Bitcoin 10 years: Exchange BitMEX celebrated the anniversary of the first cryptocurrency Satoshi congratulations to The Times

In the room The Times of January 3, 2019 appeared advertising exchange BitMEX, timed to the tenth anniversary of the Genesis block of Bitcoin. Thus the user of the trading platform I wanted to thank the Creator of the cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto. The cover of The Times was not chosen arbitrarily, because the title of this newspaper was in the first block of Bitcoin.

Grand anniversary

Message Bitmex also has “Easter eggs” — a little below is the hash of the transaction encrypted.

w#/ ThanksSatoshi /BTC.COM/��mm,���CA4Z_IGQ�~YVM܈H����{�|�|###B#b)#�

Today at 18:15 UTC, the Bitcoin blockchain will officially be 10 years old. Address with the first reward of the Genesis block has already received over 16 bitcoins as a gift. It is noteworthy that he is Satoshi can’t spend the first 50 bitcoins mined. Based on the rules of cryptocurrency mining, these coins will always remain in his wallet.

A short time later, after a hasty mining of the Genesis block, Satoshi explained some of the main principles of Bitcoin.

“You could say that coins are issued by the majority. They are available in a limited and predetermined quantity.Indeed, there is no one who could play the role of the Central Bank to regulate money supply with the increasing number of users. In this case we need a trusted party, as long as the software cannot know the real value of things.In this sense, bitcoin is more similar to precious metal. Instead of changing the proposal, we leave it fixed, therefore, the value of the asset is starting to grow. With the growth of the user base, that process will accelerate and lead to a vicious circle. Each new user alone increases the value of the coins, which, in turn, attracts even more users.”

Over the past few years Bitcoin has repeatedly been criticized, many analysts constantly predict “impending death” of bitcoin. However, all this negativity did not prevent the first investors in Bitcoin to make huge profits.

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Back in time: What was the world’s first Aldon and that it eventually became

Deal with the first alithinou, which exists since April 2011. No, it’s not Litecoin, Peercoin and not even the Dash.

It is hard to imagine a time when the ratings of the cryptocurrency wasn’t full of huge number of various altcoins. Then the term “shidoin” had not yet been invented, and the index of dominance of Bitcoin did not exist, since “dominate” it was nothing. Travel in 2010 and will witness all these events. However soon the situation has changed dramatically.

The first of the first

The second bitcoin is not Litecoin, Peercoin or Dash. At the dawn of the history of the market there is now a dead project Namecoin. Its first mention is found in a post on Bitcointalk on 18 April 2011. Description of the coins differed significantly from withpaper Bitcoin.

Namecoin is a naming system based on Bitcoin with some modifications. This is a new blockchain, separate from the existing block chain BTC. Pair name/value is stored in the blockchain and lose its shelf life after 12 000 units.

It is noteworthy that the mastermind Namecoin was himself Satoshi Nakamoto, though he did not take participation in the development of the project. Four months before the first Aldona Nakamoto voiced an interesting idea in the thread titled “BitDNS and everything to do with Bitcoin”.

While you are generating bitcoins, why not get free domain names for the same job? If you get 50 BTC in a week, you could get a few names.

Moreover, a decentralized system of registration of domain names could be useful when creating the Bitcoin. In 2008, Satoshi was a real difficulty with the purchase Since then there was no more anonymous currency, Nakamoto used the services of the portal that allows you to pay with gift cards.

What happened to Namecoin

Today it is a dead project, though coins NMC is still traded on Poloniex and Livecoin. During its seven-year history Namecoin has experienced a lot of UPS and downs. In November 2013 took place the pump NMC, which resulted in the cryptocurrency soared to 15.41 USD. On the wave of nostalgia Namecoin even rose to 8.64 dollar in January this year.

Today 24-hour volume of Namecoin does not exceed 15 thousand dollars, and the system of issuing names no longer operational. However, to consider the project a complete failure is not necessary. Rather, quite the contrary.

It Namecoin started what is now considered a truism in the stock market. This project has shown that the decentralization can be implemented not only in Bitcoin. However, so far only Bitcoin remains the “king of market” and the most advantageous investment in the industry.

Today, NMC is trading at 64 cents per coin, which is 16 percent higher than yesterday. The daily trading volume equivalent to 38 thousand dollars.

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The bulls approach? Traffic Reddit/bitcoin began to rise, for the first time since Dec 2017

The moderator of the popular sub-Reddit about the Bitcoin found that the traffic section has risen again, after the first monthly fall since December, 2017.

The fourteenth in the world rankings and fifth in the United States, according to Alexa, Reddit is one of the most visited sites in the world. People from all over the world every day go to him to discuss almost everything, including, of course, Bitcoin.

Sub-Reddit r/Bitcoin is the most active forum for discussion of topics related to the first cryptocurrency. It takes 119 position in Reddit and its user base consists of less than 1 million subscribers.

