The developers of Ethereum postponed hardwork Constantinople in connection with the identified vulnerability

Scheduled for 17 January hardwork Constantinople has been postponed. The developers have decided to postpone the upgrade of the network for the time required to resolve the vulnerabilities identified by the team ChainSecurity.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the developers of Ethereum, and joined them client developers and other applications running on the platform, agreed to postpone hardwork. A new date has not sounded, at least we are talking about the period required to eliminate the vulnerability.

Previously, on 15 January came the report of the company СhainSecurity involved in the audit of smart contracts. In the document, in particular, it was argued that the suggestion to improve the work of the blockchain EIP 1283, in the case that it will be implemented, can create a vulnerability, using which attackers can steal money of users.

During the discussion the participants came to the conclusion that the solution to the problem may require more time than remains before the scheduled 04:00 UTC 17 January hard forks.

We are talking about the so-called reentrancy attack in the translation appearing as the re-attack or a recursive call. This vulnerability has become one of the causes of cracking the DAO in 2016.

Recall that hardwork, or if you listen to the recommendations Vitalik Buterin, upgrade network Broadcast Constantinople was originally scheduled for the autumn of 2018.

It includes a number of changes that improve the platform code. In addition, it involves the postponement of the so-called bombs of difficulty for a year and a half, and a reduction in the remuneration of miners from 3 to 2 esters per block.

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Stellar: Stellar Activity Hardwork — an outright Scam

Fourth place in the ranking Coinmarketcap is, of course, a good result. That’s just the growing popularity of the asset cause activation of Scam — Stellar claims that the material with detailed analysis of different kinds of fraudulent schemes was typed on a series of publications, which is the platform I decided a detailed analysis of “hard forks” Stellar Activity.

Sad news for those who managed to believe in the promises of the unknown, raskruchivaya so-called hardwork Activity in the network. December 9, it did not take place. For one simple reason — nobody was going to make any hard forks, it was only a pretext to get to token of Stellar gullible cryptoendoliths.

Or inexperienced — it is worth considering that not so long ago, Stellar announced and began to carry out large-scale airdrop, promising XLM $ 25 for each user account who signs up to participate in the promotion. Perhaps the scammers, in anticipation of an influx not too experienced captainvalor who have free crypt, also decided to take advantage of this chance.

“The Stellar Activity — cute logo, website, average attendance Telegram channel. They promise (for free) two new token XLA for every single XLM. All this is not uncommon for the world of cryptocurrency. So there was a Bitcoin Cash and most other clones of Bitcoin. However, this is 100% Scam, designed to lure your hard-earned XLM”, — stated in the message of the official account of the Stellar Guard.

The authors give three sign pointing to the fraudulent nature of the scheme.

1) Scamera promise a reward for the dissemination of information on Stellar Activity. The more potential victims of the Scam, the better, so the scammers do not skimp on the promise.

2) Special conditions. Two new token for each XLM is a good deal. But if someone is looking for special conditions, we can now list the XLM kindly provided by fraudsters address, then to obtain 30 new token for each Stellar Lumen. While scameron managed to collect 9.6 thousand XLM, which at the current rate accounted for slightly more than $ 1 thousand That is, people voluntarily moved them a cryptocurrency with real value, hoping to get 30 for each new token, which today do not venture to identify anybody. However, the authors themselves Stellar Guard note that in itself such a scheme has no fundamental differences from the average ICO.

3) the Presence of “special wallet for hard forks”, that is the most serious warning signal. Shortly before the date hard forks of scamera announced the creation of the “official wallet Stellar Activity”. Users are prompted for a private key, to get their tokens XLA. What happens to a user whose secret key from the purse, where he keeps Stellar, goes straight on to explain in detail is not necessary.

A similar fate has befallen users Stellar, who believed the organizers of the “hard forks Dolphin” that evaporated along with their crypt. Stellar Guard believes that this may be the same people that Activity — at least, special purses Scam both projects use a similar method of extracting data of the user.

Team Stellar notes that Activity — definitely not the first and hardly the last Scam-a project of this kind. And encourages users to pay attention to suspicious signs, like the three mentioned items, do not hesitate to ask questions and not to neglect the additional security measures, such as, for example, purses with multipoles.

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Hardwork Zcoin on Monday: Tell what you have to do over the weekend

Zcoin is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency that is designed to protect the anonymity of the user. On the basis of the coin lies the Zerocoin Protocol, which implies a constant destruction and mintinga Zcoin (XZC). Not to open up helps limited denomination, and the 70-minute lock coins after they are created. 10 December Zcoin will be hardwork. Tell about its main innovations.

In December 2016, the team Zcoin told about the plans to abandon the algorithm Lyra2z. To replace it was the so-called Merkle Tree Proof, which is often referred to by the acronym MTP. The new algorithm will increase decentralization and will reduce the chances of an effective attack 51%. This feature is relevant, the hackers broke into the Vertcoin blockchain.

Hardwork will spend exactly two years later — December 10. The result Zcoin is updated to version and will be the first cryptocurrency with the implementation of the MTP.

Features of preparation for adforce depend on the role of the network participant. Let us examine them separately.

What to do with all

To begin with we recall a General rule that applies to all. Before update be sure to make a full backup of the file wallet.dat and private key. Click on File menu and select the appropriate button. The file is stored in a safe place.

What to do for a normal user

Old client versions will no longer work after upgrading network. Be sure to upgrade to version until December 10 to avoid problems.

