Licenzirovanie shares of Apple and Tesla could be the next cryptocurrency hit

On Monday the Estonian cryptocurrency organization DX.Exchange launched trading platform that allows investors to buy security-tokens placed on Nasdaq stocks, for example, companies like Apple, Tesla, Facebook and Netflix.

Each token is backed by a share of the company and entitles to receive dividends. COO DX Amedeo Moscato noted that “cryptologist tells about security tokens for over a year” and now the company has managed to “achieve progress”:

“Tokenizer shares of some major companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook, we open untapped market of millions of experienced and new traders worldwide, without intermediaries”

Investors can trade tokens 24 hours a day, even after the close of markets. Co-founder and head of the FINTECH company Securrency Given Dhoni said that the day trades “provide investor as a convenience, and liquidity”, but questioned the business model of the DX:

“We are uncertain and even sceptical DX models.Exchange… but we believe that the model can meet regulatory standards”

Company DX stresses that digital shares are classified as derivatives, and that the platform is developed in accordance with EU legislation. Licensed in Cyprus the company MPS MarketPlace Securities is holding the shares on account and the DX platform built on the technology of Matching Engine from Nasdaq, which is used by more than 70 international markets.

Some experts note that the STO offer security-tokens may replace the ICO as security tokens supported by assets and fall under the regulation. Don Doni believes that “security-tokens use the blockchain to allow efficient transactions, as cryptocurrency, but differ on the remaining options, providing a stable value, unlike volatile cryptocurrency”.

So, last year on the website Indiegogo was hosted platform offering investors the security tokens of the shares of the prestigious ski resort that brought $ 18 million, according VentureBoat.

Senior analyst at eToro also spoke optimistically about the tokenization of financial markets:

“In the next decade we can observe the tokenization of the entire financial market… Everything has value and addresses may be represented by the digital token to be traded on the blockchain”

Recall that at the end of the year, the Central Bank of China has invalidated the process of conducting STO. Meanwhile, the scope of security tokens continues to gain momentum: the stock exchange of Malta and the largest in the world in terms of trading the crypto currency exchange Binance signed an agreement on the joint launch of the new digital exchanges to trade tokens in securities.

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Ripple may launch xRapid next month

As reported by CNBC, Ripple can run a commercial version of the payment platform xRapid already “next month”.

Director of the company to work with regulators in the Asia-Pacific region and the middle East, Sagar Sarbhai told CNBC that Ripple is on track to launch xRapid.

Product xRapid is a platform for payments in real time, designed to accelerate international payments. The platform is designed for commercial use and is based on the tokens XRP. xRapid solves the problem of minimizing the cost of liquidity and the acceleration of international payment transactions. Surbhi stated that:

I’m sure in the next month or so we will launch this product.

Surbhi also noted that the approach of regulators towards cryptocurrencies has changed significantly and it cannot be described in terms of stereotypical “blockchain good, cryptocurrencies are bad.”

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In August, Ripple announced the beginning of cooperation with three cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex, Bitso Mexican and Filipino Coins.Ph – creating a healthy ecosystem for the exchange of digital assets within xRapid. The new partnership will allow xRapid to move by means of XRP between US dollars, Mexican and Philippine pesos.

Ripple’s Sarbhai: Regulators are starting to see benefits of cryptocurrencies from CNBC.

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Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market will reach 80 trillion dollars in the next 15 years

Venture investor Tim Draper, said in an interview for DealStreetAsia that the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market will reach 80 trillion dollars in the next 15 years.

Speaking at the summit DealStreetAsia PE-VC Summit 2018 in Singapore, Draper said that the significant downturn in the cryptocurrency market in recent months due to the fact that many still have not adopted digital currencies as a new asset class. Draper said that when people get acquainted with this technology, it transformerait a globally important region:

I think it will have a transformative effect on industries, which we did not even know that they can transform. The Internet has changed markets in the 10-100 billion dollars, cryptocurrency will go even further and take on the markets trillions of dollars is Finance, healthcare and insurance, banking and investment banking, as well as the state and management activities.

Draper also compared the current state of the cryptocurrency market since the beginning of the Internet, saying:

The Internet started in exactly the same way he went in big waves, and then collapsing, then came the next wave, but much more and I suspect the same thing will happen with cryptocurrencies.

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Brian Kelly from Fast Money CNBC also compared the cryptocurrency with the “Internet in the 1980-ies,” noting that bitcoin (BTC) is still at an early stage. Kelly argues that, although he had previously compared the cryptocurrency market with the Internet in 1995, he now understands that this market should be compared to the earlier years of Internet development:

I think that this technology will work, and it will radically change many areas, but it is at a very early stage of development, which is why we are seeing such volatility.

