Jeff garzik’s called to court to testify against Craig Wright: the Mystery of Satoshi may be disclosed

March 15, one of the early bitcoin developer and founder of Bloq Jeff garzik’s (Jeff Garzik) said that he was summoned by the district court of southern Florida to testify in the infamous trial of Ira Kleiman vs Craig Wright.

The family of Kleiman has filed a lawsuit against Wright (self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto), accusing him of misappropriation of 300 000 BTC, and garzik’s was summoned by the court for the submission of documents and possible evidence that may be relevant to the case.

Lawyers Kleiman want Jeff garzik’s revealed everything he knows about Satoshi, David Kleiman and Craig Wright.

Brother of the late David Kleiman, Ira Kleiman believes that Craig Wright David lied and manipulated his assets. Some even believe that David Kleiman, perhaps, was the Creator of Bitcoin. The family of Kleiman argues that Wright must reimburse about 300,000 BTC (1.1 billion US dollars) which belonged to David Kleiman, of the trust, the accounts of which, presumably, is 1 million bitcoins are frozen until 2020.

Now an early supporter and developer of the Bitcoin Jeff garzik’s will participate in the trial because he received a summons to court. On bringing him to testify insisted lawyers Kleimenov, they are asking the garzik’s submit any evidence of the theory that David Kleiman was Satoshi Nakamoto. The garzik’s told about the summons to his Twitter and attached a picture of the second page:

“Here’s the agenda. Came to me in connection with a claim about Bitcoin. To ensure total transparency show you a document that you just received.”

The document also contains questions about whether there is a connection between garzik’s and Wright’s, and whether he had any direct contact with the Kleiman. The plaintiff’s attorney is looking for any papers or letters that have been received from David Kleiman or W & K Info Defense (Kleiman and Richard Wright), as well as information about any contact with a man named Uyen Nguyen. In the document there are issues relating to mining Bitcoin in its first years of existence, Mt. Gox, Silk Road, Liberty Reserve and project Prometheus, and also refers to the cryptographer, Ian Grigg, writer Andrew O Hagan, billionaire Calvin Ayre and Cash Bitcoin advocate Roger Ver.

Personal theory of garzik’s

Wright and his attorneys denied the allegations and stated that Wright Kleiman there was oral agreement that Wright complied.

“Between Dr. Wright and David Kleiman and / or W & K Info Defense Research was not a written agreement of partnership”, — says the lawyer of Wright in response to 36 pages for the charges against his client.

Meanwhile, Wright in his numerous tweets and memoirs, told the audience about how he was involved with the creation of Bitcoin.

As part of a list of questions to garzik’s, which is a 14-page document also refers to an article in Bloomberg that contains “personal theory” of garzik’s about David Kleiman. The garzik’s says:

“My personal theory is that [Satoshi Nakamoto] is Florida Dave Kleiman. This is consistent with his coding style, because this gentleman was self-taught. The Creator of Bitcoin was something very, very smart, but did not receive a classical education engineer-programmer”.

This reckless quote has led to the fact that lawyers Kleiman to believe that garzik’s may know more about the relationship between Wright and Kleiman or know of something that connected David and the late Satoshi Nakamoto.

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One of the biggest Bitcoin whales quietly emptied the wallet: Receive 60 thousand BTC

The owner of the fourth largest in the world Bitcoin wallet sold all his coins. As the resource Trustnode, the last in late February, the plums had 60 thousand BTC. At the moment it is 243 million dollars. It should be noted that moving such a large amount of BTC does not disturb the market.

The story of a mysterious purse 18rnfoQgGo1HqvVQaAN4QnxjYE7Sez9eca originates from 24 October 2014. According to Blockchain, the owner sent to the address of 0.001 BTC, and after three days they removed 1 “bitten”. Since then, the amount of the purse has continued to increase and at one point exceeded 113 thousand, with part of the savings appeared only in 2017.

It is not surprising that during the hype in December 2017, the owner of the purse, withdrew a large sum. After that, the last major transaction was 10 thousand coins, which on 19 October 2018 went to an unknown address bc1qyy30guv. Since then, the purse no longer enriched, but not lost weight.

