation of bitcoin ATMs and an active OTC trade means that Bitcoin is going to become a cash alternative.

Any blockchain can simplify cross-border payments, but there is a question of liquidity, which is always a problem. In Venezuela, some projects have made significant efforts to help all who suffered from extreme inflation policy. Including Dash, Flash, and zcash for.

If immigration policy is trump to combat illegal immigration is successful, the remittance market between the U.S. and Mexico will grow, because people from both sides will provide each other with financial assistance. According to the world Bank report, published in December, last year, Mexico received remittances to the amount of $ 33 billion.

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Monero has become the exclusive cryptocurrency of the store with the trappings of the game Fortnite

You know, what is Fortnite? If not, suffice it to say that it is a game or series of games, the number of registered users which exceeded 200 million Now those who want to buy a t-shirt with the symbols or character Fortnite official store of the game, you can do it with Monero.

Monero — project is interesting and the adoption of cryptocurrency team is working long and deliberately, relying on cooperation with celebrities in the framework of the project Coral Reef. The coin accept online shopping stars from Mariah Carey to Marilyn Manson, but the case with Fortnite stands out.

There was an anonymous cryptocurrency managed somehow to get around the turn better known competitors. The website should theoretically accept other cryptocurrencies through the service GloBee, but direct payment in Monero appears along with understandable payment options like PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

Moreover, cryptomnesia with some bewilderment to report that despite the presence of GloBee among the payment options, the only cryptocurrency that is willing to accept the mediator for payment of goods from this website — again, Monero.

Reddit users discussing this phenomenon tend to explain this by the presence of the secret adherents of Monero in the management of the company-the publisher of the game. However, a leading developer of platform Ricardo’s Spanyi explained that this joint initiative, financed by the project team and GloBee 50: 50.

The community generally reacted positively to this innovation. As noted by one user, this is a very good example of adoption of crypto-currencies:

“Even if no one will take advantage of this option is a great chance to reach millions of people who may be wondering — what’s the letter M? And it’s better than ordinary payments?”.

Spanyi also assured fans of privacy, the possibility of payment in Monero does not imply that the binding profile of the buyer to the account of the player Fortnite.

“We are talking about physical delivery of the goods, not on sales of equipment inside the game itself. The delivery may order a trafficker any person as a gift to a friend you can arrange delivery to the address of the company, simply to the postal address”, — he explained.

It is the focus on privacy and provided a choice in favor of Monero, the store wants to give the opportunity to those users who puts privacy first, added Spani.

“Provider of the shop is very interested in the Lightning Network, and we urge it to add this option of payment”, — he said.

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Bitcoin 10 years: Exchange BitMEX celebrated the anniversary of the first cryptocurrency Satoshi congratulations to The Times

In the room The Times of January 3, 2019 appeared advertising exchange BitMEX, timed to the tenth anniversary of the Genesis block of Bitcoin. Thus the user of the trading platform I wanted to thank the Creator of the cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto. The cover of The Times was not chosen arbitrarily, because the title of this newspaper was in the first block of Bitcoin.

Grand anniversary

Message Bitmex also has “Easter eggs” — a little below is the hash of the transaction encrypted.

w#/ ThanksSatoshi /BTC.COM/��mm,���CA4Z_IGQ�~YVM܈H����{�|�|###B#b)#�

Today at 18:15 UTC, the Bitcoin blockchain will officially be 10 years old. Address with the first reward of the Genesis block has already received over 16 bitcoins as a gift. It is noteworthy that he is Satoshi can’t spend the first 50 bitcoins mined. Based on the rules of cryptocurrency mining, these coins will always remain in his wallet.

A short time later, after a hasty mining of the Genesis block, Satoshi explained some of the main principles of Bitcoin.

“You could say that coins are issued by the majority. They are available in a limited and predetermined quantity.Indeed, there is no one who could play the role of the Central Bank to regulate money supply with the increasing number of users. In this case we need a trusted party, as long as the software cannot know the real value of things.In this sense, bitcoin is more similar to precious metal. Instead of changing the proposal, we leave it fixed, therefore, the value of the asset is starting to grow. With the growth of the user base, that process will accelerate and lead to a vicious circle. Each new user alone increases the value of the coins, which, in turn, attracts even more users.”

Over the past few years Bitcoin has repeatedly been criticized, many analysts constantly predict “impending death” of bitcoin. However, all this negativity did not prevent the first investors in Bitcoin to make huge profits.