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What is the next cryptocurrency will appear on Binance? The scandal with the voting

24 Jul Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced the beginning of voting for the “Coin of the month”. In total there are 5 candidates. One of the cryptocurrencies that will get the most votes will receive a listing on Binance within a reasonable time.

26 Jul users Redditors suggested that the voting is unfair way and more than 50% of the votes were obtained unfairly.

Among cryptocurrencies, for which you can vote for next: Libra Credit [LBA], Locktrip [LOC], Mithril [MITH], NKN [NKN] Polymath [POLY]. End of votes and Declaration of results will take place on 30 July.

The peculiarity of this vote is that the results depend on the number of tokens Binance [BNB] on account of the users who vote, and not on the amount of users who have voted. In simple words, the more BNB on account of the user, the higher the probability that the coin for which he votes will be the winner.

In addition, voting for the candidate fee is 0,1 BNB.

One Reddit user, Arbobmehmood, believes that voting is a dishonest way:

Apparently the vote this month trying to manipulate, and about 50% of the votes come from the 10 accounts. Manipulations are in favor of the Libra Credits (LBA) and Mithril (MITH). One of the accounts funded 193 other account in the amount of about 400 BNB. So just listed 65,420 BNB or 25% of the total number of votes.

The user Meduim, Cryptodaku supports the theory of manipulation and leads their calculations:

We see that this purse [0x2a74f3A43A0b13eFdc1413C665E68af7d09b0811] began translating almost 20k BNB, which is equal to 20 thousand votes. About 520 BNB was sent to various accounts Binance.

These users come to the conclusion that the two addresses are manipulated elections and, in addition, they are among the top 10 wallets LBA. The total number of LBA on their account equivalent to approximately 13333323 LBA.

Similar manipulations are carried out for MITH.

However, despite all this, at the time of this writing, the favorite of the vote is NKN, Mithril is in second place, and Libra Credit on the third.

Representatives of the exchange have not commented on the allegations of manipulation. But the head of the exchange said that if manipulation took place, they will treat them with all the rigidity.

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Next month perhaps a sharp reduction in the cost of graphics cards

According to rumors, next month the cost of the cards may fall by about 20 percent. The reason for the fall, according to Chinese insiders, a decline in interest in mining and cryptocurrencies.

In rare cases, we recommend to wait with updating your PC if you require performance improvement. Constantly appears something newer, more powerful and most importantly, more fast. The wait is just in case if there is planned a sharp decline in prices.

Information about fall in the price of video cards is not exactly confirmed. However, Digitimes said that she had heard from sources in the supply chain that manufacturers plan to lower prices of video to sell existing stocks.

Theoretically, this makes sense for several reasons. First, we know that Nvidia is preparing a new generation of graphics processors, the details of which will be discussed at the Hot Chips conference in August. It’s possible that Nvidia will announce or even launch a line of Radeon next generation prior to this event.

Another reason is that interest in crypto mining is cold. And although all the time the bear market, only grew Hasrat of Bitcoin, miners with low turnover have a difficult life. Profit from cryptocurrency mining on graphics cards is falling, thereby increasing the GPU offer. In addition, saturated secondary market of graphics cards, as many disillusioned with mining users disassemble their farm and sell the iron with a big discount.

In any case, after a few weeks it will be clear to confirm whether the rumors about the 20% discount or not.

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In the next couple of days bitcoin try to change the trend is up

Robert Slamer of Fundstrat Global Advisors said in an interview with CNBC that bitcoin’s market price possible breakthrough in the near future.

Claimer believes that in the next couple of days bitcoin will come close to “very important”. Despite the fact that the price of bitcoin are unable to start the expected growth in may, as predicted by the Tom Lee of Fundstrat, Sleumer notes that long-term pricing trend is still “rising”, while at the level of 9,5 thousand dollars is the level of critical support.

According to Kamaru, bitcoin is now set to “testing downtrend”:

When we think about what conditions are necessary for growth rates, whether the asset cryptocurrency or a market, then, in General it is clear that at first the price needs to fall to the level where it can consolidate, and after a possible change of trend to upward. Now we can say that the first stage has already passed.

Slamer noticed that there are “many technical analysts” who predict a drop to $ 5000 or even $ 3000, but he believes that bitcoin will increase if he can overcome the level of $ 7800.

Despite the failed growth in may, Tom Lee stated that he still believes that by the end of the year the price of bitcoin will rise to $ 25,000 by year-end.

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Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 7.669 $ over the past day the price is virtually unchanged.

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