Only on 28 February all the remaining 60 thousand BTC were withdrawn at different wallets in equal portions at 1000 coins each. It is noteworthy that some withdrawals were made in a clearly defined time defined amounts. This may indicate that off-exchange transactions. Some users of the community also suggested that the amount was divided into portions, so as not to attract attention.

This wallet does not belong to cryptomeria. While that is not very clear why the whale decided to empty it in a bear market. Of course, it is possible that he bought them at a very low price, so still a huge plus.

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Cryptocurrency startup has released Civic automatic for sale beer

Where today there is a long line for a beer, one can receive the vending machine Civic. At its booth at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, start-up Civic that represents a global system of identification of personal data, demonstrated three vending machine selling local products — beer Shiner Bock and Amber Austin.

It was a test product that Civic plans to formally introduce at the end of the year: the machine cost $ 15,000 US, which can confirm the age of the purchaser and to accept cryptocurrency payment.

“We combine identity and payment in one transaction”, — said the representative of the Civic Kapelaan Titus (Titus Capilnean).

Since opening the business last Sunday, Kapelaan estimated that the machines have sold about 150 bottles of beer a day, with a total value of 100 000 CVC — or 7600 USD. According to Kapilian, the cost of a bottle of beer is about 200 CVC or $ 12. IPhone owners who have downloaded the app Civic Pay and confirmed his identity, got a fairly CVC to buy one bottle. Then you should use the QR-code, which is scanned via the app and payment is done automatically.

“In fact, we have created the machines and tested them here,” said Capernian about the demonstration at SXSW. The first Civic was able to sell, and identity simultaneously, with the participation of a large number of people.

Although all transactions through the app, pay in bitcoin, the idea is that buyers can use the crypt as easily as Fiat money. Civic for the first time has demonstrated its ability to verify the age, by organizing the sale of beer Anheuser-Busch on the blockchain Consensus conference in 2018, but this year, the startup has increased the functionality of its machine by using the mobile app.

Technical problems were not the only obstacle that had to overcome the company.

“We forced the Texas Commission on alcoholic beverages to participate in this event,” said Capernian.

After state regulators became convinced that the law on the sale of alcoholic beverages to the adults only is observed, the organizers of SXSW, too, felt safe.

Not to disclose information about potential partners, Kapelaan reported that the Civic is already in talks with companies that would be interested in cooperation with Civic in places where it is possible to increase sales of alcohol. For example, sporting events and bars can use vending machines to verify age.

However, the company Civic believes that music festivals are better suited to selling beer through vending machines.

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Justin San gives 20 million dollars: How to get money?

Attention all freebie lovers — Justin San is going to distribute 20 million dollars in airdrop. Previously, the Creator of Tron has announced that it will give Tesla a random subscriber, who will share his notes on Twitter. The number of applicants to the car is increasing every day, don’t waste your chance.

Why not

We will remind, 2019 for Tron began with a series of successes. First, the project team reported the successful holding of the token-ICO BitTorrent. Then TRX came in a rating of the best crypto according to the Chinese analysts. Finally, the coin became one of the few who showed a positive growth at the beginning of the year.

To share the joy with the others, Justin is even willing to fork out decent.

To celebrate the success of BTT and Tron, I am planning to start idrop a total cost of $ 20 million. The good news is he will be soon bad — I can hand out even more money! First, I’ll choose 1 winner at random for a brand new Tesla until March 27! To participate in the contest, subscribe to me and retinite this entry!

Distribution is rapidly gaining momentum — at the moment the entry Sana shared for more than 40 thousand users. Accurate information about airdrop, unfortunately, no.

Why San decided to give it $ 20 million? At first glance this is a fairly large amount that would not be worth “wasting”. However, the ICO BitTorrent brought huge profits even in a bear market that gave the team a Tron additional resources. Besides, Justin knows how to skillfully manage money. 20 million is not wasted on them, he will buy the hype and even more advertise your project.

