The yellow jackets plan to bring down the Euro

“Yellow vests” I call on French people to withdraw their money from banks, in disagreement with the monetary policy of the government, which could lead to the collapse of the European Fiat, according to local media.

In addition to the planned demonstration today in front of the Rothschild Bank in Lyon, activists of the movement “yellow jackets” are called to make a “run on the banks”, that is to massively withdraw deposits from their Bank accounts, which in reality contains, according to various estimates, up to a quarter of the funds of French citizens.

Calls to bring the Euro sound on social networks, including opinion leaders: for example, boxer, Nicole already posted Maxim is dedicated to the promotion video.

With a significant number of members, such action may paralyze the country and even to bring down the Euro, which is celebrated in prominent news publications. Daily Crusader writes:

“It’s possible some exciting news for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community, as a dearth of cash could hit the market”

Max Keiser said that “if every citizen of France transferred 20% of their funds from Bank deposits in bitcoins”, it would have collapsed and the French banks and the French government.

The November protests began after the unpopular decision of the French government on raising fuel prices. Many disagree with the policy of the state wore yellow vests and took to the streets. Despite the fact that the President of the macron in December went to economic concessions, the movement only grew, forming one of the largest anti-government movements since 1968.

Yellow vests, some protesters contain the inscription “Buy Bitcoin”. Perhaps thousands of users, and do not understand the intricacies of crypto-currencies, but such labels have undoubtedly raised awareness among ordinary citizens about alternative financial possibilities, and now cryptocurrencies are mentioned more often.

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If the price of Bitcoin is $3000 mining will cease to be profitable: Plan B

The critical level of the rate for Bitcoin is $ 3000. At this price the owners of most models of the miners will cease to make a profit, and they, like investors, need to consider replacement options in case that scenario comes to fruition.

An appropriate assessment was voiced by the Chairman of the Board BitKan Leon Liu:

“I think the level of prices in 20 thousand yuan (about $ 3,000) — this is the level at which all the miners will cease to be profitable, he said. Miners, as investors, need to start working on your strategy, in case this would happen.”

This statement is remarkable not only because it comes from a market participant who tries to be heard. BitKan, which became known as the Chinese platform for OTC trades, is now positioning itself as a provider of related trading data and services. However, one of its investors is the largest manufacturer of miners Bitmain, so it concern about the future owners of the miners may have a fairly simple explanation.

Close to Bitmain can also be attributed to the fact that according to Lew, hardwork Bitcoin Cash, and the subsequent events in which the direct participation of the founder and CEO of Bitmain Jihan Wu, did not play a special role in the fall of the Bitcoin exchange rate and all stock market. That is, this factor certainly affected, but was not the main and not the only one, he says.

“The current downturn at the end of last year, and it will continue for at least 12 months”, — said the founder BitKan.

In his opinion, the previous rally, which ended in December 2017, was largely due to the boom of the ICO. Now, however, it became clear that “99.9% of the projects ICO failed”, and the bubble burst.

So the market has entered a stage of decline, with minor fluctuations in prices in one direction or another. According to Liu, the market needs an effect similar to the effect of ICO at the time, that is dramatic and positive changes or events that will bring him out of hibernation and interrupt this trend.

This forecast is basically the same as that recently voiced by a former banker, economist and trader, Alex Krueger, who pointed to the generality of Bitcoin with the category of commodities, that is, exchange traded commodities such as oil or metals.

In his opinion, the demand for Bitcoin can grow at the expense of large-scale and positive market events, such as the approval of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the Bitcoin ETF. Or it could be an event, which is still hidden over the horizon.

“The more unexpected will be a shock, the stronger will be its effect,” notes Kruger.

Also recall that the bottom price of $ 3000 seems a remote possibility after Bitcoin tested $ 3600. According to SEO Genesis Trading Michael Moreau, that $ 3000 is a threshold, which may push Bitcoin.

“Until we reach $ 3000 or so, you can not say that this is the bottom” — says the trader.

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Hong Kong residents plan to purchase cryptocurrencies in light of the upcoming economic crisis

According to a survey conducted by the Hong Kong blockchain Association (HKBA), almost half of respondents believe that Hong Kong’s economy, and world economy as a whole, next year will deteriorate.

Approximately 23% of the participants said they plan to invest in crypto-currencies for hedging currency risks during the potential financial crisis to deal with economic downturns.

HKBA pointed out that this poll reflects the desire of the average Hong Kong citizen to seek more diversified investment channels, to support the growth of their capital. Because of the escalating trade war between China and the United States, 46% of Hong Kong residents believe that the economic crisis will happen in the near future.

