Definitely not a Scam: more than 50 percent Hasrat Bitcoin Cash controls one pool

The centralization of Bitcoin Cash has reached a new level — now half Hasrat cryptocurrency controls only one pool. According to experts CoinDance, mining pool BTC.TOP today responsible for 50.2 per cent Hasrat BCH. Its total capacity is 679 peachesa per second. BTC.TOP shares money with BTC.COM (257 of peachesa), ViaBTC (215 peachesa), AntPool (125 peachesa) and (187 peachesa).

Centralization as it is

Today the main topic of discussion in the Bitcoin community Cash is a high probability of an attack 51. Earlier cryptocurrency Roger Faith have not once criticized for being too centralized. The project has not passed the “stress test” an anonymous developer under the name Bitpico. The programmer found out that 98 percent of all the BCH node connected to one server, which could lead to a potential break-in.

The Central aspect of any decentralized blockchain is the ability to withstand pressure on the system and to prevent the intervention of any centralized organization. Attack 51 itself carries a great danger for the cryptocurrency, as it can totally destroy any project.

Recall another fork of Bitcoin Bitcoin Gold has suffered from the attack. 51 in 2018. Hackers for several days to re-spend coins BTG and the total amount stolen $ 18 million.

In some cases crossing the 50 percent barrier may occur unintentionally. In 2014, the GHash has “captured” more than half Hasrat Bitcoin. After a wave of disturbances in cryptocommunist the pool management decided to reduce their capacity so as not to undermine a lucrative business.

BTC.TOP can go on the same way. If a large miner will agree to reallocate processing power within the network of cryptocurrency, it will increase investor confidence in Bitcoin Cash. Otherwise, the BCH may be endangered.

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The liquidity of XRP has increased by 300% in less than a year

The availability of XRP in recent months, increasing exponentially.

According to a study conducted by one of the users of the site, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange offices where you can buy XRP has grown more than 300% in less than a year.

Less than a year ago, I inventoried all exchanges offered by XRP, and it turned out that their number is 29. Recently I made an inventory of XRP exchanges and exchangers and found that currently the number is 105. It is more than 300 percent increase in the number of points of liquidity in less than a year.

In the analysis we used data from CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and Live Coin Watch.

The rapid growth of points of liquidity is also a positive sign for all cryptocurrencies in General. A sharp increase in the number of opportunities for investment and employment means that cryptocurrency enthusiasts, especially beginners, won’t have to wait for cryptocurrency exchanges will once again register users.

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Banks consume three times more electricity than the bitcoin network

The power consumption of the bitcoin network has become quite a hot topic lately, especially among the opponents of cryptocurrencies.

According to the researcher’s energy problems at the University of Pittsburgh Katrina Kelly-Pete, a discussion about the energy consumption of the bitcoin network is moving in the wrong direction.

Kelly-Pete says that all who talk about this issue do not understand the foundations of systems of renewable energy sources:

Electricity production can increase in scale, while maintaining minimal impact on the environment. Instead of focusing on how much energy is used in the bitcoin network, the discussion should focus around what is the source of this energy.

Kelly Pete did not contest a huge amount of electricity needed for the bitcoin network, but also notes that the entire banking system consumes “about 100 terawatts”, and it is three times more than the bitcoin network.

Even if the size of the cryptocurrency market will grow to 100 times, the total power consumption does not grow more than 2 percent of total energy consumption.

According to Kelly-Pete, the focus should be aimed at reduction of environmental damage in the production of electricity for the bitcoin network.

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More than 1,000 cryptocurrency projects are “dead”

According to TechCrunch, more than a thousand cryptocurrency projects “already dead” as of June 30, 2018. TechCrunch made a similar statement based on data from two sites: Coinopsy and DeadCoins.

Coinopsy provides data on a large number of cryptocurrencies, including those that are already “dead”. The website defines a token as “dead” if it happened at least one of the following events: “the site is not supported, the network is not active gcd, the problem with the wallets, no updates in social networks, low trading volume, the developers have left the project”.

According to Coinopsy, at the moment there are 247 of “dead” coins. These include the notorious Bitconnect, which was closed in January 2018, and which the site describes as “the most successful fraudulent project in cryptography”.

On the website DeadCoins a list of dead cryptocurrencies are much longer – it 830 points. Among them is the recent ICO Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services, which has been closed by the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) for fraud.

According to a press release by the SEC, Titanium drew $ 21 million from investors from the U.S. and other countries. In his statement, SEC warns investors about ICO as extremely risky type of investment:

We have several cases related to fraud during the ICO. We again urge investors to exercise extreme caution when investing in such projects.

Since the beginning of the year 537 ICO, totaling over 13.7 billion dollars. For comparison, in 2017 was carried out in total 552 ICO, and the volume was just over $ 7 billion. According to TechCrunch, fraudulent and dead ICO in 2017 gathered $ 1 billion.

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21 Jun CEO of Nasdaq adena Friedman said that the ICO are “serious risks” for retail investors, arguing that the projects that are raising money so the “almost no control”.

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More than 50% zcash for extract only three

Since early June, ASIC miners are actively increasing their power in the network zcash for. Thus, the share of previously dominant Flypool fell sharply to 29%, and three anonymous address extract more than 50% of the blocks. This was reported by representatives of

As noted by the members of the pool, all three addresses belong to Bitmain, which, thus, tries to hide the full centralization of mining.




A few days ago to the list of the leading miners and added the address:


According To, computing power Bitmain network zcash for already more than 310 MSol/s.

