JP Morgan: Investors turn to cryptocurrency, only if you lose faith in other assets

Analysts at investment Bank JP Morgan Chase speak about Bitcoin is not as bright as its CEO Jamie Dimon. Recognizing a low correlation cryptocurrency with any other reserve asset, they nevertheless believe that investors pereorientirovanija on cryptocurrencies only in case will be implemented “dystopian scenario”.

Post-capitalist dystopia, according to a note by JP Morgan to clients of the Bank, is a combination of several factors, including the loss of confidence to all primary reserve assets such as us dollar, Euro, yen or gold, and the existing system for payments service in General. Only in this case investors will start to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a tool of hedging of risks.

Arguments in favor of crypto-currencies as such a tool is the low correlation of the behavior of the stock market and traditional markets. Despite all attempts to find some connection in the behavior of Bitcoin and other assets, evidence to suggest that such a relationship exists, is still there, I believe JP Morgan.

High, which can be say — a little hint at the relationship with individual indicators, such as the index of emerging markets, than in the past year, said Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors.

However, in the investment Bank believe that overestimate the resemblance isn’t worth it. The behavior of the cryptocurrency, they take off in 2017 and fall 2018, has the most similarities with the cycles of other assets at different times. Something similar happened with gold in the early 1970s, with the Nikkei in the 1980s, and with the shares of American it companies in the 1990s, experts say.

Interestingly, almost a year ago, the same JP Morgan in its report argued that investors refrain from investing in cryptocurrency is not due to the fact that waiting for the implementation of the “dystopian scenario”, and in the absence of a simple and the usual tools. Such as exchange traded funds, or ETFs, which the Bank called “the Holy Grail” for the stock market.

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China has updated its ranking of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin jumped up

Information center and development of the industry (CCID) has published an updated rating, consisting of 34 cryptoprocta. This is the first rating of 2019, but already the ninth issued by the Agency. At this time, Bitcoin was able to move two places higher in the list, but the first two positions still occupy the same coin.

New top cryptocurrencies from the Chinese

EOS now once again appears in first place among Asian investors. Most of the rankings remained unchanged, experts believe that over the past couple of months the stock market has been no serious shifts. But Bitcoin is a little older in the eyes of the Chinese with 18 positions, the cryptocurrency has risen to 15. BCH is also moved two places up from 30 in 28th place.

The results indicate that EOS and Ethereum is still firmly held on the top of the rankings.

Analysts also mentioned hardwork Constantinople, which will be taken into account when compiling the following rankings. At the same time Ethereum Classic fell 15 positions to 19th place. According to experts, this contributed to a 51 attack, which seriously undermined investor confidence in the cryptocurrency.

All 34 coins were also separately evaluated in three categories: basic technology, application and creativity. Unfortunately, “the total value of the indexes of the categories has slightly decreased since the previous rating.” However, the applicability of the projects remained at the same level.

Among the three evaluations, the most “suffer” the creativity this criterion, the experts identified the activity of developers in Github. The fall of creativity related to the Christmas holiday. Most developers are not involved in the process of applying new innovations in the code that strongly affected the index value.

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The choice of the place where began to move miners from China, may be very surprised

Miners are increasingly looking for new ways to increase profitability in the face of continued cryptogamy. Some refused hashing by disabling the equipment, the others began to look for ways to increase profit margins. The choice of the place where began to move miners from China, may be very surprised.

Iran, a middle Eastern country, quickly became the new home of the mining of cryptocurrencies. Attracted by low electricity prices, miners of the cryptocurrency rushed to a major exporter of electricity in the middle East.

According to Caijing, in the last five years, from March 2013 to March 2018, Iran exported almost 43 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity to neighbouring countries, worth $ 4.1 billion.

The Iranian power plants no regular customers. Many of the smaller stations face a crisis of sales and are forced to offer very low prices for electricity.

The problem faced by many Chinese miners in the transportation of their equipment in Iran — customs, which is very suspicious of the importation of various equipment.

