Amazon users voted to issue its own cryptocurrency

Popular financial portal conducted a survey among customers of the retailer Amazon, according to the results of which revealed that customers would like to see a wider range of goods produced by Amazon, including its own crypto currency of the company.

The survey involved more than thousands of customers Amazon. Respondents answered questions about frequency of purchases and the level of confidence in the company. It turned out that consumers feel much more comfortable buying products with the brand Amazon.

On the question of what product would like to see the customers under the brand Amazon, 12.7% of respondents answered “cryptocurrency”. Also consumers are willing to buy marijuana with the tag Amazon (13.5%), drug prescription (9.3%), computers (72.9%), coupons and discount cards (10.6%) and health insurance (15.3%). Note that respondents could select more than one option.

In addition, it became known that about a third of respondents at least once a month make a purchase on Depending on the age of people spend on buying goods on the average from $ 102 to $ 123. With 43% of respondents indicated that they will no longer buy things in traditional shopping centers.

Note that this week the head of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, Chanpen Zhao(Zhao Chanpeng) expressed confidence that sooner or later Amazon will release their own cryptocurrency, which will be used for the purchase and sale of goods.

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Bithumb DEX deceives users and is holding a contest for traders

Team, a subsidiary of South Korean exchange Bithumb, launched a few weeks ago, is a decentralized exchange in Ethereum blockchain, in connection with the increase in trading volumes have decided to hold consisting of two parts, the competition for traders.

The first part of the contest will be held from 1 to 11 November. Awards will be distributed among the 1,000 participants, who will be able to create a trading volume higher than 1 ETH for one of the following coins: CTXC, DCC and NEXO. These coins equivalent to the ETH and prizes will be distributed according to the table below:

The next part of the contest is a lottery. In November, each week will be selected at random, 10 new registered users, each of which will translate the tokens in the amount of 0.5 ETH.

More information can be found on the website of the exchange.

Bithumb deceives and misleads

No matter how good it sounded on the website of the exchange claim that the platform occupies the first place among all decentralized exchanges for trading volume.

In proof of this, no statistics are given. Although it is very easy to check. Just go to the website Bithumb DEX and see the following picture:

Rounded in a big way, trading volumes at the exchange amounted to only ETH 680 or $ 136 000. For comparison, on the exchange of IDEX, day trading volume has more than $ 2 100 000. And even exchange Bisq, the bulk of which generates a pair of XMR/BTC, has about $ 200 000. So it’s safe to say that Bithumb DEX is cheating and introduces confusion.

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Tron vs EOS: who has more users?

Founder of Tron, Justin San said in his Twitter about the next achievement of your project. This time we are talking about number of accounts in comparison with one of the competitors TRON – blockchain project EOS.

According to the services and, which shows the number of accounts in the network and EOS, respectively, TRON, TRON ahead of its competitor by nearly 2000.

Justin San actively engaged in the project and there is more “PR”. Investors Tron in this is not inferior to the founder of the project. For example, when the service transfers TRON on Twitter and Telegram, investors TRON was recorded Kanye West and the Pope.

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Cryptocurrency scammers lure users by promising on behalf of McAfee a brand new Tesla

Another day, another Scam. Cryptocurrency scammery is not the first time used the name of a disgraced pioneer of cyber security to John McAfee to fraudulently take possession of the cryptocurrency unsuspecting users. In today’s case, the scammers use a shiny Tesla model 3, luring the victim into the digital trap.

“Send 2 BTC or ETH and 20 are guaranteed to receive the Grand prize: a customized Tesla from John McAfee! Shipping included”

Only in this case it is not Tesla and it is not John McAfee. The web site and the account are fake. However, fraudsters have made an effort to disguise the Scam under legitimate page platform Medium. The domain was registered only two days ago, according to whois.

Fraud scheme is simple: users need to send a small amount of BTC or ETH to verify their account, then they will get a lot more cryptocurrencies back. Only it never happens. As a rule, the naive newcomer in space sends their money, and in return gets nothing. Network million the number of promises of quick profits, but they are an outright Scam.

Moreover, the majority of links to web sites outside. The user can’t even leave a comment.

It seems that is described in this article, I was led to the promise of a shiny new Tesla addresses of wallets offered by the crooks to transfer, have not received a penny.

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Subsidiary Pornhub will pay users in bitcoin for viewing content

Tube8, video service for adults, which is a subsidiary Pornhub, signed a partnership agreement with the Vice Industry Token (VIT), under which users will receive payment for the service.

Hard Fork reports that the partnership is aimed at full tokenization platform Tube8. Users will be rewarded in tokens VIT for viewing or other interaction with content for adults. The representative Tube8 Robin Turner said that “getting paid for watching porn videos was always a pipe dream”:

Now, with the introduction of the VIT, we note the change of paradigm of how people consume entertainment for adults… users just came and watched a few videos and left the site, but VIT stimulates them to create an account and interact with content to receive VIT.

CEO of VIT, Stuart Duncan stated that before the launch of the platform will migrate from ethereum in fornuto version of steem, called graphene.

VIT uses the proof of the bet and is completely decentralized. This is the only working fork steem.

