Monero has become the exclusive cryptocurrency of the store with the trappings of the game Fortnite

You know, what is Fortnite? If not, suffice it to say that it is a game or series of games, the number of registered users which exceeded 200 million Now those who want to buy a t-shirt with the symbols or character Fortnite official store of the game, you can do it with Monero.

Monero — project is interesting and the adoption of cryptocurrency team is working long and deliberately, relying on cooperation with celebrities in the framework of the project Coral Reef. The coin accept online shopping stars from Mariah Carey to Marilyn Manson, but the case with Fortnite stands out.

There was an anonymous cryptocurrency managed somehow to get around the turn better known competitors. The website should theoretically accept other cryptocurrencies through the service GloBee, but direct payment in Monero appears along with understandable payment options like PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

Moreover, cryptomnesia with some bewilderment to report that despite the presence of GloBee among the payment options, the only cryptocurrency that is willing to accept the mediator for payment of goods from this website — again, Monero.

Reddit users discussing this phenomenon tend to explain this by the presence of the secret adherents of Monero in the management of the company-the publisher of the game. However, a leading developer of platform Ricardo’s Spanyi explained that this joint initiative, financed by the project team and GloBee 50: 50.

The community generally reacted positively to this innovation. As noted by one user, this is a very good example of adoption of crypto-currencies:

“Even if no one will take advantage of this option is a great chance to reach millions of people who may be wondering — what’s the letter M? And it’s better than ordinary payments?”.

Spanyi also assured fans of privacy, the possibility of payment in Monero does not imply that the binding profile of the buyer to the account of the player Fortnite.

“We are talking about physical delivery of the goods, not on sales of equipment inside the game itself. The delivery may order a trafficker any person as a gift to a friend you can arrange delivery to the address of the company, simply to the postal address”, — he explained.

It is the focus on privacy and provided a choice in favor of Monero, the store wants to give the opportunity to those users who puts privacy first, added Spani.

“Provider of the shop is very interested in the Lightning Network, and we urge it to add this option of payment”, — he said.

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In Google Store and App Store was an app for cryptocurrency Kin

Recently the developers of Kik messenger has released a number of apps for cryptocurrency Kin, which is already available in Google Store and App Store.

Currently available in Google Play the following app:

  • Reveald (Dating),
  • Kinguist (language learning)
  • Nearby (Internet),
  • (the social network),
  • AddMe (business),
  • Find (),
  • Vent (health),
  • Kinny (surveys).

For iOS is only available 2 applications: Blastchat (the messenger), and Pause For (utilities).

Last year, the canadian messenger raised $ 98 million, which allowed developers to begin work on the applications and their distribution.

Many of the apps included in the category of a classic, with which mobile users are already familiar. The advantages that they are known to have a drawback, as you have to compete in a market filled with large operators.

Fortunately, these applications do not have to compete solely on the basis of user experience, as does the majority, as the new apps that support kin, pay users for their participation directly. If you look at it another way, think of the kin as a way by which users get an incentive to start applications and to participate in their work.

Kin continues to create more and more cryptographic applications, and an additional 30 are expected in the coming days, of course, after the approval of Google and Apple.

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The Walmart store began to sell the “bitcoin”

At Walmart, the largest chain of wholesale and retail trade, appeared in the sale of bitcoins.

We are talking about the chocolate candies in the form of coins with the bitcoin logo on the wrapper. Price of one coin is only $ 1.

The news spread across social media and has become one of the most popular on Reddit – the site is particularly popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Walmart has not provided official comment or press release about its “cryptocurrency” initiative.

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Google banned mining applications in the Play Store

Google has followed Apple’s example and banned application for mining in your mobile app store.

We don’t allow apps that deal with mining of cryptocurrencies. But applications that remotely manage mining, are still permitted.

The last time both tech giants like Google and Apple started to accept strict measures in relation to mining applications in their ecosystems.

In April, Google banned in your online store Chrome all mining applications, after it was discovered that “the vast majority” of producers such applications do not adhere to the policy of “common purpose”.

And last month Apple updated its policy in regard to mobile apps, and banned everything that can be used for mining on mobile devices.

It is obvious that in this way companies are trying to respond to the growing popularity of cryptogamia among cybercriminals.

Read also – Cryptogenic is gaining popularity among cybercriminals

“Kaspersky lab” last month stated that the number of reported incidents of cryptogamia increased over the past year to 44.5%.

In the report, another company specializing in security, Skybox Security, says that cryptogenic surpassed in popularity all other types of cybercrime.

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Apple has revised the rules for cryptocurrency apps in the App Store

Apple revised its rules for the creators of cryptocurrency applications in the direction of liberalization.

Apple is known for its strict rules when it comes to apps in the App Store. Especially crypto applications.

A group called The Developers Union made a proposal to revise these rules and it seems that Apple intends this request to satisfy.

Any coherent reasons for such changes, however, announcing the changes, Apple said the app “change the world, enrich people’s lives and enable developers to innovate like never before. In the result, the App Store has become the ecosystem for millions of developers and more than a billion users.”

Regardless of whether you are a beginner developer or a large team of experienced programmers, we are happy that you are creating apps for the App Store and want to help you understand our recommendations so you can be sure that your app will pass quickly through the moderation process.

The new guidelines affect everything from ICO to mining.

For example, with regard to the ICO, then Apple require that all related applications have been released by the respective financial institutions, banks, licensed brokers, futures and other derivatives and other agencies, that that is the appropriate license.

As for hashing, Apple specifically says that apps can’t be used for mining “if these operations are performed by resources of the device”, i.e. applications related to cloud mining can function normally.

As for the other recommendations, Apple States the following:

The application can be used for transactions or the transfer of cryptocurrency through the exchange, if the application issued by this exchanger. Cryptocurrency app can offer its users a reward of cryptocurrency for the performance of certain tasks, such as downloading other apps promote other users to download, publish to social networks, etc.

Apple wants all developers of applications related to mining has ensured that:

– these applications do not drain your battery relatively quickly;

– excessive heat or excessive device load his memory;

– include any advertisements by third parties.

Recall that about 5 years ago Apple basically fearing the applications that may use the user devices for mining, was asked to remove the developers of their apps are all related to cryptocurrency.

It is assumed that a group called “The Developers Union” affected the change in this policy, as they are at the time, sent a letter to Apple.

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