Hodor from “Game of thrones” appeared in advertising cryptocurrency platform eToro (video)

eToro has released a great promotional video where British actor Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor in the popular television series “Game of thrones”, says the word “HODL”.

In the cryptocurrency community there is the term “hodl” (often you can hear the definition of “hoglet”), which means to hold, to cherish cryptocurrency assets, waiting for when they will really rise in price. Early investors in Bitcoin, due to the fact that they haglili their digital coins BTC, could seriously rich.

eToro have shown a little creativity and convinced to star in his movie the actor who played Hodor in the famous TV series “Game of thrones”. In the story Christian Norm, talking with his producer about filming in advertising. Producer one after the other pushing him scenarios in which Norm needs to speak a line with the word “Hold” — as well as in the final for the Hodor scene:

The actor flatly refuses one more time to repeat this word on the screen and asks the producer to find him a different role.

Look what happened in the end:

In General, in our opinion, turned out great. It is noteworthy that in the video there is a definite promise to the cryptocurrency community. Around the public says that the “Bitcoin bubble”, “Bitcoin pyramid”, what he needed to get rid of, and only the courageous Hodor stands, holding the hamsters panicked and says such iconic word… HODL.

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Enjin Coin is going to be present at the Game Developers Conference

The biggest gaming development conference, Game Developers Conference, soon to be held in San Francisco, California, between March 19th and 23rd, is going to have the presence of two blockchain related projects!

More specifically, Enjin Coin and Worldwide Asset Exchange.

This is extremely good news for the cryptocurrency world. We’re at a point where many blockchain startups are creating the most diverse products and while we still have few projects with an actual working project, crypto is growing in fame and popularity by the day.

While we haven’t yet reached the masses, many projects are seeing the light of the day every month and continuously growing.

Enjin Coin just released their 2018 roadmap which contains a handful of new features, as well as announcing their Efinity, their gaming lightning network.

Giving exposure to crypto projects, within the biggest gaming conference in the world, is a big play for crypto. It means not only we’re going to see announcements and news, great for the people who already follow this space, but it’s further going to publicise this world and gather new audience into crypto. More exposure is always good, which means present at an event like this is crucial.


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