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Stellar Lumens for two days has grown on 30% is it to Do with rebranding?

The second week of March was very pleasant for Stellar Lumens. Coin jumped by 30 percent just in the last two days. Although accurate data on the causes of growth yet, enthusiasts attribute the jump to the rebranding project.

As noted by analysts, this jump could mean the end of the bear market for altcoins. 8 March 2019 price XLM reached its long term support level around 8 cents. However, after that bulls pushed through new levels and now the coin is worth more than 10 cents after a small adjustment local maximum at 11 cents.

It should be noted that during the correction of the XML fell to 9 cents and then went back into growth in an attempt to demonstrate the double top. This would mean a bearish market. The market capitalization of Stellar also exceeded $ 2 billion, although it fell back slightly.

The Stellar Development Foundation in his blog, explained what led to the rebranding. According to them, the old logo seemed too cartoony and not serious. That is, it is not particularly suited to work with major banking institutions. As explained by the company itself, the logo is designed in the form of the planet Saturn. It is formed from the letter S, which binds the Association to Stellar.

The cryptocurrency community has welcomed the new logo with conviction. Some were tweeting that the logo has become as soulless as most of the other cryptocurrencies.

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Google Trends: Bitcoin and Altcoins are more popular than

Despite the fact that the proportion of dominance of Bitcoin in the market is more than 50%, the trend in February hinted that the altcoins market wakes up what he’s talking about, and Google Trends. The number of search queries related to “altcoins”, rose to new highs, exceeding the peak rates 2017-2018.

According to the portal Mickey, graphs of the price of most altcoins were green most of last and this months; many of the coins showed double-digit growth of, for example, four of the top 20 coins are traded above the 200-day moving average.

Of course, if we assess the market from All Time Highs, it will still be on for 80-90% in the red, but if you take the period of the past month, then every week we can note a 25% increase for some coins.

All this may indicate the final stage cryptogamy. Many analysts suggest the beginning of a new altstone and update the previous ATH. But the main question remains the same, as the market continues to focus on Bitcoin.

“This is the official season Altcoin. We don’t ask why. Just say thanks and take profit as it comes,” writes senior analyst, eToro’s Mati Greenspan.

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Global adoption of the cryptocurrency will not begin with the Bitcoin: why? Response Of The European Union

“First wave” of the global adoption of cryptocurrency begins not with Bitcoin. According to experts of the Observatory and the forum block-the EU, the largest contribution to this process will make customized designs. By focusing on the specific needs of their clients, they will become very popular among ordinary users.

Who will start here?

The forecast is detailed in a recent report titled “Scalability, compatibility and reliability of blockchains”. According to the document, the developers of the private platforms have much more freedom than independent programmers public blockchains.

However, the global adoption of the technology still has obstacles. First, projects need to reach a much larger number of transactions per second. Second, between different blockchains need to establish a connection for data exchange. Finally, in the third such platform must be resilient to hacker attacks in the long term.

“It is clear that a huge variety of blockchains without clear links can not fully reveal their potential. Users of such systems will benefit tremendously from the possibility of a transaction between different projects.”

In the foreseeable future, the crypt will be “less energy”, but this commands CryptoStream “we need to clearly define their purpose of development.” Although Europe supports the development of the industry, the developers of the block chain still “have a lot to discover and a lot to learn”.

“The United States and China expressed their willingness to support research kriptonyte. The Chinese government even incorporated the relevant expenditure in the new budget. We recommend the EU to follow a similar policy and explore ways to apply blockchains to the infrastructure.

Note that the following intelligence report released in the second half of 2019. Let’s hope that Bitcoin will grow well.

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Barclays analyst: Facebook Coin will bring the company billions of dollars

According to the analyst of the British financial conglomerate Barclays Ross Sandler (Ross Sandler), the project Facebook associated with issuing its own cryptocurrency can be an important source of income for the social networking giant.

In a note to investors, CNBC first published, Sandler suggested that the release of the Facebook coin can bring from 20 to 19 billion dollars of additional income in 2021. For comparison, profit of the company amounted to 40.6 billion dollars in 2017, of which 39.9 billion dollars brought advertising.

