Hodor from “Game of thrones” appeared in advertising cryptocurrency platform eToro (video)

eToro has released a great promotional video where British actor Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor in the popular television series “Game of thrones”, says the word “HODL”.

In the cryptocurrency community there is the term “hodl” (often you can hear the definition of “hoglet”), which means to hold, to cherish cryptocurrency assets, waiting for when they will really rise in price. Early investors in Bitcoin, due to the fact that they haglili their digital coins BTC, could seriously rich.

eToro have shown a little creativity and convinced to star in his movie the actor who played Hodor in the famous TV series “Game of thrones”. In the story Christian Norm, talking with his producer about filming in advertising. Producer one after the other pushing him scenarios in which Norm needs to speak a line with the word “Hold” — as well as in the final for the Hodor scene:

The actor flatly refuses one more time to repeat this word on the screen and asks the producer to find him a different role.

Look what happened in the end:

In General, in our opinion, turned out great. It is noteworthy that in the video there is a definite promise to the cryptocurrency community. Around the public says that the “Bitcoin bubble”, “Bitcoin pyramid”, what he needed to get rid of, and only the courageous Hodor stands, holding the hamsters panicked and says such iconic word… HODL.

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The new York stock exchange is launching a trading platform for digital assets, and bitcoin futures

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is a firm located in Atlanta and owns the new York stock exchange announced Friday that it plans to launch a platform for digital asset and a futures product based on bitcoin.

The platform will be called Bakck and will use the Microsoft cloud to create “an open and regulated global ecosystem of digital assets”, said in a press release. In fact, it will allow consumers and institutions to trade, store and consume digital assets.

It is noteworthy that ICE also plans to offer a one-day “physical” contract for bitcoin-futures – this means that bitcoin will actually be given a certain number, unlike other proposals, which are designed for operations with cash. It is expected that the product will start working in November, and while waiting for approval and approval from the Commission on commodity futures trading (CFTC) of the USA.

The company said that large companies, including BCG, Microsoft, and Starbucks, will provide expertise on risk management and consumer experience for the project.

Starbucks will also start working on creating a “practical, reliable and regulated” apps for consumers to convert digital assets into U.S. dollars for subsequent use in retail outlets of the company.

Jeffrey Sprecher, founder and Chairman of ICE, commented on the launch of a new product:

When you create a regulated, associated infrastructure together with institutional and consumer applications for digital assets, we strive to strengthen the credibility of the asset class on a global scale.

CEO Bakkt, Kelly Leffler stated that:

Bakkt is intended to serve as a scalable platform for institutional, commercial and consumer participation in digital assets by improving the efficiency, security and usefulness.

According to a press release, the project invested: M12, the venture capital division to Microsoft, Galaxy Digital, Horizons Ventures, Alan Howard and Pantera Capital.

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The Telegram messenger introduces a “passport system” — the first service for blockchain platform TON

On 26 July, the popular messaging app Telegram announced the introduction of the Telegram Passport — a unified method of authorization for services that require identification. Now once you download the documents to the messenger, and then instantly complete the verification procedure on the services that require identity verification.

According to the communication Telegram, an identification of the clients ‘ documents and personal data will be stored in Telegram cloud using end-to-end encryption. Telegram does not have access to store information from the Telegram-passports. The user himself chooses the third party service he wants to share data, be it the Internet shop, application, payment system or host ICO.

If you want to see the passport Telegram in action, go to the website ePayments.com — the first system of electronic payments, supporting a registration check using the Passport Telegram. Simply click on Sign Up With Telegram (“Enter with a Telegram”) and enter the password.

To access this feature you need the latest version of Telegram.

“Thus, some services do not even will need to request your data, instead, be assumed that the account was tested Telegram, and real person,” writes the Telegram team

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What can a new blockchain platform Jack MA, founder of Alibaba?

Co-founder and CEO of Alibaba Group Jack MA demonstrated a new service for transferring funds based on blockchain technology and Ant Financial (formerly Alipay), a subsidiary of Alibaba Group.

According to MA, the platform completed its first transaction between Hong Kong and the Philippines in just three seconds, according to 8btc.

Ant Financial is planning to eventually run this payment platform worldwide.