It made many move to make the whole Odyssey, transporting the equipment by sea. The process takes more than 20 days and is divided into two phases. The first stage from China to the international transit station in Dubai. This section of road is relatively simple: you can take any transportation company, the transportation cost of the machine is $ 1-2. The second stage — from Dubai to farms in Iran.

However, this problem does not end there. Currently, Iran has banned the import of mining equipment, with the result that, according to Hunting Finance, the customs office at the border accumulated of 30 000 to 40 000 machines, currently under the control of the guards.

Mining cryptocurrency in Iran is still imperfect, because the law does not determine its legal status. In other words, the Iranian government may at any time prohibit mining.

In any case, it is the practice of miners will take any efforts to preserve their business. They will continue to look for new ways and maybe return to China.

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Radio: a hacker hacked a satellite to transmit messages about Bitcoin

The hacker, who supposedly lives in Eastern Europe, managed to hack into a satellite in orbit. Now he sends it via an encrypted message in a post-apocalyptic style. One of the first noticed something was wrong the user under the name grubles. He stumbled upon a strange log when I looked through the logs of the satellite.

Message from space


The file must be greater than 1 kilobyte, so it’s time for stories. I discovered Bitcoin during the era of the Silk Road, but did not follow cryptocurrency closely, as it considered it too complicated. I again drew attention to Bitcoin in 2016, a year later I have actively invested in the industry. Last year was amazing — I sent your first payment to Lightning Network and was fascinated by the speed and potential of microtransactions in bitcoin.

And here I am, quit my job, make the first node on raspberry pi and relaying messages via satellite. Strange feeling. If you want to support an anonymous developer from the former Soviet Union, thank you. My dream is to generate 1 bitcoin. I think that’s enough for the future.


Still can’t imagine that I convey their message to a large portion of Land on their own, instantly. Interestingly, someone reads my messages? Maybe part of the photons will go into space for billions of years.


I wonder how long I will be able to convey your message to Earth?


Love you.


Can’t decide what’s cooler is to use a satellite to transmit these silly messages to Land or to make instant payments to Lightning Network? Both options are cool. I think someday I will tell this story to your grandchildren. Perhaps in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but still. Without Bitcoin I wouldn’t have so much faith in the future.


I want to create a website that is impossible to ban, censor or delete. On it everyone can talk about what you want and nobody will be able to delete anything, even your own posts. I hate it when people post something on Facebook or Twitter, and then delete the post. Everyone must answer for his words.

I think Bitcoin, Lightning, IPFS and other technologies needed to achieve my goal. Perhaps now is the computing capacity of a network is not enough, but he’ll definitely grow in the future.


Two days ago I ran in the Park puppy. I stroked him, and he didn’t want it to return to its owner. Good day.


I still can’t get used to it. I use the satellite it’s even better than the plot for sci-fi. I have to install a plate to determine the forwarding of their messages. On Twitter say that everything is working.

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The self-proclaimed new President of Venezuela is an advocate of Bitcoin since 2014

Yesterday, January 23, in Venezuela, began mass protests against the second term of President Nicolas Maduro, during which the leader of the opposition and the speaker of Parliament Joan Guido declared himself acting President of the country. Guide not only opposes a national cryptocurrency El Petro, considering it as a political tool for “cheating the people” but is also a supporter of Bitcoin since 2014.

The speaker of the National Assembly and the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guido declared himself interim President of Venezuela during one of the large-scale demonstrations in Caracas. The policy was supported by the citizens, and the legitimacy of Guido recognized by the President of the United States Donald trump, the leaders of the countries of Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica and Guatemala) and Canada.

Guido, said that longstanding economic crisis Venezuela is a direct consequence of the actions of the “usurper” Maduro. According to Guido expressed in the Twitter, national cryptocurrency Petro is nothing but a tool of the Maduro regime so that they can continue to extort from the citizens the money.

Cryptocurrency Petro allegedly secured Venezuelan oil reserves, have not had a positive impact on the economy of the country, even after the denomination of sovereign Bolivar and bind it to the rate of Petro.

In October 2018, just after the legalization of Petro in Venezuela, the U.S. government has imposed against this cryptocurrency sanctions aimed at restricting the circulation of Petro and ban support the controversial cryptocurrency to bypass existing economic sanctions. In light of recent events and the possible overthrow of Maduro, Petro has all chances to join the list of hundreds of other dead triptocaine.