However, the financial success of the project depends on “whether Facebook Coin for a successful implementation of the strategy of micropayments to support digital content,” says Sandler.

The analyst also sees two main problems of Facebook in the achievement of ambitious crypto-purposes: the need to convince users of the value of the new cryptocurrency and to overcome the distrust of consumers to the stock market after a protracted crisis of 2018.

Obviously trying to overcome the distrust of potential users, CEO of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg last week published a message urging the Facebook community more focused on privacy. Although the word “cryptocurrency” wasn’t mentioned, payments and encryption often pop up in the speech of Zuckerberg.

Sandler noted that much remains uncertain to date in respect of cryptoprocta associated with Facebook. However, the analyst mentioned another project, developed by the Californian start-up The Menlo Park in 2010 Facebook Credits, very reminiscent of modern cryptocurrencies.

“Facebook probably just looking for a tool for processing microtransactions and revitalize the original business model that existed in 2010-2012 in the framework of Facebook Credits, says Sandler. — however, the project may be much bigger, especially considering that the project is headed by David Marcus (former CEO of PayPal)”.

Indeed, Facebook in recent months, actively involves professionals in the field of cryptocurrency. On the website of the recruitment company you can find at least 20 jobs related to blockchain technology.

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The bulls here: Top trader BitMEX came back with a positive Outlook after a few months of silence

AngeloBTC back! For those who have not followed the top traders BitMEX, explain: Angelo is one of the most successful cryptoendoliths in the community exchange. In 2017, he managed to put together a fortune of tens of millions of dollars thanks to its great trading strategies.

Bearish trend is strongly influenced by the activity of the trader, in the second half of 2018, he published a total of six tweets. The last dates back to 27 October, when Angelo jokingly asked to fill out a petition for recognition of Bitcoin illegal discharges. Finally, this time the expert came to the public their own technical analysis long-term chart of the main cryptocurrency.

All will be well

The market capitalization of digital assets is still a drop in the ocean of the world’s wealth. Even at the price of a trillion dollars a Bitcoin is extremely undervalued. AngeloBTC believes that modern investors have a rare opportunity to make the most profitable investment in my life.

The future of Bitcoin the trader in the form of an ultimatum — either project will be a runaway success and he becomes a global currency, or ideas Satoshi Nakamoto go into oblivion. Himself experts more inclined to the first option. He even gave a very tangible forecast — 30 thousand dollars for 1 BTC by the beginning of 2021.

In the comments AngeloBTC congratulated on the return to the community.

“The king has returned to its rightful place.”

It is noteworthy that the point of view of the trader coincide with the forecast of the trader under the name Cane Island Crypto. Earlier this expert said that Bitcoin is still in a long term uptrend and will rise to 50 thousand dollars by 2022.

At the moment Bitcoin is trading at $ 3900. Bitcoin still must overcome several resistance lines at levels of 4000, 4200 and 4500 dollars to start the medium-term uptrend.

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Bitmain is experiencing a strong shortage of funds

Mining giant cryptocurrency Bitmain faced with several problems simultaneously. The company filed a lot of lawsuits, in addition, the last batch of miner Antminer S15 was sold at a loss, as was necessary to repay the debt.

Member of the Board of Directors as Blockstream Samson MOU spoke about the problems of the company in a series of tweets:

“1. Bitmain already faces numerous lawsuits, and the number of complaints is increasing. Their Assembly, manufacturing and maintenance companies do not get paid and lose patience. It seems that Bitmain is mired in debt and trying to raise capital from new investors.”

Rumor has it that the company selects the units for demonstration to potential investors to obtain financing. It is known that the yield of 7-nm chips are low, they are competitive about 60%. It seems that the company is going through hard times and faced with a monetary crisis.

Meanwhile, according to the lawsuit, filed in November of last year, Bitmain will be required to pay as compensation $ 5 million the statement explained that the company mined the cryptocurrency in its own interests on devices owned by customers.

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