Monero has become the exclusive cryptocurrency of the store with the trappings of the game Fortnite

You know, what is Fortnite? If not, suffice it to say that it is a game or series of games, the number of registered users which exceeded 200 million Now those who want to buy a t-shirt with the symbols or character Fortnite official store of the game, you can do it with Monero.

Monero — project is interesting and the adoption of cryptocurrency team is working long and deliberately, relying on cooperation with celebrities in the framework of the project Coral Reef. The coin accept online shopping stars from Mariah Carey to Marilyn Manson, but the case with Fortnite stands out.

There was an anonymous cryptocurrency managed somehow to get around the turn better known competitors. The website should theoretically accept other cryptocurrencies through the service GloBee, but direct payment in Monero appears along with understandable payment options like PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

Moreover, cryptomnesia with some bewilderment to report that despite the presence of GloBee among the payment options, the only cryptocurrency that is willing to accept the mediator for payment of goods from this website — again, Monero.

Reddit users discussing this phenomenon tend to explain this by the presence of the secret adherents of Monero in the management of the company-the publisher of the game. However, a leading developer of platform Ricardo’s Spanyi explained that this joint initiative, financed by the project team and GloBee 50: 50.

The community generally reacted positively to this innovation. As noted by one user, this is a very good example of adoption of crypto-currencies:

“Even if no one will take advantage of this option is a great chance to reach millions of people who may be wondering — what’s the letter M? And it’s better than ordinary payments?”.

Spanyi also assured fans of privacy, the possibility of payment in Monero does not imply that the binding profile of the buyer to the account of the player Fortnite.

“We are talking about physical delivery of the goods, not on sales of equipment inside the game itself. The delivery may order a trafficker any person as a gift to a friend you can arrange delivery to the address of the company, simply to the postal address”, — he explained.

It is the focus on privacy and provided a choice in favor of Monero, the store wants to give the opportunity to those users who puts privacy first, added Spani.

“Provider of the shop is very interested in the Lightning Network, and we urge it to add this option of payment”, — he said.

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ERC-20 tokens become available for institutional investors

Prime Trust, a small financial company from USA which played a significant role in creating stibal koina on the basis of Stellar, said about going out on the custody services market.

The company, without much fanfare, began to offer services for cold storage of bitcoins back in mid-July, and next week will announce a new service – cold storage of any token on the basis of ethereum (standard ERC-20).

Such services are in demand by institutional investors who, despite the current bear market, begin to work on the cryptocurrency markets, but don’t want to worry about the security of private keys and/or are required by law to hire the services of certified companies for storage assets.

This niche has attracted many major players in the financial market of the United States. Among them are giants such as Northern Trust, Goldman Sachs and Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), owner of the new York stock exchange. Cryptocurrency startups such as Coinbase, BitGo and Ledger, are also active in this market.

But Prime Trust said that the fact that they are a startup gives them certain advantages:

It’s a trillion companies from the Fortune 100 is very rigid.

Scott Purcell CEO claims that his company will be first to offer services for custodial storage token ERC-20.

Purcell says that his team managed to solve the “huge technical issue” after talking with the developers of the standard ERC-20 in the conference in Barbados.

We have made a technical breakthrough and now we can easily provide storage of any token ERC-20 (along with BTC and ETH, of course).

In theory it’s simple, but in practice this is very difficult to achieve due to the different nuances of each token, therefore, no one does. Still no one did.

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How Facebook will become the largest cryptocurrency in the world

Facebook doesn’t disclose its plans for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

In a new article in Business Insider reported that Facebook met with representatives of the Stellar (XLM). However, Facebook denies the potential partnership with Stellar and said that no negotiations in this regard are not maintained.

Despite denials, Facebook has been actively exploring blockchain technology and even created a special team for this. The team is headed by David Marcus, who had spearheaded the development of the Messenger app.

CNBC suggests that:

…social network can really shake unformed market through the acquisition of Coinbase … a Facebook Representative declined to comment on the rumors, but said that one of the reasons why Marcus left the Board of Directors of Coinbase is to avoid conflict, not actual conflict.

