JP Morgan has launched its own cryptocurrency

The largest Bank in the US JP Morgan has launched its cryptocurrency secured by the US dollar JPM Coin. The investment Bank launched a token, such stablein, which will have wide application: from the settlement of cross-border payments up to the use of Treasury bonds of the Bank.

Banking giant handles daily transactions worth about $ 6 trillion, part of which will be conducted using the established coins JPM. Coin will only be available to its institutional customers, who can buy it for U.S. dollars.

Head blockchain project of the company JP Morgan Umar Farooq sees three main options for the use of a token:

  • International payments. Large corporations transfer millions of dollars every day using Bank transfer network Swift, which usually takes a few days, and using a token, you can perform almost instantaneous calculations.
  • Operations with securities — Faruq argues that JP Morgan has created a certificate of Deposit on the blockchain by $ 150 million to a canadian Bank.
  • Replacement of dollars stored in Treasury bonds. The token can replace the dollars that are owned by subsidiaries of huge corporations around the world.

General Director JP Morgan James Dimon repeatedly criticized and even cryptocurrency called Bitcoin a “Scam”, but now he enjoys the first-mover advantage and seeks to gain a significant share of the market for corporate payments.

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Iran has launched a gold-backed cryptocurrency

Iranian authorities have launched a gold-backed cryptocurrency PayMon to bypass international sanctions. On the release Aldona worked banks Parsian Bank, Bank Pasargad, Bank Melli Iran and Bank Mellat, the asset will be presented on the OTC platform Fara Bourse, writes CryptoGlobe.

According to the Director of the company Ghoghnoos Valiollah Fatemi, initially will be issued 1 billion new tokens. They will be used for tokenization of the assets of financial institutions and reduce the negative consequences for the economy when disconnected from the interbank system SWIFT.

In late January, the network appeared the information that the Central Bank of Iran is preparing to introduce a ban on the use of digital money, which has not received approval from the local financial regulator, to protect its own national cryptocurrency. Citizens will be restrictions that they are unable to hold funds in excess of $ 10 thousand in Bank accounts.

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Brother Pablo Escobar launched the ICO for the overthrow of the trump

The elder brother of the late drug Lord Pablo Escobar launches a new cryptocurrency in an attempt to deprive the President of the United States Donald trump of his place of honor in the white house, apparently due to the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

In less than a day after the crowdfunding campaign to create a Fund Impeach Trump Fund, organized through the platform GoFundMe, Escobar Inc. holds the ICO to issue their own stablon tied to the U.S. dollar, aptly named ESCOBAR, reports TNW.

This decision was made primarily in order to ensure integrity of the funds from any centralized platforms able to censor funds Escobar, because they will almost entirely be focused on the overthrow of the trump.

Escobar Inc. also intends to compete with the world’s most popular stable coin, Tether (USDT), which, in the opinion of the company, is not credible.

“The original goal was to raise 50 million dollars just on the GoFundMe platform. After receiving $ 10 million in just 10 hours, we were closed GoFundMe and within 24 hours launched a stable cryptocurrency ESCOBAR, lest we subjected to censorship. We believe that the administration of President trump or trump shut us down,” said Gustafsson, CEO Escobar Inc.

A screenshot provided to TNW, really shows the achievement level of $ 10 million.

In the official document describes in detail how to work the cryptocurrency. Released on the Ethereum blockchain token standard ERC-20 will have the issue of 1 billion coins, which will be tied to the US dollar thanks to an agreement with the firm in Belize.

“Yes, we had plans to release this cryptocurrency in 2019 as an alternative stable coin Tether. We don’t trust USDT. We believe that people need to use our coin, because we have a much broader business application than most other companies, and Roberto Escobar earned hundreds of billions of dollars during his career,” said Daniel Radberg, chief operating officer Escobar Inc.

This is not the first cryptocurrency project from Roberto Escobar and Escobar Inc. In the beginning of last year they launched a fork of bitcoin called Bitcoin Diet, which was supposed to be much cheaper and faster than Bitcoin.

In support of this hard forks was also released a book where Roberto wrote about the fact that Satoshi is the CIA and ultimately Managing sell all your coins that will inevitably destroy Bitcoin.

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Qiwi has launched “the first” crypto investment Bank in Russia

As reports the edition “Kommersant” Qiwi Blockchain Teсhnologies (QBT) has launched Russia’s first cryptocurrency investment Bank under the name “HASH”.

HASH based on the “classical model of investment banking,” according to “Kommersant”, is a platform for the ICO. Yakov barinskiy, chief financial officer QBT (CFO), said that the HASH “will help companies pass phase of collecting money”.

According to “Kommersant”, HASH plans to cooperate with international funds specialized in investing in cryptocurrency assets. According to brinskogo, the company is already working with ten such funds with the largest of them has a turnover of approximately $ 100 million.

Barinsky also said that HASH will provide services for trading digital currencies next year, after the company receives the necessary license. July 1, the government plans to present its primary bill for the regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain sphere.

Founded in 2007 in Moscow, Qiwi has become one of the largest payment services in Russia and also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, USA and the United Arab Emirates. The company is also included in the list of 39 international companies, which cooperate with a consortium of R3 in the identification of clients.

Subsidiary Qiwi QBT was launched in March 2017 with funding in the amount of 100 million rubles (1.6 million USD) to develop internal blockchains products.