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Cryptocurrency or death: ready to go criminals for bitcoin

The cryptocurrency has attracted many representatives of the criminal world. And in the race for easy money these people are ready for anything. Blackmail, kidnapping, murder — is just a small list of what to avoid to owners of bitcoins.

After you have left

Last week, the number of Internet users received e-mails sent on behalf of the owner of the website on the darknet. Cryptoendoliths warned that someone ordered their killer and they left to live 36 hours. But murder can still be prevented. For this it is sufficient to send $ 4,000 in bitcoins to the specified address and the order will be cancelled.

It would seem that this is a simple blackmail, designed for gullible people. But someone in the end, Yes will send the requested amount. It is because of these users and a growing number of “digital” scams around the world.

In particular, in USA the situation with cryptocurrency extortion became widespread.

For example, the States of Massachusetts and Oregon, several companies and institutions have been threatened with the requirement to transfer $ 20,000 into a bitcoin address. Otherwise, malicious promise to arrange a series of terrorist attacks.

The goal of the ransomware are mainly representatives of business, universities and schools. Cases of blackmail were reported in California, Iowa, new Jersey, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and even Canada. According to militiamen, what is happening is part of a nationwide “campaign.” The police recommends not to trust the criminals, and not to forget the threat of attention.

Criminal Eurotrip

About cryptocurrency blackmail I know firsthand and in Europe. Then suffer intimidation from Amsterdam businessmen.

Back in November e-letter with threats received by several local businesses, a nightclub and several cafés. For all the only requirement is to send the bitcoins to the amount of 50 000 Euro, or expect explosions and gunfire.

Such promises have to be taken seriously, because in the Dutch capital in the event of an armed attack, businesses need to be closed for quite a long time. However, none of the company, the ransom was never paid.

In Ukraine, the Blackmailers went even further — they demanded $ 350,000 in BTC, threatening to kill children. However a letter sent to the criminals for some reason in the anti-terrorist center of the SBU. But anyway, the “budget” bitcoins they do not Shine. Militiamen found out that the names of children who are “facing death” published on the official website in the section “lost children”. The terrorists failed and forgot about the human factor — the site is updated rarely and the majority of children have been found.

Where’s the money, Lebowski?

Extortion is not only virtual. At least this convinced the new Yorker allowed himself friends home after a party. A group of young people decided to take a moment and find out a drunk friend data in his cryptocurrency accounts. However, the latter was not so drunk and to get information they had through torture: they put his head in the bath water, beaten in the stomach with a foot and splashed him with hot wax. Two hours later, the criminals left the apartment, taking a laptop, a mobile phone and a flash drive. Now in March 2019 they will be tried.

However, the most popular in recent years the abduction. One of the last episodes happened in Kiev, where criminals for ransom stole cryptocurrency miner.

Catch him under the house and throwing a bag over his head, the man was bundled into a car and taken out of town. Under threat of death, he had to give the keys to the apartment and tell you where to find savings. In the end, became their production of 50 000 dollars, however briefly. Soon militiamen detained criminals, whom were brothers. They are charged with robbery.

But it is not always the cryptocurrency crimes end with a happy end. In Norway, the sale of tokens ended for 24-year-old resident wealthy area of Oslo fatal. Police found the dead body in his apartment. It turned out that shortly before his death, the man had just bought bitcoins. That it trades the cryptocurrency knew many of his friends, which complicates the search for the perpetrator. As suspected the police yet.


As you can see, money has always attracted criminals and cryptocurrency is no exception. Let them and you can’t touch, but you can lure, steal or take away. And to be safe, it is best not to put your finances on display.

“As for me, money loves silence and have less to flaunt their wealth in the network”, — said COO 10Guards Vitaly Yakushev.

The expert advises not to show off their wealth on social networks and use different emails for business and personal data.

“But the universal Council,” — he concluded, advising them to rely simply on common sense.

But if you are the victim of Blackmailers – don’t rush to give them all your bitcoins. Maybe you just cheat and let them better understand law enforcement.

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Who was the “father” of the idea of cryptocurrency Timothy may and that will remain after his death

White paper of Bitcoin many believe the starting point in the history of cryptocurrency. But the idea of it started before that — in the mind of the writer Timothy may. Last week at the age of 67 years, he died.

Facebook is developing cryptocurrency market is recovering, Tether confirmed reserves are only a short list of news that have been spread around the media last week. Among them, almost unnoticed there was one — the death of the author of the book “Manifesto of cryptoanalyst” Timothy James may, who is known as the “father” of the idea of cryptocurrency.