Founded in September 2010, this online community has grown steadily. As Bitcoin became more popular, the number of subscribers to r/Bitcoin in recent years has demonstrated exponential growth.

For example, in November 2017 r/Bitcoin topped 400,000 subscribers. Less than a year later, that number has skyrocketed along with the price of Bitcoin and exceeded 914 000 users. However, together with the falling prices of BTC, the moderators have continued to experience a decline in the number of subscribers.

And finally, one of the moderators by the name BashCo shared in his that the Twitter account joyful news:

“The traffic on r/Bitcoin has been declining steadily since Dec 2017… until now. It is the harbinger of a bull market?”

Bullish sign?

BashCo interpretered events as possible bullish sign, as it means that people are once again looking for information about Bitcoin.

Co-founder of Reddit Alex Ohanian remains optimistic about Bitcoin, despite the downturn this year. 35-year-old investor believes that any increase in the use of cryptocurrencies is a positive.

“As a means of accumulation and savings, there is a certain attraction to Bitcoin, and in fact, we can observe in countries such as Turkey, which at this stage, a serious economic crisis … But still, we are at a very early stage”

Others also seem to believe in Bitcoin, which proves the record of Hasrat. Supporters of the cryptocurrency challenge any of the bad news, ranging from prohibitions of governments, and ending with the abolition of the ETF.

To predict the price of Bitcoin nobody but the influx of new users in r/Bitcoin is definitely a good sign for the most popular cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt that r/Bitcoin will reach its millions of overseas subscribers in the next few months.

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The Telegram messenger introduces a “passport system” — the first service for blockchain platform TON

On 26 July, the popular messaging app Telegram announced the introduction of the Telegram Passport — a unified method of authorization for services that require identification. Now once you download the documents to the messenger, and then instantly complete the verification procedure on the services that require identity verification.

According to the communication Telegram, an identification of the clients ‘ documents and personal data will be stored in Telegram cloud using end-to-end encryption. Telegram does not have access to store information from the Telegram-passports. The user himself chooses the third party service he wants to share data, be it the Internet shop, application, payment system or host ICO.

If you want to see the passport Telegram in action, go to the website — the first system of electronic payments, supporting a registration check using the Passport Telegram. Simply click on Sign Up With Telegram (“Enter with a Telegram”) and enter the password.

To access this feature you need the latest version of Telegram.

“Thus, some services do not even will need to request your data, instead, be assumed that the account was tested Telegram, and real person,” writes the Telegram team

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Fortune has released the first ever list of “40 under 40” is dedicated entirely to cryptocurrencies

For the first time, Fortune has released its famous list of “40 under 40” which consists exclusively of representatives of the cryptocurrency industry.

Called “The Ledger 40 under 40”, this list is dedicated to the innovators, head of the “financial revolution”.

Last week five members of the cryptocurrency industry has received four places in the overall list of “40 under 40” by Fortune. And all of them are present in the new rating.

These include the General Director of the General crypto-currency exchanger USA and wallet Coinbase, a 34-year-old Brian Armstrong, who took first place in the ranking for making cryptocurrency mainstream. One of the founders of Ethereum (ETH), 24-year-old Vitalik Buterin already three times were in the Fortune rating, and Ledger takes the second place.

In third place is a 32-year-old Jihan Wu, co-founder of Beijing-based mining giant Bitmain, which, after a recent round of funding, estimated at $ 12 billion. Fortune notes that the slave supports the “disputed” bitcoin fork Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as well as his interest in stabilium and other services.

The list includes people who have moved from the traditional Finance sector to take the leading position in the cryptocurrency industry.

35-year-old amber Baldet, the former head of the program blockchain at JPMorgan Chase, ranked eleventh place, mostly due to participate in the creation of the blockchain Clovyr and her recent appointment to the Board zcash for a non – profit organization that coordinates the development of an anonymous Aldona zcash for (ZEC).

Christine, My successor Bolded the blockchain program JPMorgan occupies 18-e a place, and the sixth and 20th places are employees of Goldman Sachs: the 34-year-old Rana Yared, and 38-year-old Justin Schmidt.

Are on the list, and bitcoin billionaire brothers Winklevoss (8-e place), “Evangelist” Cash Bitcoin Roger Ver (36th place), as well as technical Director in the Dan Larimer (12th place) and Executive Director and co-founder of Bitstamp Neg Kodric (29th place) .

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Augur: first results after launch

Decentralized platform for Augur bets on almost anything you want start some time ago and is already showing first results.

According To Predictions.Global system Augur is already placed bets worth more than $ 1.1 million.

At the moment the most concentrated bets on a small number of markets.

Among the leaders, cryptocurrencies, politics and sport:

Will exceed the price of Ethereum 500 dollars by the end of the year?

Will exceed the price on Augur $ 32 before year end?

Will exceed the price of bitcoin 7,500 dollars by the end of the year?

Who is going to win the 2018 World Series MLB?

Who will win the super bowl NHL 53?

Would a President trump elected for a second term?