Meanwhile, the prospects to obtain official approval from the new government have Bitcoin. So, in 2014, a new self-proclaimed President of Venezuela urged citizens to use Bitcoin to protect from inflation of the Bolivar, and even alerted the countrymen about opening the country’s first cryptocurrency exchange.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be supported BTC

In the network appeared new photo of Samsung Galaxy S10.

Gregory Blake and Ben Gaskin claim that leaked to the network image shows the keystore Samsung Blockchain, which will serve as a wallet for cryptocurrency, regardless of whether you’re transferring an existing wallet or create from scratch. Images show just what smartphone supports Ethereum. SamMobile noted that according to his sources is also expected to support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and ERC20.

In the pictures there is no common phone, the entire construct is visible only the front camera. It is also not clear whether the wallet for cryptocurrency to work on the first day of the beginning of sales of the smartphone, if it ever appears, of course. At least we won’t have to wait long. Samsung will introduce S10 on 20 February, and most likely he at least briefly mention Storechain KeyStore if it is ready to use.

Although it probably will not be the primary reason why people will buy S10, it’ll probably be an option for those who are investing in digital money.

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Facebook will be indicted with a record fine by the Federal trade Commission

It is reported that Facebook will be charged with the Federal trade Commission of the USA because of the massive scandal with the data breach. Facebook reportedly violated the privacy of its users by selling their personal information to third parties for a long time.

The investigation of Facebook by the Federal Trade Commission States

According to a recent report, the Federal Trade Commission is on track to impose a huge fine on Facebook. The social networking giant have done little to protect the privacy of its users, reaching number two billion per month.

The scandal of the Cambridge Analytica

At the beginning of last year, Facebook was accused of allowing Cambridge Analytica, the firm data analysis in the UK use personal information about 87 million users without their permission.

Saying it was a violation of the regulations on the agreement that was made in 2011, when Facebook agreed to get permission from its users before sharing their personal information with third parties.

Although Facebook denies all of the charges, the consequences of these allegations are already catching up with the platform. Some users have deleted their accounts, stating that they are concerned about such use of their data. For example, actor will Ferrell and Playboy magazine.

Also billionaire Elon Musk has deleted the accounts of his companies Tesla and SpaceX.

“This is not a political statement, and I didn’t do it because I someone made. I just don’t like Facebook.”

Another drawback of centralization

This debacle was severely criticized by the blockchain community. The breach of privacy committed by Facebook, has further strengthened the position of supporters of the cryptocurrency when it comes to trust big data centralized organization. Facebook is currently being used as a benchmark when talking about the reasons why everything should be decentralized.

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In the United States will release a series about cryptocurrency startup

During the conference the North American Bitcoin Conference actor of the HBO series “Handsome” Kevin Connolly (Kevin Connolly) announced the creation of a new television show called Cryptos. Connolly hopes that the new show will help the public better understand the innovation ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

The plot is the story of a startup trying to launch cryptocurrency entertainment platform. The founders Academy School of Blockchain Jason king (Jason King) and Eric Swords (Erik Sords) will also be co-producers of the series along with Connolly.

“The show is produced by American Cinema International, and currently we are in the preparation stage,” said king. “I joined the project about six months ago after reading the script of the pilot episode and helped develop the storyline for the first season. We hope to start shooting in may”.

In a recent interview with actor and Director show Connolly said that, in his opinion, people are afraid to comprehend cryptocurrencies because of the “lack of understanding”. “People like me, still learning, but I’m very curious,” added Connolly. He also said:

“Swords and king want to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream for a better understanding of the industry. I’m just a filmmaker interested in telling cool stories and uncover cool characters”.

The event TNABC team first showed the audience a trailer of the TV show, and the audience welcomed the idea with applause. Creators strive to produce a total of 10 episodes for the first season. Additionally, producers hope the show will be shown on big platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Recall that the first documentary series about Bitcoin and the blockchain called “a Revolution in trust: Bitcoin and the blockchain” (the”Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain”) was released in 2016. Subsequently, the cryptocurrency that started to appear in pop culture.