According to respondents, this situation has a negative impact on the stock markets of China and the United States. In these conditions, the HKBA said that the virtual currency can be a great investment tool for getting good profits.

Cryptocurrency market in recent years is growing rapidly, which is another positive factor influencing the opinion of investors. HKBA also noted that the younger generation relates to cryptocurrency are much more loyal.

According to Yahoo Finance, about 60% of respondents require a license and a clearer regulation of cryptocurrency trading platforms. Residents believe that Hong Kong should follow the example of the United States, Japan and Singapore to create a systematic fundamental regulatory framework for cryptocurrency regulation.

The Hong Kong government considers the development of Blockchain technology issue high priority, and the initial range of coins (ICO) — an effective model to raise funds. However, ICO or cryptocurrency trade is always associated with cyber crime. High investment income can instantly turn into catastrophic losses, and many investors aren’t ready.

Financial authorities emphasize that they will not interfere in the activities of the blockchain-companies and to the ICO while they are acting in accordance with laws and regulations.

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Ethereum plan to merge the updates Casper and Sharding

The developers of Ethereum (ETH) discussed at the 40th meeting of the key developers of the most important upcoming updates of the network ETH.

The key point of discussion was the updates Casper and Sharding. Casper was supposed to be released as a smart contract, update separate from Sharding. However, now there is a proposal to produce Casper Sharding on, or as a sidechained decision.

Sharding was declared a co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Balerina in April 2018 and represents a method of increasing the number of transactions that can be processed on the blockchain – in other words, solves the scaling problem. The idea of Sharding is that nodes store only a portion of a distributed registry and each of them relies on the information of others.

Casper FFG was first announced by developers in October 2017 as an interim solution, which introduces the use of the algorithm proof of the bet, but does not alter the algorithm of proof of work. It is a sort of intermediate model was to be implemented in the framework of the EIP No. 1011: Hybrid Casper FFG.

At a recent meeting Buterin said that the joint implementation of sharding and Casper would have allowed the blockchain to reach their “theoretical maximum”. Buterin suggested that rescheduling updates will reduce the amount of the Deposit necessary for participation in the work on the principle of evidence rates from 1500 up to 32 ETH ETH that will make participation in this program more affordable. Buterin also claims that the new model will allow developers to run Casper, not interfering with the operation of Ethereum as Casper “is separated from the main chain.”

Casper is separated from the main chain. This means that it can develop and be developed as a separate circuit and may have its own rules.

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Vitalik Buterin no long-term plan for Ethereum

In the world of cryptocurrency long-term vision and prospects are of paramount importance. But apparently not for everyone. In a recent interview Vitalik Buterin said that no development plan for Ethereum had not. He sets short-term goals only for the next few months. It is worth noting that while this fact does not prevent the project to develop successfully.

Acne Buterin — not a great strategist

You can easily say that cryptocurrencies do not need long-term plans. Because the industry is still evolving and only recently “came out of childhood.” Setting a clear time limit often does not work and only leads to stressful situations. However, the community has the right to demand from Vitalik’s answer to the question — what is Ethereum in the next five to ten years? Have Baterina no answer and he explains:

“Ethereum grew up. It just so happens that Ethereum has evolved without my participation and without the participation of any other key industry figures. I have no idea what stage I want to be in a few years. I do not have the habit of making plans more than three months in advance, not to mention five years”.

Despite the lack of long term vision, Ethereum seem to ripen by itself. Acne Buterin is not the only person working on the code for this cryptocurrency. Increasing the development team polishes the code that adds new features and makes suggestions. But none of these people is not in the spotlight, as Buterin.

Most people assume that acne Buterin — another developer of cryptocurrencies for money. Those who know him a little better, say that everything is just the opposite. He always was no matter what someone made millions on this. Ethereum was never Vitalik springboard for a career, but it’s not so bad. Speaking of those who enriched themselves on the cryptocurrency, he jokingly adds:

“It’s just a smile of fortune, but those who are lucky, for some reason I think I deserve it because of a superiority in intelligence. I was dedicated, I was virtuous and I held onto the project, so I deserve my five mansions and a Lamborghini 23”

While some people may criticize Vitalik for the lack of a long-term plan, others think that’s nothing to worry about. For quite a long time along with other enthusiasts Vitalik Buterin totally focused on your project. Ethereum is close to the transition to the next stage of evolution — the method of proof-of-stake. It is said the boy

Killer Ethereum could become only the Ethereum.

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