Will there be an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 or higher this year within a radius of 50 miles from the Golden gate bridge in San Francisco?

Will we see XRP on Coinbase by the end of the year?

Will exceed the market capitalization of bitcoin Ethereum capitalization before July 1, 2019?

Overcome if the price of Tron mark 0.10 USD from 1 August until the end of the year?

Whether the price of NEO to overcome the threshold of 100 US dollars from 1 August to the end of the year?

To join and start betting on Augur, you need to download the client for Windows, Mac or Linux on GitHub.

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Qiwi has launched “the first” crypto investment Bank in Russia

As reports the edition “Kommersant” Qiwi Blockchain Teсhnologies (QBT) has launched Russia’s first cryptocurrency investment Bank under the name “HASH”.

HASH based on the “classical model of investment banking,” according to “Kommersant”, is a platform for the ICO. Yakov barinskiy, chief financial officer QBT (CFO), said that the HASH “will help companies pass phase of collecting money”.

According to “Kommersant”, HASH plans to cooperate with international funds specialized in investing in cryptocurrency assets. According to brinskogo, the company is already working with ten such funds with the largest of them has a turnover of approximately $ 100 million.

Barinsky also said that HASH will provide services for trading digital currencies next year, after the company receives the necessary license. July 1, the government plans to present its primary bill for the regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain sphere.

Founded in 2007 in Moscow, Qiwi has become one of the largest payment services in Russia and also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, USA and the United Arab Emirates. The company is also included in the list of 39 international companies, which cooperate with a consortium of R3 in the identification of clients.

Subsidiary Qiwi QBT was launched in March 2017 with funding in the amount of 100 million rubles (1.6 million USD) to develop internal blockchains products.

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France opens the world’s first “Blockchain-accelerator”

As it became known on Monday, June 18, the French authorities have given permission and supported the world’s first blockchain-accelerator called Accelerator Chain.

Chain Accelerator, a collaborative project that brings together about thirty of the cryptocurrency and financial institutions and professionals, which aims to become a mentor for international startups on the blockchain.

Among the list of participants blockchain accelerator: CEO of Gatecoin Aurelien menant and the head of digital innovation, HSBC, Diana Biggs, and former CEO of SWIFT Leonard shrank.

This step was taken against the background of increasing friendliness of the French authorities in relation to cryptocurrency innovation that arose after the Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayor said that France “should not stay out of the blockchain revolution.”

“At a time when the President and the government want to turn Paris into the capital of ICO, the Accelerator Chain has positioned itself as a key player in this process,” said Nicolas Cantu, co-founder of the Accelerator Chain, in comments quoted by different sources.

“In France, as elsewhere in the world, the blockchain projects face uncertainty and with many financial, legal and technical difficulties.However, this technology will revolutionize our daily lives, ” added the member of the French national Assembly, Pierre Lee. Today, it is important to have the legislative framework to ensure full development of both technology and structure that allows you to create such projects. Our country must become a leader in the blockchain”.

Accelerator Chain will be the so-called “incubator” for blockchain projects. It will help them in carrying out ICO, fundraising, marketing, development of the technical part, the development of new concepts and technologies. Accelerator Chain already described as “the biggest” stairway campus in the world.

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One of the first developers of the Bitcoin Jeff garzik’s launches a new altcon

Jeff garzik’s, one of the earliest developers of Bitcoin, has officially launched its own althin, called the Metronome, which, according to supporters, will be the first cryptocurrency focused on “institutional class.”

Metronome was first announced Bloq, garzik’s development of the blockchain, in October 2017, when the cryptocurrency market was in the early stages of a parabolic rally in the fourth quarter.

At that time, the announcement caused a controversial judgments, especially because the garzik’s was the main developer SegWit2x, update, scaling of Bitcoin, which caused a split within the community and ultimately was never activated.

The essence of the Metronome is that using a system of smart contracts, tokens MET can be exported and imported to various blackany without changing the total number of MET. Bloq boastful guarantees that Metronome there will be a “generations”, even if some basic blackany sink into oblivion.

“Institutional investors should be very pleased to see something like this,” said last year co-founder Matthew Roszak. “We have created the millennial cryptocurrency”.

For its part, garzik’s, who first contributed to the codebase of Bitcoin, stated that the Metronome is a cryptocurrency, which he would create the first cryptocurrency whether the list is empty.

“Today Bitcoin is facing existential threats due to forks, disputes among developers, and so on. Constantly asking ourselves the question — what is the cryptocurrency we would do first in history, we have created a Metronome”.

Unlike most ICO, Metronome spreads on a descending price auction, this means that the price will decline. The developers claim that this approach will reduce the FOMO effect.

Of course, investments have been too modest in the early days of development, several investors have claimed in social networks that they misunderstood the terms of sale and thought that the price will rise, not decrease.

At the time of publication of the material was sold only 87 of 8 million of METH, and the price was kept a little above 1.85 for the ETH token. However, the rate of contributions is likely to accelerate as price decline over the next few days.

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