Why quantum computer is an IBM not a game changer in the cryptocurrency market

The largest exhibition of technologies CES 2019 in Las Vegas featured many innovations. One of them is quantum computer from IBM called Q System One. Company representatives said the computer is designed for “commercial and scientific use” and it can be used for solving problems that are too complex for current computing systems. In media appeared reports that the quantum system IBM game changer to the stock market and will lead to imminent death of Bitcoin. Is it really so?

IBM introduced the quantum computing system

The IBM announcement of its new system of quantum computing have caused the cryptocurrency community concern that this technology could mean the death of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in General.

Fears based on the fact that the emergence of quantum computing can break modern encryption methods, undermining the security of the blockchain.

In the Q System One uses 20 Kubany chip IBM, and the company claims that the device is “intended for commercial use”.

Arvind Krishna, the Director of IBM Research, called the system “a transitional product, it is crucial for the extension of quantum computing beyond the research lab, as the company is developing a practical quantum applications for business and science”.

Although the IMB implies that the computer can be bought physically, until the device is available only through the cloud because of the need extremely delicate handling and climate that supports the work of the quantum chips. According to Gizmodo, IBM “already offers cloud-based access to the system with 20 Kubany chip”.

Experts doubt the practical use of 20-cubitas system IBM

Although some experts noted the importance of the Q IBM System One for commercial purposes, the majority is still skeptical about the capabilities of the system, considering that a 50-kubinyi chips are likely to have a wider range of practical applications.

Katzgraber Helmut (Helmut Katzgraber), chief scientist at Microsoft Quantum, also describe the new IBM as “a historic milestone that allows you to purchase a digital device for commercial purposes, even if the technology is in its infancy”, but believes that the system will be of little use after studies and PR.

IBM Q System One is not useful for calculations

Despite the increasing availability of quantum computing has been called “significant,” Andrew childs (Andrew Childs), co-Director of the joint center for quantum information and computing Sciences at the University of Maryland, expressed skepticism about the device IBM.

He said: “I think that if IBM wants to create something interesting, then you need to significantly improve the results, not just to place the qubits in a nice package”.

“This is not a quantum computer to practical use, and step to it,” said Winfried Hensinger (Winfried Hensinger), Professor of quantum technologies at the University of Sussex (the University of Sussex). — “Do not think of it as a quantum computer that can solve all the problems associated with quantum computing. Think of it as the prototype machine, allowing to test and develop some programs that may be useful in the future,” he added.

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Monero has become the exclusive cryptocurrency of the store with the trappings of the game Fortnite

You know, what is Fortnite? If not, suffice it to say that it is a game or series of games, the number of registered users which exceeded 200 million Now those who want to buy a t-shirt with the symbols or character Fortnite official store of the game, you can do it with Monero.

Monero — project is interesting and the adoption of cryptocurrency team is working long and deliberately, relying on cooperation with celebrities in the framework of the project Coral Reef. The coin accept online shopping stars from Mariah Carey to Marilyn Manson, but the case with Fortnite stands out.

There was an anonymous cryptocurrency managed somehow to get around the turn better known competitors. The website should theoretically accept other cryptocurrencies through the service GloBee, but direct payment in Monero appears along with understandable payment options like PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

Moreover, cryptomnesia with some bewilderment to report that despite the presence of GloBee among the payment options, the only cryptocurrency that is willing to accept the mediator for payment of goods from this website — again, Monero.

Reddit users discussing this phenomenon tend to explain this by the presence of the secret adherents of Monero in the management of the company-the publisher of the game. However, a leading developer of platform Ricardo’s Spanyi explained that this joint initiative, financed by the project team and GloBee 50: 50.

The community generally reacted positively to this innovation. As noted by one user, this is a very good example of adoption of crypto-currencies:

“Even if no one will take advantage of this option is a great chance to reach millions of people who may be wondering — what’s the letter M? And it’s better than ordinary payments?”.

Spanyi also assured fans of privacy, the possibility of payment in Monero does not imply that the binding profile of the buyer to the account of the player Fortnite.

“We are talking about physical delivery of the goods, not on sales of equipment inside the game itself. The delivery may order a trafficker any person as a gift to a friend you can arrange delivery to the address of the company, simply to the postal address”, — he explained.

It is the focus on privacy and provided a choice in favor of Monero, the store wants to give the opportunity to those users who puts privacy first, added Spani.

“Provider of the shop is very interested in the Lightning Network, and we urge it to add this option of payment”, — he said.

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Hodor from “Game of thrones” appeared in advertising cryptocurrency platform eToro (video)

eToro has released a great promotional video where British actor Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor in the popular television series “Game of thrones”, says the word “HODL”.

In the cryptocurrency community there is the term “hodl” (often you can hear the definition of “hoglet”), which means to hold, to cherish cryptocurrency assets, waiting for when they will really rise in price. Early investors in Bitcoin, due to the fact that they haglili their digital coins BTC, could seriously rich.

eToro have shown a little creativity and convinced to star in his movie the actor who played Hodor in the famous TV series “Game of thrones”. In the story Christian Norm, talking with his producer about filming in advertising. Producer one after the other pushing him scenarios in which Norm needs to speak a line with the word “Hold” — as well as in the final for the Hodor scene:

The actor flatly refuses one more time to repeat this word on the screen and asks the producer to find him a different role.

Look what happened in the end:

In General, in our opinion, turned out great. It is noteworthy that in the video there is a definite promise to the cryptocurrency community. Around the public says that the “Bitcoin bubble”, “Bitcoin pyramid”, what he needed to get rid of, and only the courageous Hodor stands, holding the hamsters panicked and says such iconic word… HODL.

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Enjin Coin is going to be present at the Game Developers Conference

The biggest gaming development conference, Game Developers Conference, soon to be held in San Francisco, California, between March 19th and 23rd, is going to have the presence of two blockchain related projects!

More specifically, Enjin Coin and Worldwide Asset Exchange.

This is extremely good news for the cryptocurrency world. We’re at a point where many blockchain startups are creating the most diverse products and while we still have few projects with an actual working project, crypto is growing in fame and popularity by the day.

While we haven’t yet reached the masses, many projects are seeing the light of the day every month and continuously growing.

Enjin Coin just released their 2018 roadmap which contains a handful of new features, as well as announcing their Efinity, their gaming lightning network.

Giving exposure to crypto projects, within the biggest gaming conference in the world, is a big play for crypto. It means not only we’re going to see announcements and news, great for the people who already follow this space, but it’s further going to publicise this world and gather new audience into crypto. More exposure is always good, which means present at an event like this is crucial.


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