MA is a major supporter of blockchain technology and believes that it is a key tool for social change in the future.

In an interview for the Wall Street Journal, MA said that:

The blockchain technology can change our world much stronger than many people think. The blockchain will be used to address issues of confidentiality, security and many others.

He was critical of the speculators who are trying to quickly capitalize on the crypto currency and believes that bitcoin is a bubble.

Technology by itself is not a bubble, but bitcoin is likely that really is. It is impossible to become rich over night.

Last month Chinese billionaire made a similar statement, speaking at the 2nd World Intelligence Congress (WIC 2018) in Tianjin.

I have been studying the blockchain and the blockchain is not a bubble. But bitcoin, Yes.

Alibaba is investing heavily in the blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Recall that this company owns the largest number of blockchain patents.

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In case of victory at the world Cup, the Russian team may get $2.5 million from the blockchain platform Waves

Large Russian company operating in Blockchain technology, Waves, created a virtual coin MutCoin (MTN). The release took place in honor of the beginning of the world championship of football. To purchase a token to all users, but for this they need to pre-register.

The emission of this virtual coin is 100,000 copies. Half of them can be purchased by users, and the remaining 50% will be given to the players of the Russian team. When the world Cup ends, the company Waves will redeem all coins traders. Their price will depend on how well the players of the national team of Russia will hold the matches.

If the Russian team wins, the players will be able to get all the coins to the company, the total price of which amounted to 2.500.000 USD. To make this cryptocurrency, they will have to do the same as ordinary holders of the token — register.

Platform Waves will also create the so-called Soccer Token. It will be able to purchase traders who pass the registration process. The final cost of virtual coins will depend on whose team will win.

Find out the current price of the virtual coins on her official page.

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The first ICO on the platform VeChainThor

The project team VeChainThor announced the first ICO that will take place on their platform – Plair Platform.

The Plair project focuses on gamers and aims “to bring their digital life into reality.” To achieve this, Plair plans to create an interactive ecosystem in which users will be rewarded for their participation, performance and contribution to the development of the system.

Patrick tan, General Director Plair Foundation, commented on the decision of the platform to hold the ICO on the basis VeChainThor:

VeChain for us is a powerful combo of professional advice, resources and community support. We are glad to cooperate with them, and are proud to be the first project, which will hold its ICO on this platform.

Plair is a blockchain platform where you can play, watch and talk about games. The platform will feature special tools for working with communities, the ability to make bets on games, analytical tools on the basis of AI. The founders of the project hope to create a world that would be free to develop all who are somehow connected with computer games.

Later Plair plans to release another white paper, which will be presented to all innovative project ideas from the technical side.

Hardcap of the project is 30 million U.S. dollars. The precise ratio of token VET and PLA will be announced may 25. Plair Foundation has pledged to collect at least 80% in VET.

In addition, Plair Foundation intends to retain all funds collected and use them only if other funding sources are exhausted.

It is worth noting that the choice of platforms for ICO was not accidental, as Plair is a member of the incubator VeChain. And CEO VeChain, Sonny Lou will act as a strategic consultant of the project.

Presale is scheduled for may 25, 2018. Detailed information about the project can be found in the corresponding thread on reddit

– https://www.reddit.com/r/Plair/.

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Cryptocurrency platform based on the architecture of Nasdaq will be launched in June

DX.Exchange , cryptocurrency exchange platform, based on NASDAQ technology, will be launched in June 2018. DX hopes to become a reliable ecosystem for OTC assets and cryptographic tokens.

DX has partnered with NASDAQ to use its architecture to create a seamless P2P platform. According to Daniel Skowronski, CEO of DX, the platform benefits from collaboration by three criteria: brand recognition, technological infrastructure, and regulatory compliance. The infrastructure of the NASDAQ, for example, will allow you to access the system matching, which is used by more than 70 exchanges around the world.

DX will not charge a fee for the trade. Instead, traders will pay a monthly fee of EUR 10. It is expected that the policy of zero commissions to attract customers from all over the world:

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts need not to pay more than the minimum membership fee for trading and they do not need to trade in an unregulated environment. The combination of technology and NASDAQ interface DX.Exchange will create a unique, excellent experience of trading that puts the interests of traders above all else.