In 2017, the American TV series “grey’s Anatomy” showed the episode in which the hospital where the main events of the series, was attacked by hackers, causing the blue screen of death on all computers in the clinic with a ransom demand in bitcoins. In mid-2018 cryptocurrency also appeared in a Marvel comic book and the game based on “the Simpsons”.

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Cryptocurrency exchange Coinnest by mistake gave the clients crypts for $5 million

Cliché — an auction of unprecedented generosity — perhaps when the reg is so appropriate. The crypto currency exchange Coinnest instead of airdrop WGT tokens by mistake gave the users bitcoins and other coins, as well as Korean won in excess of $ 5 million, and is now trying to recover the funds.

How should We Game the Token is not known — in the ranking Coinmarketcap it is not. For what amount he was going to give Coinnest, we don’t know, but obviously not on $ 5.3 million In any case, it was about a fairly ordinary event for the exchange and its customers, which, however, was unforgettable for all participants.

The total value of the distributed assets amounted to about 6 billion Korean won — part of the sum in the result of a server failure, the clients of the exchange, by the way, I immediately got in won. However, other members of airdrop was more fortunate — instead of tokens WGT they got more expensive cryptocurrency, including bitcoin.

The server problem was resolved on January 19, the company continues attempts to return the funds, and encourages users to understand. In particular, the exchange managed to return half of the funds in won, however, with the crypt, the situation is worse. Exchange blocked the withdrawal within half an hour after the failed, and did not restore it until now, but it was not fast enough.

Many of the traders who received bitcoins is obviously an inexpensive tokens, hastened to take advantage of this gift by selling them. Instant reset bitcoin even cause his fall rate to $ 50, that raises questions is already to the exchange.

If the sale of bitcoins in the amount of significantly less than $ 5 million (after all of the money was issued in won and other currencies, and it is unlikely every one of the recipients of Bitcoin rushed to sell it, seeing such a drop in prices) has fallen off the rate to $ 50, what exchange liquidity?

Coinnest a year ago was named one of the five largest South Korean kryptomere and took a seat in the middle of the first hundred of the largest in terms of turnover. Given the suspicion of inflated trading volumes on the South Korean stock exchanges, which in the case of Komid resulted in charges, and then the prison term its CEO and his subordinate, the results kind of stress test of liquidity at least make you think.

The situation is compounded by the fact that SEO Coinnest has experience with law enforcement on a specific topic — however, in his case, talking about the inflated volume of trading was not. He was arrested and held in investigation into alleged misappropriation of client funds and receiving bribes for the listing of the token.

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Wait: Pavel Durov can imagine the TON and the GRAM this week

According to anonymous sources, Pavel Durov is going to make a formal presentation of cryptocurrency project TON at the world economic forum in Davos. Insiders claim that the closed circle of large investors have tried a test version of the platform in practice. The official launch of the TON must take place in the second half of 2019.

The Creator of Telegram and Vkontakte for a long time participates in the industry development of cryptocurrency. His own project has become one of the most discussed topics of 2018. Because of the huge pool of investment at least $ 1.7 billion TON including being the target of scammers who tried to “earn” the ICO coins.

A new project of Pavel Durov

The world economic forum held this week in Davos from 22 to 25 January. The event will be visited the most famous person in the world that affect the global financial system. In 2018, the WEF was attended by bill gates, mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Donald trump, Angela Merkel and Theresa may. The actor also participated in the forum last year but never submitted any projects to the public.

Recall, TON is a revolutionary decentralized platform that can become the main competitor to Ethereum. It consists of a flexible main blockchain and 292 Saidjanov.

The token system GRAM has attracted more than $ 1.7 billion in ICO, but the coins will not appear on major exchanges early in the second half of 2019. In November 2018 the team reported the successful completion of the project by 70 percent.

As ICO Durov has received investments from major players, they have had the opportunity to test a test version of the product. At least such was the information from anonymous insiders. While ordinary traders expect to end of 2019 when the film is due to announce the official release of the TON.

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