Owners mastered

In the case of ignoring the update to version owners Znode will cease to receive a reward after hard forks. Next you need to do the following:

  • read the rules upgrade Znode;
  • run command of the start tab Znode inside the purse for masternode Protocol 90024. If you do it soon after the payment, the actions will not affect the reward system. If you do not complete this item to hard forks, the network may disable node;
  • make sure there is a lot of memory. Every proof in the MTP takes about 200 kilobytes. This means that in a year the hard drive of the owner of masternode supplemented by 21 gigabytes.


Mine will turn on ccminer from the team Zcoin, download the link. In the near future the developers will also share CPU-miner.


Nothing complicated here — management needs to be updated to version until December 10.

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Upcoming hardwork BCash untie the hash the war

With high probability BCash will face the hash war between supporters of the forks of the ABC and SV that can cause and even the split of the network.

Differences are in the two competing designs BCash: Bitcoin ABC, which intends to introduce many improvements, and Bitcoin SV, which focuses on a more structured approach and a significant increase in the size of the block.

SV is primarily supported nChain and CoinGeek, ABC has the support of, Coinbase, Binance and others.

Lead developer for OpenBazaar Chris Pacia (Chris Pacia) inclined to support users to fork ABC, adding that the network with the most number of users will be more valuable:

“Craig and his supporters coined the term “hash war” to the debate in their favor. In fact, the hash of the war does not exist. The hash will never be the determining factor that indicates how users appreciate the coin. War has always been for users. It becomes obvious that Craig loses it”.

However, from the point of view of the mining hash rate yet the result is not so straightforward, because the share CoinGeek and SVPool make up almost 30% the last 24-hour blocks.

Chief specialist nChain Craig Wright published against competing customer ABC series of tweets in which he predicted a complete failure:

“For the record. Many people like to see me as a Cassandra. Well, here’s another prediction: slow or fast, but we will win. I want people to understand what is Bitcoin. Even if I have over the year slowly pulling one Satoshi of value network ABC, we’ll do it. Without compromise.”

“If ABC remains at SHA256d and does not implement protection against replay, we use it. Until the network becomes weak, while at the global level, the coin will not stop minimise, as long as anywhere else will continue to work the last processor. If you think that I won’t get to the last developer with the processor to burn this last Bastion of hope, you just don’t know me! This is not revenge. It’s a lesson. And I’m going to burn it in the hearts and souls of all socialists of the ABC so that their grandchildren remembered! Have a nice day.”

The result of hard forks are still unclear, so not all of the parties involved assess threats to Wright as reasonable. Technical Director CoinText VIN Armani is convinced that the hash capacity CoinGeek and nChain is sufficient to cause significant damage. In his Twitter account, he called to prevent the hash war.

It is noteworthy that Armani drew attention to the potential threat posed by affiliated miners, who carried out the attack on the PoW network, causing a decrease in their market value.

The increased strife within the community suggests the need for improving management systems and consensus. For example, Dash had no such problems, as the network operates the voting system. Similar functions in other coins is able to resolve the differences to expand a hash of the war as the only possible option of resolving the dispute.

Hash war BCash demonstrates the fragility of the PoW algorithm. Recently launched mining pool has promised to intentionally create empty blocks of other cryptocurrencies to hurt the networks:

“The Shark Pool miners will mine only empty blocks, altcoins and thereby secure a profit of BCH.”

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Hardwork in the blockchain Bitcoin Cash held on may 15

May 15, 2018 Bitcoin Cash plans to update the protocols of the consensus network. The community of developers of Bitcoin Cash regularly enters periodic updates, to develop the network.

Representatives of the Bitcoin Cash in the blog tried to answer the most important questions about the upcoming event

Ready new software?

Yes. Bitcoin ABC version 0.17.0 is already available and contains the code for the upgrade and transition to a new policy consensus at the scheduled activation time.

What you need to do?

If you are using a node Bitcoin Cash, you should immediately upgrade to Bitcoin ABC 0.17.0 or other compatible software.

What communication efforts to ensure that all users know about the update?

Bitcoin ABC will take steps to contact the major exchanges and wallet providers. Any help is appreciated. You can contribute to the dissemination of news, independently contacting the exchanges, providers and other ecosystem participants, and to inform them of the need to update their software or run an updated version of the Bitcoin ABC.

What changes introduced in the new version of the software?

The most significant change is the increase in the maximum block size to 32 MB. Will also be added or re-enabled operation codes (op codes), including OP_CAT, OP_AND, OP_OR, OP_XOR, OP_DIV, OP_MOD, OP_SPLIT, OP_SUBSTR, OP_NUM2BIN and OP_BIN2NUM. However, adding code OP_Group, causing some controversy in the community, will not be produced in the process may the upgrade, it has been rescheduled for November. Instead, you will add code OP_Return with increased data size to 220 bytes.

Bitcoin Unlimited and XT update their software?

We can’t speak for other projects, but they told us that Yes

When it becomes known the exact time of the updates?

It is assumed that the Protocol of the consensus network will be updated, when the average timestamp of the last 11 blocks will be not less 1526400000. Specific activation time depends on the location of the block.

What testing is conducted by developer community? What testing tools are available?

Bitcoin ABC is currently testing the new rules and activate them. Soon will be available test version.

Hardwork is planned in two phases: in may and November 2018, according to the website developers. The second update of the Protocol will happen on November 15 at block 1542300000.

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