Earlier this year, Playboy TV and Stormy Daniels has announced that they intend to use tokens as a reward system for the audience.

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London police detained the hacker sold personal data of thousands of users with bitcoin

For the first time in the history of the police of the British capital, law enforcement was able to disrupt such a significant real money in cryptocurrency. Law enforcement arrested the hacker and seized his 667000 in bitcoins. Kid faces prison term for committing cyber crimes.

According to City AM, the defendant Grant vest responsible for phishing attacks on more than 100 companies around the world, during which he managed to take control of the financial data of thousands of customers. It is argued that these data then were sold for bitcoins.

In the list of the largest companies attacked include giants such as Nectar, Sainsburys, Ladbrokes, Coral, Argos, T Mobile, Uber and Asda, and these are just some of them.

The largest scale attack allegedly allowed the hacker to retrieve data about 165 000 customers of the company Just Eat.

According to City AM:

“26-year-old from Ashcroft Caravan Park, Sheerness, Kent, pleaded guilty to 10 different crimes. His girlfriend Rachel Brooks, 26, from Denbigh, North Wales, also pleaded guilty to unauthorized use of computer materials.”

Chief superintendent division for combating organized crime of the Metropolitan police said:

“This case proves that our detectives are ready for a long time to pursue infringers on the Darknet. We will use many different measures to identify such criminals, bring them to justice and seizing assets. This is the first time we have arrested the assets in cryptocurrency and we are determined to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals who think they can act with impunity”.

Overall, this is very important news terms of data security, which once again proves how vulnerable users. In addition, the police and authorities will now have to decide what to do with the seized cryptocurrency for quite an impressive amount.

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Bitfinex requires users to provide information on tax invoices

Platform cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex recently sent some users a letter which ordered them to disclose their tax information, the exchange could direct the authorities of the British virgin Islands (BVI), if necessary.

According to a statement from Bitfinex in accordance with the laws of the British virgin Islands jurisdiction over the exchange, it is obliged to report specific information to the government. Subsequently, the government of the BVI may transfer this information to the tax authorities of the resident country in accordance with the laws of the British virgin Islands, the Law on tax compliance of foreign accounts of the United States (FATCA) and common reporting standard the Organisation for economic cooperation and development (CRS).

The deadline for the submission of information on may 24. Clients, according to the notice, are required to fill out forms self-certification in accordance with the standards of FATCA or CRS, depending on the country of tax residence:

“If you are a U.S. resident, a U.S. citizen or a legal entity registered in the United States of America or a legal entity with at least 25% ownership shares in U.S. companies, complete the appropriate form FATCA or the corresponding form CRS “.

Bitfinex has confirmed the fact of the reference in the comments to the user message Whalepool in Twitter, however, said that the letter was not all users of the exchange:

“If the user does not receive a message from us, now he don’t have to self-certify,” writes the exchange.

Bitfinex was founded in 2012, headquartered in Hong Kong. With a market capitalization of $ 686 million. Bitfinex is the fourth largest sharing platform cryptocurrency trading 77 different digital assets.

Last month Bitfinex fell under the “Initiative for the integrity of virtual markets” and “research policies and practices” cryptocurrency trading platforms, initiated by the then attorney General of new York Eric Schneiderman. Under the program the exchange has been sent a letter with a request to provide information on the operations, internal control and other key issues, with the aim to protect investors and users of the cryptocurrency.

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Users Binance can convert cryptocurrency dust in tokens BNB

Binance has launched a new feature that allows users to convert cryptocurrency dust in tokens BNB. Chanpen, Zhao, CEO of Binance, spoke about this in his Twitter account on 23 April 2018.

Cryptopine called the fractional values of cryptocurrency, which is often impossible to trade due to the fact that they are smaller than transaction fees. Being below the minimum trading limit, tryptophyl deposited in the wallets of users. Hence the term.

A new feature added Binance, will allow users to convert their cryptocurrency dust (less than 0.001 BTC) into useful tokens.

BNB is a private cryptocurrency platform Binance, which is used to pay transaction fees for all exchange and trading on the platform. Binance is currently the largest platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency in the world. BNB trading at $ of 13.65 in accordance with data from Coinmarketcap and is the best current global asset until 2018.

The process of converting cryptocurrency dust in tokens BNB is pretty simple. Button “Convert to BNB” added to control panel. As soon as the user logs in to your account, just click the button and follow the prompts. Then you need to choose the cryptocurrency dust to be converted. Equivalent at the BNB is shown in the bottom of the page, as well as the cost of the transaction.

Reaction in social networks and forums have been positive. Binance deserves a round of applause for simplifying the process of getting rid of cryptocurrency dust.

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Bittrex resumed registration of new users… but not for long

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex again the registration of new users.

However, only some time after the resumption of registration, the exchange’s management was forced to temporarily disable it. As stated by the representatives of Bittrex, it happened because of the influx of new users. At the moment, the exchange staff has made every effort to re-open registration as soon as possible.

In addition, renewal of registration, the company has also updated its web site.