Leading capturador CNBC Ran Neuner believes that the departure of Markus speaks volumes, and sets out several scenarios:

  • FB launches cryptocurrency exchanger
  • FB launches platform cryptocurrency micropayments
  • FB buys Coinbase?
  • FB launches its own cryptocurrency wallet?
  • Your varinat

Anyway, Facebook continues to hire employees for its blockchain team and sooner or later declare itself in the market.

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VeChain (VET) has become a partner of the largest telecommunication companies of Japan

August 5 in the official Twitter VeChain Foundation has information about what VeChain was selected by NTT Docomo as one of the partners in the program 5G Open Partner Program.

Blockchain VeChainThor will be used for tracking and verification of smartphones NTT Docomo as they move through the supply chain.

Founded in 1991, NTT Docomo is the largest company in the field of mobile communication in Japan, which accounts for 45.3% of all mobile subscribers as of March 2018. The company’s latest project, affiliate program 5G, focused on the introduction of services in the format of 5G in various fields by 2020.

The price VeChain (VET) at the moment is 0.013680 U.S. dollars, and growth over the past day amounted to 3.88%.

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President CBOE: Ethereum futures may become available quite soon

According to Bloomberg, CBOE Global Markets President Chris Concannon announced that futures Ethereum (ETH), which the company “intends to introduce” in December 2017, may soon appear.

Comments Concannon came after a statement of a senior official of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) that Ethereum will not be regulated as securities.

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President CBOE believes that this position of the SEC may mean that the regulator will allow CBOE to add Ether-futures.

We are very pleased that the SEC finally brought clarity to how he perceives Ether. This statement resolves the key problem for the emergence Ether-futures on our exchange. Recall that we considered adding to our stock exchange since the advent of bitcoin futures December 2017.

The December launch of the CBOE futures bitcoin (BTC) caused a strong increase in the price of the cryptocurrency, and the excitement was so strong that the exchange website was even unavailable for some time.

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Building where they become the cryptocurrency millionaires. Photos Business Insider

There was a time when it cost them to talk about the cryptocurrency, they began to laugh. Today, they’re legends among friends and acquaintances, gurus they turn to for financial advice. But the interesting thing here is that you guys formed a group and began to live together. Business Insider looked for a visit to the community of cryptocurrency millionaires and made a very interesting photo essay.

It all started as often begin with a similar history of dizzying success. Simple guy named Jeremy Gardner did not have enough money to rent accommodation for their employees and he went on a desperate step — removed three-story building, which later became known as the Crypto Lock, and invited all to live under one roof.

So guys, believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain began to live together. Today the house is home to more than ten people. In the dormitory no permanent residents as such, someone moves, someone goes. Most of them 20 to 25 years.

“Half a dozen people, maybe more, have become millionaires while they lived in this house,” says Jeremy Gardner.

Crypto Lock — brotherhood “cryptonote”

Not everyone who lives here works in this field, but absolutely everyone knows about all cryptocurrencies!

Jeremy Gardner is the founder of Crypto-Lock

The house became “a haven for those who are doing cool things in this area”

“I don’t think you can stay in the house for more than two hours and not become a faithful follower of the ideas of the blockchain”

Vivian Ford started to invest in Bitcoin a week after moving into Crypto Castle. She calls it his best investment.

Being in the house, it becomes obvious that this is not just a place of residence

Anyone who wants to become a permanent resident is a must read collection of the journal “Distributed”. The stack is at the front door.

On the fridge, instead of the traditional magnets, stickers cryptocurrency related

One of the guests told me that the last time he was in the house, random resident made him a hot dog. “Two weeks later I found out that it was one of the co-founders of Oculus,” he said.

The price of accommodation in the Crypto Lock in simple layman hair stand on end. Gardner believes that the house is worth $ 3 million per month. The amount is divided between all the tenants equally

The reason why the young and wealthy cryptocurrency enthusiasts decided to live together in common faith and the atmosphere of full understanding. After all, who else to talk to about their achievements and plans with like-minded neighbors.

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