Fans may call it as a harbinger of what can happen with the technology of the blockchain, if it gets into the “wrong hands”.

“I can’t talk about what Satoshi wanted to do. But I am sure that his idea did not contain the bitcoin exchange with draconian rules KYC, AML, passport control, freezing the accounts and reports of “suspicious activity” to the local secret police. There is a real possibility that all this noise about “administration”, “management” and “blockchain” will create a state which will follow every dossier society,” said Mae shortly before his death.

According to fellow writer Lucky green, the author was able to build idea, which will determine the position of hundreds of thousands of fans not only cryptocurrencies but also technology in General.


Tim may was born in 1951 in the United States. During his life he built a brilliant career, the top of which was a job in Intel. Then Mei was listed as an engineer and senior researcher. He helped the current tech giant to solve “the problem of alpha particles”, which hindered the development of integrated circuits. For this he was awarded the IEEE award name Baker in 1981.

After five years he left Intel and started to work on the idea of cryptocurrency. In this he was helped by the huge technical experience.

“Timothy may was one of the first apologists and researchers of science, which began to develop the theme of cryptoservice. Moreover, he raised the aspects of economical activity of people, and indeed of society after life would be fulfilled, the capabilities of the cryptographic communication. That is, despite the fact that he was a scientist, a techie, he raised strong enough and important humanitarian issues. In fact, he was the first who managed to structure all this data,” explains co-founder of the Future Times Alex Pospehov.

However, according to experts, the “father” of cryptocurrency may be called is not entirely correct. Because he described the very nature of the economic relations of people, without delving into the purely “cryptocurrency issues”.

On the other hand, has yet to assess the contribution of Mai to the development of technology.

“I think it’s premature to make any claims. People have a habit of immediately after the death to crown those who had not previously noticed. Did you notice the discussion on Timothy may at balintore before his death? No,” says the co — founder of the project Fatcats.market and ValueHunters.com Nikolai Mokhov.

He believes that philosophy is a continuous process that began long before may and will last long.

“There is a development of human thought. To the human thought was influenced by Aristotle, and Hobbes, and Voltaire. Today, some views of Hobbes or Voltaire you seem wild. However, they have strongly influenced the modern world, modern politics and Economics. And I think Timothy may have made the same contribution to human thought. And the impact of his ideas will be evident a century later. Now this statement might seem ridiculous, and a name-don’t know him. Who is Timothy may, ask the guy who just bought 1000 BTC. He do not answer. But this man of Hobbes and Voltaire did not read”

Moreover, the same Creator of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto – didn’t want to reveal his identity to the world. And this is also part of the idea.

“The Creator of Bitcoin chose to remain anonymous. And it’s very cool. He by example showed that the person who conceived a huge industry, can maintain your right to anonymity. And the government is helpless in trying to understand who it was. The state remains in the cold. So it seems to me contrary to the very ideas cryptopenct to appoint even a spiritual father or if you prefer, ideological father of the cryptocurrency”

But if you know about “fatherhood” is still debatable, the one sure there is agreement – Mei, the founder of the idea of cryptoanalysis as such. In 1988, he published “the Manifesto of cryptoanalyst” – the work of just 500 words. But it was he who determined the exact vision of the future development of the technology. Mei wrote that computer technology will transform the nature of government regulation, taxation, economic cooperation, security of data, as the very nature of trust and reputation. And, of course, ordinary citizens should be given full power over their own data, as complete anonymity.

Moreover, Timothy may is a great example of how using word can create a milestone in the history of mankind. But do not forget that cryptoanalyst is primarily a right to privacy. In the Constitution of any country can be found right on anything but privacy.

What’s next

May gone, but his ideas remained. However, cryptomnesia are forced every day to fight for them. Especially considering the “nose” of the state, which it puts in all spheres of human life. But because increasingly the question arises about the reality of the implementation of ideas may in the present circumstances.

“Objectively difficult. The offline world is under the control of the state, and online we have small Islands of privacy. Private correspondence we learned how to defend, but with an anonymous trade is worse. Even though I do the latter and maybe that’s why you see mainly the difficulties and complexities. Pavel Durov is engaged in the protection of private correspondence, and he will probably say that everything is much more complicated than with anonymous trading,” says Nikolai Mokhov.

Another problem is that people are drawn to simple and clear things. The same Internet gained mass popularity only due to the simplicity. But he was once just ideas of a small group of people.

Every simple technology will be to join more and more people. It is quite possible that in the future the ultimate dream of cryptoanalysts will come true, and the government will no longer be able to specify whom and what to do. All were said to Timothy may.