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VeChain officially launched its blockchain VeChainThor

The project VeChain announced that its blockchain has officially launched and it was generated by the first unit.

This is an important step on the migration path of the token network with the standard ERC20 on their own.

According to the schedule the actual migration of tokens will occur in mid-July.

Singapore blockchain project is working on the Blockchain technology-as-a-Service (BaaS) and has ambitious plans to enter the logistics market. The company’s decision is aimed at fighting counterfeiting.

VeChain recently announced that she is working with a logistics company DB Schenker to collect and evaluate data on products delivered in China.

Logistics – not the only application for VeChain. Recently, the company released an updated technical document and a “road map” that defines how its Protocol can be used for vehicles, government purposes, digital IDs, etc.

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Network Tron (TRX) came the Genesis block. The network was officially launched

Founder of Tron Justin San said that the new network Tron appeared his first unit, and migrating the token is completed.

TRON completed migration token ERC20 on their own core network. Network TRON appeared the Genesis block and now the network is officially independent.

TRON refused Ethereum, with the intention of creating a more quick and cheap blockchain compared to Ethereum.

Now TRON is trying to entice developers of Ethereum to create decentralized applications on the new platform. The developers of Tron has also released a virtual machine that will simplify the networking of Tron.

Founder of Tron also responded to accusations of plagiarism. According to a new report from Digital Asset Research, the developers of Tron copied the code from the Java implementation of Ethereum ways, which can cause technical problems on the new blockchain.

In an interview with CoinDesk San said that TRON very seriously the security and stability of its platform, and as evidence referred to the program to detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses in network TRON, the General Fund which is $ 10 million.

Yes, one of our programmers forgot one very small thing, but it was so long ago, and at that time it was a very minor issue. It’s like blaming me for my 27 years in the 4 years I once missed a shot. It doesn’t make sense.

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Cryptocurrency platform based on the architecture of Nasdaq will be launched in June

DX.Exchange , cryptocurrency exchange platform, based on NASDAQ technology, will be launched in June 2018. DX hopes to become a reliable ecosystem for OTC assets and cryptographic tokens.

DX has partnered with NASDAQ to use its architecture to create a seamless P2P platform. According to Daniel Skowronski, CEO of DX, the platform benefits from collaboration by three criteria: brand recognition, technological infrastructure, and regulatory compliance. The infrastructure of the NASDAQ, for example, will allow you to access the system matching, which is used by more than 70 exchanges around the world.

DX will not charge a fee for the trade. Instead, traders will pay a monthly fee of EUR 10. It is expected that the policy of zero commissions to attract customers from all over the world:

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts need not to pay more than the minimum membership fee for trading and they do not need to trade in an unregulated environment. The combination of technology and NASDAQ interface DX.Exchange will create a unique, excellent experience of trading that puts the interests of traders above all else.

Cryptocurrency traders on the platform will be able to purchase tokens for Fiat, trading currency pairs and withdraw Fiat. DX involves the use of credit cards.

Initially, the platform will provide the ability to trade six cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. When the platform will become fully operational, the developers will include in listing 20-25 cryptocurrency. DX hopes to continue to add tokens with time. However, this aldonas will have to undergo a process of strict validation.

DX recently received Estonian license and a license by the Cypriot regulator CySEC, but the platform is closed to American traders. According to the management of DX is trying to obtain the necessary Federal license to provide their services to US residents. KYC platform DX includes checking e-mail and telephone, and promises quick and easy verification.

Platform for exchange of cryptocurrencies are often the targets of cybercriminals. The DX team is planning to use the robust features and security architecture of NASDAQ to protect against intrusion from hackers.

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Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi officially launched in South Korea

Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Huobi officially launched in South Korea. The exchange has established the investor protection Fund and a special program for compensation of any losses that have occurred through no fault of the users.

March 30, Huobi Korea, a subsidiary of Beijing Huobi, has announced the official launch of the Korea:

“On Huobi Korea will be represented by 100 coins and 208 markets (33 market USDT, 98 and 77 markets BTC markets ETH). 98% of customer assets are stored in cold wallets. In addition, the internal security have been strengthened. In order to open the vault, to go through a complicated procedure that requires simultaneous authentication of several people.”

Representatives of the company declare that “in the future, the platform plans to continually add support for new crypto-currencies”.


As reported Huobi Korea, the possibility of trading using the Korean won is in the process of preparation and will soon be available. This delay is likely related to the regulation of cryptocurrency in South Korea, according to which from January of this year the country has banned anonymous trading cryptocurrencies. From this moment on, Korean banks opened a virtual account only the four largest exchanges — Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit. However, Money Today reported on Thursday that a major Korean Bank, Shinhan Bank is in talks about how to start to render services on creation of virtual accounts and smaller stock exchanges, such as Coinplug.

Huobi, the representative of Korea stated:

“We concentrate our capabilities for the early opening of the Korean market over … All employees will make every effort to provide a more secure and stable trading services.”

Huobi is currently the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with a daily trading volume of about $ 1.32 billion In South Korea’s largest exchange is Upbit with a daily trading volume of $ 745 million.

Before China shut down cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi, byla one of the largest in the country. Today the company is present in six countries – Korea, Singapore, USA, Japan, Hong Kong and China.

Last week, Huobi registered in the Network on struggle against financial crimes of the USA in preparation for the launch in the United States. Meanwhile, the SBI Group of Japan has refused partnership with Huobi Group, which planned the opening of two new retail platforms in Japan.

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