Cryptocurrency traders on the platform will be able to purchase tokens for Fiat, trading currency pairs and withdraw Fiat. DX involves the use of credit cards.

Initially, the platform will provide the ability to trade six cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. When the platform will become fully operational, the developers will include in listing 20-25 cryptocurrency. DX hopes to continue to add tokens with time. However, this aldonas will have to undergo a process of strict validation.

DX recently received Estonian license and a license by the Cypriot regulator CySEC, but the platform is closed to American traders. According to the management of DX is trying to obtain the necessary Federal license to provide their services to US residents. KYC platform DX includes checking e-mail and telephone, and promises quick and easy verification.

Platform for exchange of cryptocurrencies are often the targets of cybercriminals. The DX team is planning to use the robust features and security architecture of NASDAQ to protect against intrusion from hackers.

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The first Telegram is testing a service for its blockchain-a platform for hundreds of millions of people

Telegram created the first service for my future blockchain platform TON (Telegram Open Network) and test it behind closed doors. We are talking about Telegram Passport, which will allow to identify the identity of a user of Telegram. All necessary documents and data you will need once download in messenger, then via Telegram instantly share their services and partner to use their services inside Telegram, and the primary sites services. According to unconfirmed reports Telegram Passport can start working by summer.

That Telegram is going to create a blockchain-based platform TON, became known in January. In fact, this is the project messenger has attracted investors of $ 1.7 billion.

“You will see a whole new economy, filled with goods and services, which can be paid to be using the cryptocurrency”, — described the new platform Telegram. In the ecosystem of the TON will be everything from the content to various services, goods and services. Inside TON will appeal cryptocurrency, called Gram. She will be the main currency of the domestic economy Telegram. It will be hundreds of millions of people around the world.”

Telegram Passport will allow you to get away from the anonymity of cryptocurrency payments, so worried about now regulators around the world, explains Alexander Filatov, partner at SP Capital, an investment and consulting company, which itself invested in a TON, and the Telegram also helped to attract other investors. It is planned that by the time of the release of a new service it is possible to use the services of several partners. Who are you negotiating with is still unknown. Access to technology has already received the payment system Qiwi.

Telegram Passport will be able to collect the passport, passport, driver’s license, utility bills, information on Bank accounts and other documents, as well as a photo of the user. This is stated on the closed page of the website telegram.org

Access to personal data transmitted Telegram and copies of documents will be only the user, they will be password-encrypted two-factor authentication and the messenger will have access to them. The service will receive this data only when the user confirms the consent to transfer them, according to the closed site page telegram.org. According to close to the messenger of human services-partners, to receive and decrypt the original data to verify them in accordance with their standards.Closest rivals Telegram Passport is a Mature system that allows you to log into other sites via Google, Facebook, Windows Live, etc. Telegram will be able to get around them, providing greater privacy and safety of data — this will be a reputational advantage.However, in the global market, Telegram already strong competition. China’s WeChat messenger has already implemented remittances between users and the platform for embedded services on WeChat and is now testing the digital ID using face recognition technology – more advanced to confirm the identity than checking documents.Working in this direction and Apple c Face ID, and other tech giants. The state is also moving to verification by biometrics. For them, these technologies — the issue of digital sovereignty, and without building relationships with States Telegram at high risk to remain without licences for those kinds of services, where local law already requires biometric verification or require it in the future.

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Patrick Breen demonstrated a prototype platform tZero

tZero project, which is the e-Commerce giant Overstock, and $ 250 million collected during the ICO, but rather SAFE (Simple Agreements for Equity), finally showed a prototype of its future platform for trading tokens and cryptocurrencies.

tZero announced the prototype on Monday, and also released a demo video that describes in detail how the platform works. At the moment the company wants to gather as much feedback about the prototype prior to final launch of the platform in may.

Chief Executive officer tZero and Overstock, Patrick Byrne said that the prototype would help users “get an idea of our ambitious plans”.

At the moment, according to the statement of the President of the tZero Joe Cammarata, the project awaits approval from Federal regulators. He also noted that the emergence of this platform is a “historical event”:

We expect the software to trade tokens will be ready in may and by that time we hope to receive approval from regulators. We have been working hard on this project and look forward to feedback from users in our prototype.

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