Recall that initially, the registration was suspended in December due to the fact that the number of those wishing to register was too great. Complete the registration process involves the verification of identity.

CEO Bittrex bill Chihara stated that “the responsibility for providing customers with a reliable platform and the exceptional quality of customer service” were the major reasons of the suspension of the registration.

After working to improve our infrastructure and update our web site we are pleased to announce that the registration of new users today has resumed.

The company also notes that her team has added former Amazon employees, the Ministry of justice and the national security of the United States.

Recall that about two months ago, Bittrex has published its criteria for listing of new tokens on the site. In addition, the project must comply with regulatory standards and requirements, States that its tokens appeared on Bittrex.

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A public appeal CoinMarketCap to users: We will debunk all the myths and slander in our address

As reported recently, publicists Medium with a fascinating scale investigation aimed at exposing the fraudulent activities leading cryptocurrency site CoinMarketCap.

The platform was charged with providing users with false information in order to manipulate the market.

Team CoinMarketCap was seriously excited over the events and decided to publish his appeal to the users on Medium. We offer you to familiarize with the above facts. When translating we tried to preserve the line of copyright text.

6 myths about CoinMarketCap

If you have some time follow CoinMarketCap, you probably know that we rarely publish public statements. However, the last time we had to deal with rumors based on false information about CoinMarketCap (CMC), and we consider it our duty to clarify the situation.

When in 2013 we launched CoinMarketCap, our mission, as we have seen the provision of information on the cryptocurrency in an accessible form. We are guided by the same policy until now, making these or those decisions. We hope that by providing more information about how we manage the CMC, we can maintain your confidence and stay an authority in your eyes in the sphere of the ratings market and information about prices.

Myth 1: CoinMarketCap accepts payment for the inclusion of coins in the listing and for the updates

This is an outright lie. Although we encourage donations to improve the quality of service, CoinMarketCap does not accept payment of any form to circumvent the listing requirements or intentionally publish inaccurate information. We evaluate each request with the same level of control. In the future we can begin to accept payment to increase application priority, but money has never had influence on the final result of the evaluation.

Myth 2: CoinMarketCap involved in insider trading tokens before incorporating them to the listing on the website

Even if we had nefarious intentions, there is no way to make a profit, just knowing the exact time of the publication of information on our own website. Many new assets when they are first included in the listing, have low liquidity (low trading volumes). As is known to any experienced trader, it is very difficult to build a position in the markets with such low liquidity that would justify the risks, wasted time and resources. With regard to the inclusion in the listing of the new assets have a high liquidity and strong position, — the emergence of the CMC for them changes nothing.

Myth 3: the Number of coins in circulation just to calculate

It is important to note that among the users disagree about what it means to be in circulation. Some believe that the tokens controlled by the team / developer, there must be in circulation, the other that the circulation of the token starts from the moment of its “liberation”, others are inclined to think that in circulation can be considered tokens that are distributed among large investors, partners, etc. due to the complexity of calculations, information about the coin, specified in the documents, may disagree with the calculations published on the website.

We work closely with teams and developers to specify the number of coins in their blockchains. When possible, our developers will update information in real-time. This is done by tracking the addresses that we believe are not used and subtracting the balances of these addresses from the total supply. Collection and verification of this information takes a long time and this is why indicators of market capitalization is not placed on the website immediately. We believe that it is better to spend the time to maximally ensure the reliability of the data.

Myth 4: Employees intentionally neglect to CoinMarketCap update of information about the specific cryptocurrency and exchanges.

If you think that update information takes too much time, it is because we have not received concrete evidence from the developers of the coins/exchanges, to publish the requested changes. Developers often do not agree with our methodology and refuse to provide the requested information for verification. Our policy is to wait for clarification, and not to publish information we believe is inaccurate.

Sometimes even official announcements from teams and/or technical documents are not sufficient to meet our verification requirements: data may be outdated, and information about the amount of tokens in circulation — causing doubt. Given these reasons, and also a huge number of requests to update the information that we receive on a daily basis, the process of making changes to data on the website requires a longer time.

Myth 5: CoinMarketCap operated by one person

We have a dedicated team and office in each area of activity, as in any other business. We are still a small team based in new York, which is entirely absorbed by the daily operations of the site and sees no reason to publish a lot of information about who we are. Maybe that’ll change, but in any case we are not so much hidden, how much CoinMarketCap continue to develop to best serve our users and the entire cryptocurrency sector.

Myth 6: CoinMarketCap doesn’t care about the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies

This is the strangest statement of all spoken at one time. Since 2013, the mission CoinMarketCap was to provide the most accurate information about the cryptocurrency. We believe that our commitment to neutrality, anti-censorship and credibility of the reported information has played an important role in the success and popularity of the website. We will continue to move forward, remaining true to its values.


We pay close attention to the needs of our users and the community as a whole and work hard to meet those needs. Our plans include the development of a commercial API, mobile application, update the design and implementation of multiple functions that will enhance the quality of the use of CoinMarketCap.

What say you, friends? Convinced you representatives CoinMarketCap in his innocence and purity of intentions? If they managed to earn back your trust? Why — Yes, why not?

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