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The power of memes: Dogecoin is the most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum

Dogecoin is often considered a joke in cryptocommunist, as all cryptocurrency is based only on the meme. However, the comic project has managed to survive hundreds of serious, major and ambitious ICO. While DOGE use quite often because of the high transaction speed and low fees.

By the way, this year’s coin has become especially popular among traders and investors. According to the statistics, the issue of the number of active addresses DOGE is second only to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Kryptospace save the world

Canadian researcher Kevin Hand recently published in his Twitter interesting data about aldone. It turns out that for the last day in the Dogecoin network anyway showed the activity of more than 73 000 purses. For comparison: the same figure from Bitcon equals 536 738 locations, Ethereum — 235 004.

The current level of activity Dogecoin above the average December 2017. In other words, DOGE is used more often on the background of a bear market. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg — the cryptocurrency is constantly hitting new records for the total value of the transaction for 24 hours.

For the last day in DOGE coins delivered about 264 million dollars. The Ethereum performance is almost two times lower — a total of 163 million dollars.

We will remind, earlier the Hands were already engaged in a detailed analysis of the work of the Dogecoin network. In September he published statistics according to which the throughput of the cryptocurrency three times higher than Bitcoin Cash and eight times the bandwidth of Litecoin.

In the early fall of Dogecoin is also pleased their investors eye-popping growth. Just a couple of days the value of the coins rose by 83 percent. The reason for such a sharp price jump was the Ethereum partnership, and DOGE to create a new product Dogethereum.

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In Hong Kong cryptocurrency investor dropped from the roof, millions of dollars (video)

Kriptonyte pushes some people to very strange things, but the media sidestep the majority of incidents. Hong Kong Bitcoin millionaire Wong Chin kit clearly demonstrated the decline of Fiat currency in the literal sense of the word. Surely this case will raise many questions, but for the suffering of cryptosphere this may be a good sign.

The fall of the Fiat for the Bitcoin rise

The last few years, those who invested in Bitcoin at a very early stage, earned millions of dollars. Especially if they were able to resist the temptation not to get rid of the greater part of the portfolio on the growth of the coin to the historical high of 19.5 thousand dollars. Sold Lee Wong Chin kit your scriptactive at its peak, remains a mystery.

We know only that the 24-year-old Bitcoin millionaire living in Hong Kong. Over the years he amassed an impressive portfolio in this difficult Bitcoin decided to support cryptonote slightly unusual way. It looked like this:

Airdrop $ 13 million

As noted in NullTX usually in this field are scattered cryptotokens, but Wong decided to part with 13 million dollars. According to the young millionaire, in that moment, he felt himself to be the Messiah and was happy to spread the good news about Bitcoin around the world. Unfortunately, later he was arrested on the way home in his Lamba and accused of organizing mass riots.

The main question is, then tried to get the man throwing banknotes from the roof. Someone will examine the potential promise of the benefits of investment in Bitcoin. Others will say that the way the young man was trying to compensate for an inferiority complex.

In General, the distribution of money to the needy — quite a noble gesture, which has often been criticized. There will always be those who blame wonga for the fact that he not reinvest accumulated, and is stupid. However, each person is free to use your money as you see fit.

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Owners of Asus graphics cards can mine cryptocurrency while the computer is not being used

Tech giant Asus will allow gamers to use the excess computing power of graphics cards for mining cryptocurrency.

Such a statement, the Taiwanese company made the day before after signing the partnership agreement with the application provider for mining Quantumcloud. Under the terms of cooperation Asus and Quantumcloud, gamers will now be able to receive “passive income”, giving access to their GPU from Asus in the periods when the cards are not used for the needs of the user.

According to a statement on the official website Quantumcloud, with this app idle in the network gaming card will fuel cloud cryptobinary. Due to this, the owners of graphics cards will receive a profit share of produced tokens. Asus also assured users that the privacy of their financial data will be protected in accordance with the General regulation on data protection GDPR.

The company explained that users will receive equitable remuneration in the app Quantumcloud in accordance with the amount of computing power, which the cardholder provides to the network.

According to CCN, Asus produces countless high-end graphic cards, the company has a huge user base. This should be enough for a pretty substantial passive income with software from Quantumcloud. To do this, users will not need to create a separate wallets or accounts. Be able to login via WeChat payment details or PayPal and get paid on them. The company warns that payments cannot be guaranteed.

Payout rates can vary depending on the performance of the cryptocurrency market. The company Quantumcloud cannot guarantee payments or otherwise affect the state of the market.

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