The bulls here: Top trader BitMEX came back with a positive Outlook after a few months of silence

AngeloBTC back! For those who have not followed the top traders BitMEX, explain: Angelo is one of the most successful cryptoendoliths in the community exchange. In 2017, he managed to put together a fortune of tens of millions of dollars thanks to its great trading strategies.

Bearish trend is strongly influenced by the activity of the trader, in the second half of 2018, he published a total of six tweets. The last dates back to 27 October, when Angelo jokingly asked to fill out a petition for recognition of Bitcoin illegal discharges. Finally, this time the expert came to the public their own technical analysis long-term chart of the main cryptocurrency.

All will be well

The market capitalization of digital assets is still a drop in the ocean of the world’s wealth. Even at the price of a trillion dollars a Bitcoin is extremely undervalued. AngeloBTC believes that modern investors have a rare opportunity to make the most profitable investment in my life.

The future of Bitcoin the trader in the form of an ultimatum — either project will be a runaway success and he becomes a global currency, or ideas Satoshi Nakamoto go into oblivion. Himself experts more inclined to the first option. He even gave a very tangible forecast — 30 thousand dollars for 1 BTC by the beginning of 2021.

In the comments AngeloBTC congratulated on the return to the community.

“The king has returned to its rightful place.”

It is noteworthy that the point of view of the trader coincide with the forecast of the trader under the name Cane Island Crypto. Earlier this expert said that Bitcoin is still in a long term uptrend and will rise to 50 thousand dollars by 2022.

At the moment Bitcoin is trading at $ 3900. Bitcoin still must overcome several resistance lines at levels of 4000, 4200 and 4500 dollars to start the medium-term uptrend.

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Back in time: What was the world’s first Aldon and that it eventually became

Deal with the first alithinou, which exists since April 2011. No, it’s not Litecoin, Peercoin and not even the Dash.

It is hard to imagine a time when the ratings of the cryptocurrency wasn’t full of huge number of various altcoins. Then the term “shidoin” had not yet been invented, and the index of dominance of Bitcoin did not exist, since “dominate” it was nothing. Travel in 2010 and will witness all these events. However soon the situation has changed dramatically.

The first of the first

The second bitcoin is not Litecoin, Peercoin or Dash. At the dawn of the history of the market there is now a dead project Namecoin. Its first mention is found in a post on Bitcointalk on 18 April 2011. Description of the coins differed significantly from withpaper Bitcoin.

Namecoin is a naming system based on Bitcoin with some modifications. This is a new blockchain, separate from the existing block chain BTC. Pair name/value is stored in the blockchain and lose its shelf life after 12 000 units.

It is noteworthy that the mastermind Namecoin was himself Satoshi Nakamoto, though he did not take participation in the development of the project. Four months before the first Aldona Nakamoto voiced an interesting idea in the thread titled “BitDNS and everything to do with Bitcoin”.

While you are generating bitcoins, why not get free domain names for the same job? If you get 50 BTC in a week, you could get a few names.

Moreover, a decentralized system of registration of domain names could be useful when creating the Bitcoin. In 2008, Satoshi was a real difficulty with the purchase Since then there was no more anonymous currency, Nakamoto used the services of the portal that allows you to pay with gift cards.

What happened to Namecoin

Today it is a dead project, though coins NMC is still traded on Poloniex and Livecoin. During its seven-year history Namecoin has experienced a lot of UPS and downs. In November 2013 took place the pump NMC, which resulted in the cryptocurrency soared to 15.41 USD. On the wave of nostalgia Namecoin even rose to 8.64 dollar in January this year.

Today 24-hour volume of Namecoin does not exceed 15 thousand dollars, and the system of issuing names no longer operational. However, to consider the project a complete failure is not necessary. Rather, quite the contrary.

It Namecoin started what is now considered a truism in the stock market. This project has shown that the decentralization can be implemented not only in Bitcoin. However, so far only Bitcoin remains the “king of market” and the most advantageous investment in the industry.

Today, NMC is trading at 64 cents per coin, which is 16 percent higher than yesterday. The daily trading volume equivalent to 38 thousand dollars.

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Chapter Binance: “the Bull market may come back any minute”

The General Director of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, Changpeng Zhao said in an interview for the cryptocurrency Internet edition of the Crypto Globe that the period from October to December historically is the best for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, he believes that the return of bulls in the market is possible in this period.

I think that the bull market could be back any minute, because, historically, the period from October to December is very good months. At Christmas time the markets are usually increasing. But I don’t claim that this will happen this year, and that will not happen.

Changpeng Zhao made a special proviso that it is not an official forecast, so he does not consider himself a specialist in the field of market analysts.

I did not analyze the markets, because everything I say will be interpreted as a recommendation and people will buy (or sell) based on my statements. Of course I have some influence on the price of the cryptocurrency market, as we are one of the largest operators. But even if you just look at the chart, it becomes clear that in the area of $ 6000 is a very strong support, she rests throughout 2018, while in 2015, the support level was around $ 200. So I don’t feel we are in a bear market. Yes, if you look at daily charts or weekly may not appear such a feeling. I always look from the point of view of long-term prospects. I have never traded. I always buy and keep.

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The dollar will back bitcoins: Kryptovaci learn traditional banking services

Users of the crypto cards will be able to return part of the money in bitcoins. Cryptoback service for its customers recently launches cryptocurrency Bank Wirex (registered in UK).

In fact, it is traditional banking, cashback, but the reward for calculations on the map takes place in bitcoins. Fixed rate — 0.5% of the amount spent in bitcoin at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction. Cryptoback valid for payment by Bank card Wirex purchases and obtaining services to offline organizations. The refund will be applied for all transactions as cryptocurrency and committed in Fiat currencies.

“Having spent, say, on groceries or paying for a hotel room for $ 100, you will receive bitcoins for $ 0.5 at the market rate,” explains co-founder and CEO of Wirex Pavel Matveev.

The Bank charges a fee for a transaction with dollar cards (up$ 0.28 regardless of the amount of operation) for cards with the account in EUR or GBP, the Commission is zero. Per month will be charged the monthly fee of £1, €1, 2 or us $ 1.5, depending on the account currency. Refund in bitcoins goes to a separate tab in the client application. Automatically cashback on the wallet will not be credited to the user must do it yourself in manual mode. This scheme is used to ensure that data is not mixed to a customer at any time can see when, where and what amount of bitcoins are awarded through the program.

Cryptoback not the only product of Wirex, which is a complete analogue of the traditional services of banking. For example, a cryptocurrency startup serves debit cards, providing the opportunity to perform payments and transfers. In the near future the company plans to offer new products competing with traditional banking, such as b2b solutions and loans.

“Since we are a hybrid platform that combines the functionality of both the traditional banking and Finance decentralized, we need a more advanced license than e-money, in the process of getting where we are now,” said Mr. Matveyev.

Market experts note a steady trend of penetration blockchain startups (including cryptocurrency) on the “banking area”. However, the impending death of classic banking in their opinion is not necessary to speak. Experts believe that the crowding out of traditional banks prevents first of all the lack of regulation of the cryptocurrency market, sufficient for his work with the classical financial system. When it appears, to introduce products based on the cryptocurrency will be exactly the banks, and using their own technical solutions.

To compete with start-UPS banks at this stage of development of the industry is generally not required. At least loans — home banking product in the cryptocurrency will be a very long time due to its great volatility.

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