Moreover, in just one day, the share of Chinese f2pool has increased by more than 100% (from 35 to 88 MSol/s), and at the moment is almost 100 MSol/s. It is assumed that Bitmain have provided the inflow of 53 MSol/s in f2pool, which without any explanation or apparent reason, began to hide his Hasrat schedule.

It is important to note that the miners are actively leaving Flypool due to the high volatility of the complexity and diminishing returns.

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On ZenCash carried out a successful attack 51% . Losses totaled more than 500 thousand U.S. dollars

ZenCash is a cryptocurrency based on Proof of Work that works on the popular algorithm Equihash.

Equihash is used by several other popular currencies, primarily zcash for, which means that the overall hash rate Equihash that can be used in different networks is large enough. ZEN is a fork of ZClassic, which was launched at the end of may 2017, and which in turn is based on the zcash for.

June 2 in the network ZenCash there was a successful attack 51%, when one party controlled 51% of the hash rate of the network. This allowed the attacker several times to rewrite the blockchain, the greatest change amounted to 38 units. According to the team, the attacker was also able to re-make two large transactions at 13.000 6.600 and ZEN, the total of which amounted to more than 550,000 USD. The operators of mining pools informed the team ZenCash about the attack, and exchangers, in turn, has increased the number of confirmations required for the transaction.

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The attacker was able to cancel the transaction, but the fate of the original transaction is still unclear. If they had gone to the exchange and was there exchanged for some other currencies, in fact the striker is a regular bandit. All the attackers managed to write 110 blocks, and the duration of the attack was a little less than 4 hours. According to 51Crypto, these attacks cost the attackers at $ 30,000.

This is the fourth major attack 51%, which occurred over the past few months. Earlier the attack Bitcoin and Gold Verge.

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Of fee in the Bitcoin network is temporarily lower than transaction fees in the Bitcoin network Cash

Charges for transactions — a hot topic for debate in the world of cryptocurrency. Especially large-scale battles unfolding around the comparison of Bitcoin with Bitcoin Cash. Oil poured into the fire, fresh screenshot, which clearly shows that the fee of Bitcoin temporarily drops below the cost of their transactional Bitcoin Cash. Of course, the phenomenon was temporary, and at the moment, the situation looks different.

In a direct comparison of the size of the commissions BTC and BCH , it seems that there is no competition and can not be. Transaction cost Bitcoin Cash has always been much lower in comparison with the commissions in the network leading cryptocurrency. In fact, charges in the BCH is not changed for a long time, what can be said about Bitcoin given its volatility.

However, situational screenshots tell a different story. Tweet user Ven Verret informs the Commission BTC was lower than BCH for six hours. However, for a couple of hours of fee in the Bitcoin network has increased again. What are these leaps remains a bit unclear.

The main question is how the situation will develop further. In particular, the need for faster and cheaper transactions, Bitcoin increases. Lightning Network is designed to help with this. However, the technology is still in beta stage, and the “official” release yet to be announced.

The network of Bitcoin is the high transaction fees, and the situation will not change soon. In this issue of Bitcoin Cash is clearly the leader. But we should remember that Bitcoin has the highest market capitalization, and the Bitcoin Cash remains Aldona.

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The number of cryptocurrency exchanges is growing steadily. Than it is fraught?

In the early days of Bitcoin, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges could be counted on the fingers of two hands: Bitstamp, Mt.Gox, Vircurex, Btc-e, p2p exchange Localbitcoins and a few others. Today the market situation has changed dramatically. The modern investor the choice is huge — over 500 exchanges! And every week their number increases.

To calculate the exact amount of cryptocurrency exchanges in the world was a daunting task. In the list of Coinmarketcap their 208, on other websites presents dozens. In addition, there are hundreds of regional exchanges to which access is restricted to residents of certain countries or continents. In Canada, for example, that Einstein Exchange in Africa — Golix, in Australia and Blockbid ACX and ACX, and soon Nauticus.

None of these platforms are not included in the listings of cryptocurrency sites. According to the latest NewsBitcoin the number of cryptocurrency exchanges have already exceeded 500.

There was a time when the Bitcoin ecosystem was served by only one exchange —Mt Gox. The collapse of this exchange collapses the cryptocurrency market. Today is such a blow to the market to endure would be much easier, thanks to the hundreds of other exchanges. Nevertheless, you should look where the bulk of the trading volume.

In the last 24 hours more than half of the total volume of trading digital currencies, you had three exchanges, among which 18% went to Binance.If any of these exchanges will be hacked or will suspend its work, it will not lead to such a collapse of the market, as in the case of Mt Gox, but still will affect him.

The rapid growth of Binance, which evolved into a billion-dollar platform in just 12 months, has inspired many exchanges next generation, for example, Coinlion and Legolas. Each new member has their own “trick”. In the case of a platform Ezexchange is to focus on customer service, which includes support 24/7. Exchange even offers video tutorials and communication with investors on the phone.

Oliver Isaacs, consultant in matters of cryptocurrency and blockchain and investor who has worked with a number of new exchanges.

Oliver highlighted the main criteria of their work:

“Important customer service / technical support, as well as the speed at which transactions are executed. The importance of getting their coins and currency exchange, especially for arbitrage trader”.

Considering the facts that in the cryptocurrency industry continue to pour in money, and the ICO sector remains active, increasing the number of cryptocurrency exchanges is inevitable. However, if in the world of cryptocurrencies will start a severe winter, many exchanges may turn into Ghost towns, and only the dominant players will be able to maintain liquidity and ultimately survive the storm.

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