Cryptoheros: Bitcoin could still fall to $ 1,000

Since January, the Bitcoin remains in a fairly narrow trading channel below 4000 dollars. This period is similar to a similar movement of cryptocurrencies from September to November — then Bitcoin is also experiencing low volatility and went from 6,100 to 6,700 dollars.

After the fall of the float there was a sharp dump, and then BTC has lost 50 percent of its value in just a few days. Given the similar patterns on a long-term chart, such a scenario may occur in the future that will lead to yet another fall of Bitcoin. This time the new goal is $ 1,000.

Bottom not yet in sight

To compare historical price movements of the asset you can only search for General laws, history is not always develops in the same “trail”. Trader under the name Financial Survivalism noted the long-term channel on the chart of Bitcoin, a breakthrough which can be considered the beginning of the end of the bearish trend.

Usually during previous cycles fall main cryptocurrency was not lower than 85 percent. Maybe this time the bears also limited to the current market price and will gradually withdraw from the market. A cryptanalyst under the name Hsaka believes that Bitcoin will have time to recover from such a strong downtrend.

We will remind, earlier Board member of NYSE Jeff Sprecher said publicly about the huge resistance of Bitcoin before any adversity.

It just so happens that Bitcoin has experienced a huge amount of trouble. You can argue and point out thousands of tokens, which are supposedly better than Bitcoin, but so far none of them survived the main cryptocurrency. It is still evolving and thriving.

Bullrun for the new BTC will have to overcome some important levels of resistance or at least to gain a foothold above $ 4,000.

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Licenzirovanie shares of Apple and Tesla could be the next cryptocurrency hit

On Monday the Estonian cryptocurrency organization DX.Exchange launched trading platform that allows investors to buy security-tokens placed on Nasdaq stocks, for example, companies like Apple, Tesla, Facebook and Netflix.

Each token is backed by a share of the company and entitles to receive dividends. COO DX Amedeo Moscato noted that “cryptologist tells about security tokens for over a year” and now the company has managed to “achieve progress”:

“Tokenizer shares of some major companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook, we open untapped market of millions of experienced and new traders worldwide, without intermediaries”

Investors can trade tokens 24 hours a day, even after the close of markets. Co-founder and head of the FINTECH company Securrency Given Dhoni said that the day trades “provide investor as a convenience, and liquidity”, but questioned the business model of the DX:

“We are uncertain and even sceptical DX models.Exchange… but we believe that the model can meet regulatory standards”

Company DX stresses that digital shares are classified as derivatives, and that the platform is developed in accordance with EU legislation. Licensed in Cyprus the company MPS MarketPlace Securities is holding the shares on account and the DX platform built on the technology of Matching Engine from Nasdaq, which is used by more than 70 international markets.

Some experts note that the STO offer security-tokens may replace the ICO as security tokens supported by assets and fall under the regulation. Don Doni believes that “security-tokens use the blockchain to allow efficient transactions, as cryptocurrency, but differ on the remaining options, providing a stable value, unlike volatile cryptocurrency”.

So, last year on the website Indiegogo was hosted platform offering investors the security tokens of the shares of the prestigious ski resort that brought $ 18 million, according VentureBoat.

Senior analyst at eToro also spoke optimistically about the tokenization of financial markets:

“In the next decade we can observe the tokenization of the entire financial market… Everything has value and addresses may be represented by the digital token to be traded on the blockchain”

Recall that at the end of the year, the Central Bank of China has invalidated the process of conducting STO. Meanwhile, the scope of security tokens continues to gain momentum: the stock exchange of Malta and the largest in the world in terms of trading the crypto currency exchange Binance signed an agreement on the joint launch of the new digital exchanges to trade tokens in securities.

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Bitcoin could hurt the SEC is investigating the events of the crypto market

Bitcoin is circling around $ 4000, not daring to choose a certain direction. It seems that investors never felt that the reference cryptocurrency has really hit bottom, and waiting the emergence of a strong momentum.

However, while BTCUSD is possible to avoid re-testing of 3,500, that after the failure in the second half of November is considered as the manifestation of courage buyers. As before, altcoins fully duplicate the dynamics of leading cryptocurrencies, and the total capitalization of crypto market is held around $ 130 billion.

At that time, as the average cost of producing one bitcoin is at $ 4500, we see the miners continue to turn off asik. Hasrat, the Bitcoin network has fallen by 39% (from historic highs by the end of August) to 37.7 EH/s. However, in the case of a sharp rise of prices, also quickly will start to return and the computing power of the network. The risk of default and exists only in the case of prolonged low prices.

The ICO market together with cryptocurrencies demonstrates a deep recession. Since the beginning of year the volume of attracted funds fell by 91%. Moreover, even a successful ICO in the majority very rarely show any real results. Since most of the projects based on the platform Ethereum raised the esters are derived in Fiat to Finance their activities, which also negatively affects the leading Aldon crypto market.

At the G20 summit, by the way, discussed cryptocurrencies, noting in their final communiqué. First of all, the leading countries of the world concerned about the problem of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, so in the crypto sector will be introduced, the FATF standards with a single taxation and verification of market participants. This attitude of G20, can be considered positive, and negative at the same time. On the one hand, all conceived as independent of the politicians and financiers ecosystem, on the other hand, its dimensions are no longer allowed to exist on the same terms.

Meanwhile, the SEC already conducts a local war, holding the stars of show business, advertising the different ICO. Famous boxer Floyd Mayweather will have to pay more than $ 600k in fines for advertising ICO, Centra, tokens which can accept securities. Obviously, now to find someone willing to advertise such projects will not be easy.

In the end, we note that the SEC systematically considering the events of 2017 and is looking for illicit reasons of abnormal growth of Bitcoin. Experts believe that this process directly affects the market, as investors will not risk until until you put all the points in the investigation of the regulator.

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Bill gates: I would have shorter bitcoin if I could

The founder of Microsoft, bill gates in an interview with CNBC on 7 may said that bitcoin is a pyramid, and that he would Shorty (played in the fall) of bitcoin, if they could.

Gates, who in February argued that cryptocurrencies “responsible for the death of people”, said that:

As an asset class, it do not produce anything, and you should not expect that it will grow. It is a kind of pyramid in its pure form, you just hope that someone after you will buy it at a higher price.

I would sortil bitcoin if there was some easy way to do it.

Curiously, the words of the gates comes at a time when the cryptocurrency niche include more institutional investors. Banking giant Goldman Sachs last week confirmed that he will not only join this industry, but also will offer customers tools for working with bitcoin directly.

Guide Goldman does not consider that cryptocurrency is a Scam, though still consider them highly risky assets.

However, the founder of Microsoft, this asset does not look reliable even in the short term.

Bitcoin ICO is the most speculative and crazy things.

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